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Yeah, But How Do We Really Know?

This may sound dumb as hell, but how do any of us really know that what we are hearing (seeing) as to voting results are even remotely the true picture? I mean you have to admit that we only know what we are told, and we are being told these things by MSM. Not a good source to be taking anything for face value from, if you get my meaning.

We don't trust them on other matters (the bought and paid for media) -- then why should we put our trust in them for this?

How do we know that MCCAIN won Florida? Because MSM told us, that's how -- after what appeared to be a voting session there in Florida; as it has appeared to be in the other states so far to-date. Sure, no question, people are driving to the voting booths, but how do we know the results of that combined effort? And it's been MSM reporting back to us on all those also. How do we know that HILLARY won Florida? Same thing -- because all the talking heads at MSM tells us, that's how. As if they're just as surprised as we are. Perhaps some 'not in the loop' are surprised and that helps make it all seem so real.

Not intending to beat a dead horse here, all that initial concern about voting fraud, and how the Diebold machines wouldn't work properly (five times for one reported voter that I read about yesterday -- and I didn't read that from MSM by the way). All that stuff about who the MSM has been telling us is their choice and how we know without a shadow of a doubt that the MSM has been purposefully putting our hero (RON PAUL) out of the minds of the people by simply not showing his photo nor mentioning his name among printed materials we see scrolling 'on screen'.

You have to agree there has been a concerted effort by MSM (all of them to a large degree) fostering certain candidates // what the hell makes them so much better in the minds of all those MILLIONS of voters they tell us turned out in Florida and voted one way or the other? Why MCCAIN and not RON PAUL? I ask this simply because we KNOW IN OUR HEARTS AND MINDS that RON PAUL is so much better as a choice for President than any of the other candidates combined -- but it sure doesn't seem to be getting reported back to us in that fashion.

No, it's the candidates of 'their' choice that we see the big NUMBERS rolling across the screen for -- big NUMBERS being reported by MSM -- in fact so big how in the hell can anyone actually and honestly challenge them? By some complicated and costly and waste of time hand recount while the next States' numbers 'pops up' on screen? How do we truly know that MCCAIN got 693,425 votes? Did you observe that many people actually voting for him? No you did not -- it was done in secret behind a closed curtain with a Diebold machine as the tool of choice. Not my intent to 'attack' those damn Diebold machines again -- just trying to express a deep seated question I have as to how do any of us know any damn thing we see and hear to be true when it comes to this election process -- HILLARY being reported as the top runner (far surpassing even MCCAIN in the big number we are shown) for the Democrats? More CLINTON (??) with that 'impeached' drunk and unfaithful husband supporting her in the background (??) -- she's already on TV speaking as if she is the chosen one to lead this nation of ours // the same disgusting remarks I've been hearing from MCCAIN // I didn't choose either of them -- Did you?

Well, I know this can't be answered, but you can see I don't trust my own eyes nor my own ears when it comes to MSM, the reports of what some claim to be 'tampered with' Diebold machines, nor what someone (??) is reporting out there as NUMBERS regards who America chooses // how can it not be RON PAUL?

I find myself questioning this for no other reason than I know the entire process is corrupted, and unreliable, because that is what comes through to my understanding regardless of the combined effort to convince me all is fine and dandy. An unreliable, corrupted process -- So then why do we continue to rely upon it as we move forward to the next State and the alledged NUMBERS that awaits us there? We only know what we are told and we are being told that by MSM. Think about that.

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And Another Thing

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That PHOTO that CNN and the other MSM show when they report on RON PAUL's numbers -- not the most flattering is it. It's a photo of him, not questioning that BUT WHY IN THE HELL do you suppose they choose to use that particular one when there are far more pleasant ones at their disposal?

Is this nothing more than a reflection of the psyops-game they continue to play on us? // I think it is // They either don't mention him, they exclude him from debates, or they mention him when they show his number results by reflecting same next to that photograph. It's kinda like MSM showing all of us the NICK NOLTE and JAMES BROWN and GLENN CAMPBELL MUG SHOTS -- you'll surely remember those. And then there was TOM DELAY all smiles and dressed up in his best suit and tie mug shot, it looked like he just got back from church services. Psyops!

They need to change that damn photograph.

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Yes, this is TOO obvious...but...

It may be a trap. They are being SO blatant about blacking out Ron Paul, that ANY other country would be up in arms right now.

However... we have a guy that's wanting that very scenario to play out.

My advice is to stay calm. Hound those polls to use paper ballots, watch the vote, ask a thousand questions and video tape it ALL.

Don't forget to go to blackboxvoting.org to learn about the signs to look for to know you're getting screwed.


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Good advice. Stay calm, use paper ballots, watch the vote. About the only thing I feel I have any control over in that regard, however, is the stay calm part. And I find that extremely difficult considering all the other parts that are out of one's actual control.

I suppose your suggestion to ask a 1000-questions and video everything is equally good, but I find that not really too comforting to fix what appears to already be a mess too large to handle. Questions can be answered with lies; video taping is good for sure, but what purpose it serves in a corrupt environment is beyond me. Not wanting to change subject but look at WTC7 -- we have that on tape all these years and all questions regarding it have been answered in lies or masked as answers when they are not that at all.

You mention other countries -- Got anything else to share in that regard?


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Yes I see that's why (fraud) // Any suggestions, anything you wish to add to that observation?

What do we do about this election fraud? What's the best way, the professional way, the legal way to handle this election fraud -- suspected or otherwise. Seriously, do you have any additional input in this regard?


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I agree, I Paul does not get

I agree, I Paul does not get the nomination and does not run in the general election then we should definetly picket the election so it can not hapen. Then what will happen? Wouldn't it be great, who cares how the MSM would pertray it.

Do you mean to say that...

...something could be wrong with the vote in FL? FL has a sterling record of accuracy when it comes to voting, really. Just ask good ole gw and shotgun dick. Why heck, I'll bet the voting machines there worked just the way they were supposed to....

/end sarcasm


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Your point is understood, and I agree. But my intent here was not so much to lay the blame at the computer programmer that got his hands on the computer chip inside the Diebold machine to make it Dance & Sing his song of choice BUT RATHER TO challenge the mainstream media and what it is they are reporting back to us as first place, second place, third place, etc., etc.

So there is no misunderstanding -- those machines should be banned, outlawed, not used at all.

That said -- the MSM has me more concerned because of their questionable history of reporting the TRUTH complicated with their questionable history of basically choosing our President for us. They are the ones telling us who is running, they are the ones telling us what the score is when it comes to all that placement aforementioned, they are the ones saying the names (and in the case of RON PAUL -- not saying); they are giving out the numbers, handling all the debates, etc., etc. It's as if they have become our teacher and our leader in this election process -- How do we trust that? How do we trust them -- I don't. And not just me blowing off steam, I believe them to be complicit in what I feel is a hijacked political system, one that is so large there is very little any of us can do to challenge it with success. I can't // can you?

We only know (basically) what we are told -- and we are being 'told' by MSM. I don't trust them, I don't trust this election process. Why should any of us?

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and the elections get called so early that

one wonders if MSM gets the results before there are any? In one NH I county (Mineral I think) the percentages were up when it said 0 precincts reporting. Then all twelve precincts were added at once.
IF it smells like a fish there is no mistaking that. I am guessing there is lots of shredding going on.


I hope it is not taboo to say that on 9/11 it was big Media managers from all the MSM who were the first eyewitnesses to be broadcast.


Yes, I Know That About The First Eyewitness Reports

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-- edited to add:
And I too have had to look twice at the TV when MSM has decided to call the winner -- they do this w/o having all the data. Now that doesn't seem to me to be a good practice // before knowing all the facts (figures).

Just adds to my overall suspicions of them.

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remember Wag the Dog ...(picket the primaries)

There have been too many things in these primaries that have made NO sense at all and in fact flaunt reason.

For instance so many sudden changes in the public's loyalty to one candidate after another. IRL that happens once in a while but here is happens without funding or visible public support. Then what about RP visible support NOT translating into votes.

What the writer's guild really needs to do is to take a look at who is writing this stuff and picket the primaries. JMHO



First of all

Why are you defending yourself about attacking the Diebold machines? Those damn things are unconstitutional, and I hate them. They have been proven over and over again to be defective.

I think the point many wanted to drive home was not that there was no voter fraud, or that the machines did not pose a risk but that our number were still not where they needed to be, so dont blame it all on the machines.

I am and have been doing Sarbanes Oxley Consulting for over 5 years now, I would absolutely LOVE to do a process consult on the Diebold machine and see the controls they put in place to mitigate the fraud risk. I bet there isnt any.

Previously known as DCALIFANO

Previously known as DCALIFANO

With All Due Respect ILUVRON2008 (DCALIFANO)

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Granted, there is an immediate obstace we all face in trying to get thought from one's mind down to the finger tips and then out and onto the computer screen -- but I honestly didn't intend to be defending any damn Diebold machine here with my Post, not when I know they have a history of reporting false data. Did I say I was defending Diebold machines? All that mind, finger tip, computer screen difficulty I suppose because I certainly didn't mean to be doing that. I say get rid of all of them, throw them out the window, let the gangsters use them as their personal ATM's -- they certainly don't belong in the hands of voters.

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