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What if the DP allowed new users to join via private invitation?

Michael N. may have already thought of this, but if not, I figured I would throw it out there and see what he and the rest of you think.

Users would get a few invites a month that they can hand out. If a user ends up inviting trolls onto the site (whether by accident or not), then they lose the privilege of handing out invites.

I just met a young guy from Venezuela who moved to the US two months ago. He is very passionate about fighting for our countries freedom as he knows first hand the evils of the state. He would be a great addition to the community but sadly can't join.

Just my two cents as I hate the idea of shutting new people out. I definitely understand the need to keep the trolls at bay though.

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Duplicate post.


I think he made the right call.

But I still think that there is a way that we can figure out how to allow new members into the fold.

Won't Help

Be sure DP is already infiltrated and "by invitation only" won't help to keep it pure. Maybe once foreign elements are identified, they should be "ejected" ... but I would be disgusted to see such a practice at DP.

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Still opens up issues.

What if trolls decide it's worth the price of $1 for an account just to invite other troll accounts?

The only way to deter that would be to increase the price of new registration and then the amount of real new users would be greatly limited.

That's where shutting off ones ability to

give invites comes in. If a user is found to be inviting trolls, then he/she loses their ability to give invites. It will also open them up to heavy scrutiny as they may be trolls themselves.

Could be another way to identify trolls that are harder to spot? That's the thought anyway.

This type of thing...

Requires more than the click of a button. I believe Jason is the coder of the website and while he didn't create the base of it (Drupal), he's made lots of custom adjustments to the website. But this type of change doesn't happen over night. And I don't mean to be cynical, but all of the updates I've seen on the website haven't been made because of posts like these.

I think this is a good idea in theory.

Yeah, I totally get that there will be coding logistics.

I wonder if Jason will weigh in?

This is actually a good idea.

This is actually a good idea.

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as a benefit for paid subscribers?

might be a good idea.

Thanks Virginian.


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