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We The VJ - An Experiment in Decentralized Media / Music / Info


So, a while back I had an idea to help decentralize media. Now it's in an early BETA stage and could use your input. It's a website, but designed to behave more like a mobile app (remote control), and a TV app (streaming video).

It's designed to be used in groups, like at a bar, or having friends over. It works great for music videos, but I think if half of you are anything like me (and I suspect you are) you'll use it to share news clips from websites and documentaries. With a little polish, and some support I'd like to see this used to make REAL news channels for places like doctors office waiting rooms, coffee shops, and anywhere that people might otherwise see CNN or FOX in their daily lives.

OK so here's how you can check it out...

1. On the largest screen you have with a full browser, visit wethevj.com and type in 'dailypaul' for the channel name. Click 'Display'. Your screen will start playing the current video right at the same spot everyone else is watching it (the documentary melt up is playing right now).

2. (optional) From your mobile browser, visit wethevj.com amd type in 'dailypaul' for the channel and click 'join'. That's your remote control. Use it to search for new stuff to play, and to vote on what is waiting in the queue.

Features broken / coming soon:
Chat room
favorite videos
voting not yet limited at all - everyone has unlimited votes for now.

Now lets see how this works with multiple people watching the same screen from all over the place.

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I'm working on simmilar mobile app and will have firs beta testing tomorrow. Not for news channels (anyhow, excelent idea) but for music (audio and video).