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'Israeli army vet led Ukraine militia unit'

If everyone can easily see that all this Ukraine stuff is just another distraction from the real horrible dangers that are planned for the American people, most would just shudder at what is to come and not about all the fear ramping on the corporate media shill propaganda system.

Here is another exposure of the truth. It is blatantly ovbvious that the bankster empire of the rotchilds is who owns isreal. It is obvious who profits from war. It is obvious as to who starts them, why, and how thay use the media they own to fan the flames of fear, and more war for profits.

'Israeli army vet led Ukraine militia unit':


How much longer will the American people have to endure the attack and takeover from within, while the same insane despotic evil attacks everyone outside? It is a duel plan to kill America, plain and simple. Everything that is a distraction from the well planned economic crash that might coincide with more war to give cause for the martial law(new nazi germany), is just that. A zionist distraction paid for and produced for the profits of the warmongers.

It is easy for all the people to get along. If the supposed leadership was not so insane and out of contrrol, but most of all, they all were not merely puppets for the evil money-god freaks, there could be peace among all the nations. Fair trade. Abundance.

It is only the vile corporate greed and belief that gains and profits are more important than all life it self that keeps the controlled world from this easily attained free world.

Who is taking us all to hell?

And, can't we all get along?

Lots to rant about, but this story needs to go viral.



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Why is it a 'distraction'?

It's not a distraction, that's Alex Jones speak. It was a real effort to get a war going with Russia because that's part of the neocon/Zionist agenda due to Russia's alliance with Iran. Alex Jones is an idiot, he calls real geopolitical stuff distractions and always avoids the topic of Zionism, things that regular non-conspiracy paleoconservative and liberal sites talk about.

Oy Vey!

No surprise here other than the LSM deliberately not reporting it. Who was responsible for the Bolshevik revolution? Those who do not learn from history's mistakes are doomed to repeat them. My fellow Ukrainians, think Holodomor.


A profile of a JEW organizing to take the wounded to Israel for medical help. Bad Jews. And those Rothchild lizards and their love of GOLD over fiat tender.. gold, fiat, bankers are bankers, or are they?

Maybe not. Maybe Rothchilds and Israel show the world there's a better way than Rockefeller's UN Agenda?

There are

two major reasons the former Israeli IDF commando, along with many reports of Mossad led the coup in Ukraine. First, they are puppets of the Rothschilds. Second, I haven't seen or heard anybody mention, the Ukraine was a major part of their real homeland of the Khazar empire where most of self acclaimed Jews bloodlines are dirived. However, don't beleive the anti-Semetic conspiracy theories. http://www.tomatobubble.com/zionist_plot.html

In agreement

Every trail ends up at Rothschild.


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What if...

...this was the stick that broke the warmongers back?

Make this go viral people.


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Here is a...