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Kerry condemns Russian action in Ukraine as 'Invasion'


The real stuff is the war between oligarchs: Here
Weiss: U.S. has options for Russia’s declaration of war on Ukraine
"Yet there are American options. One would be to coordinate with our allies in Europe and announce sanctions against Russian officials who would be involved in attacking Ukraine. The nice thing about one of the world’s most corrupt countries is that most of the elites running Russia keep their cash and real estate abroad in democratic jurisdictions.

A new U.S. law allows for putting pressure on Russian human rights violators by threatening to freeze or confiscate these assets. Names of those with money and mansions to hide in the West ought now to be named in advance of tanks rolling into Donetsk, Kharkiv or, as may well happen, Kiev."

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"Monster face" judges,

aggression by another?
This botox bloated creature that bears the image of the bloody palms
as he speaks of invasion of Syria last year.


puh leeze

When in the last two hundred years has Crimea NOT been dominated by Moscow? The cession to Ukraine in the fifties was strictly pro forma. A juridictional transfer WITHIN the Soviet Union is tantamount to no move at all. Culturally, Crimea remains majority Russian, and more closely allied to the east than to the west. Catherine would plotz.

dynamite anthrax supreme court white house tea party jihad
West of 89
a novel of another america

You gotta love the hypocrisy.

You gotta love the hypocrisy. The US invades any nation at will and drone bombs them back into the stone ages.

The Russians react to a coup in a bordering nation where the legitimate government is removed by force, and the US condemns the Russians.

We continue to live in The Twilight Zone.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

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Here, the wife calls it "living in LA-LA-LAND" !

We continue to live in The Twilight Zone.

So true.

Here, the wife calls it "living in LA-LA-LAND" !

And I've adopted her vocabulary 5 years ago already.

Depressing, or what?!

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Hillary Clinton is NOT our next President - YAHOOOO!

Forget desperate Vicki Nuland and the Neocons in Ukraine trying to start WWIII to save Israeli Apartheid since they couldn't get Iran.

The Greatest Secret in the World is AIPAC's Girl Hillary is NOT going to be the next President

And the reason is she’s riding the AIPAC-Apartheid horse and that horse just became RADIOACTIVE – instead of her ‘sure win’. OMG

Does anyone think it’s possible NOT to run on the AIPAC-Ticket (think Hillary, McCain, Attila the Wasilla Hun-ny) and win? The question now for Hillary is does she STILL THINK she can run on the AIPAC-Ticket and Win – BECAUSE SHE CAN’T

The 2nd and 3rd prices Israel/the Israel Lobby pays for Apartheid, aside from the loss of the Zionist state (that battle is over say the top Israeli legal teams – Hillary/AIPAC is the fight NOW), is that it is FORCED to operate as a foreign lobby, rather than it’s current Mafioso arrangement.

And AIPAC’s Girl not only goes down in flames – she and AIPAC GO DOWN TOGETHER with Apartheid Israel

Alert the World please…

A strategic pivot is now in the immediate future – pivoting away from the Apartheid fight and taking out AIPAC, Kristol, Hillary, and the Israeli’s Lobby political control over the US that AIPAC as a NON-FOREIGN LOBBYING ORGAN makes possible

Pivot from going after Israeli Apartheid (IDF legal teams have already given up, once Palestine got ICC access, correctly saying (it’s over once Israel is in the dock at the ICC because Apartheid is indefensible) – we won THAT battle and now it’s time to win the war by getting rid of Apartheid’s support (AIPAC) and AIPAC’s Next President (Hillary Clinton)

The Greatest Secret in the World is Hillary Clinton is riding the AIPAC horse, and the AIPAC horse is CHAINED to Apartheid Israel (Kristol and Lake are tearing it AIPAC apart right now because AIPAC is refusing to go down with the Aparthied Israeli ship BECAUSE it’s SAVIOR Hillary Clinton is riding like the dickens to the rescue of AIPAC as ‘AIPAC’s Girl’

Hillary CHAINED to Israeli Apartheid-AIPAC? That is GOLD – if she tries to get OFF the AIPAC horse it will HASTEN the destruction of AIPAC as it tears itself (and Hillary) apart

Please alert the world – Hillary Clinton rode in on a Pro-AIPAC Pro-Apartheid horse as ‘AIPAC’s Girl’, a brilliant move, until THAT ITSELF, SINGLE ISSUE, that she was AIPAC’s Girl’, as Apartheid went to the hell it deserves at the ICC, destroyed her. PRICELESS

We are OPEN FIELD RUNNING NOW – AIPAC-Apartheid-Apartheid’s Next President Hillary – the THREE-FOR of all times

Calling Karl Rove, Rand Paul, etc …

Who Wants to be a President?

Forcing Hillary to Climb Down Off Her Apartheid-AIPAC Horse IN OPEN PUBLIC VIEW, as Israel is thrown to the wolves at the ICC

Forcing Hillary off her AIPAC-Apartheid Horse will TEAR HER APART, AS WELL AS AIPAC-APARTHEID

The ‘Three-For of All Times’ – and it’s EASY – they are CHAINED TO EACH OTHER

Isn't it insane that someone always wants control over others

The Ukrainian people are not allowed their sovereignty. Just like every other inch of space on this earth someone wants control of the resources, land, banking system, etc. The US condemns Putin when in actuality Obama, Putin and every other power hungry leader is the same person. They all want what is not theirs and try to politic that the other person is evil when they all have the exact same agenda.


It seems that Kerry likes to

It seems that Kerry likes to condemn a lot of countries trying to pave the way for American interference.