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Can this be true? Russia kicked out the Rothschilds NWO in 2006

(Things do make a little more sense. But can it really be true?) WHEN PUTIN WAS ELECTED PRESIDENT of Russia in 2000, Russia was bankrupt. The nation owed $16.6 billion to the Rothschild-run International Monetary Fund while its foreign debt to the Rothschild-controlled Paris & London Club Of Creditors was over 36 billion dollars.
But Putin took advantage of the current boom in world oil prices by redirecting a portion of the profits of Russia’s largest oil producer Gazprom so as to pay off the country’s debt. The continual surge in oil prices greatly accelerated Russia’s capacity to restore financial sovereignty.
By 2006 Putin had paid off Russia’s debt to the Rothschilds. Russia’s financial dependence on the Jewish financiers was now over. Putin could then establish what became his Russian Unity Party’s 2007 campaign slogan: Putin’s Plan Means Victory For Russia! This slogan continues to make the New World Order very nervous… http://politicalvelcraft.org/2011/12/24/rothschild-pawn-gorb... For what its worth Provda 2011 http://english.pravda.ru/russia/economics/03-10-2011/119209-... The Washington Post http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/08...

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Russia and China

Russia and China are fully members and participants in the world-gov. system founded upon the central-banking system. The pretended competition/rivalry btwn West and Russia/China (including N. Korea) is largely a farce designed to keep and continue FEAR-mongering, as presently in case of Ukraine, for purpose of diversion fm (a) the critical economic situation entailing destruction of US economy, currency, and living standard of suckers in USA, addicted to "bread & circuses," zionist-dominated TV, and idiot football games, etc. (b) Fear-mongering is also good excuse for police-state, mass-surveillance, TSA groping at air-ports, etc.

RT, owned/controlled by Russian gov., is like-wise fully part of the mass-corp. propaganda system. The only note to these aforementioned facts is that yes, the Russian and Chinese "leaders" are naturally nervous about being treated like Qaddafi, Assad, Mubarak, and Saddam Hussein, tossed-aside like used-playthings when deemed expedient by ZOG powers.

"If this mischievous financial policy [greenbacks], which has its origin in North America, should become endurated down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off its debts and be without debts. It will hav

I agree with almost all of your post...

...but, again... ..the Zionist thing...

Zionist absolutely do not control the TV. Yes, there are a lot of "Jewish" individuals involved in Hollywood and TV production and media in general.
But despite the ethnic background of a large minority in the industry, the media is clearly run by OCCULTISTS, and Occultism.
The sheer amount of Satanic, Masonic, Ocuult symbolism you'll see in nearly ever TV show, movie, and corporate product commercials is evidence of this.
True Zionism is just about the Bible, and the Jewish people returning to Israel. That's it. In fact I've been seeing a lot of subtle anti-Jewish propaganda on TV lately.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

Zionism = ethnic nationalism

Zionism is the belief that the jewish people have both the right and the need of a state of their own.

To get this, they have invaded another people's land and killed/expelled them to create and maintain a "jewish majority". You do realize that's ethnic nationalism and apartheid you're supporting, right?


"Zionism is the belief that the jewish people have both the right and the need of a state of their own."

- Yes, correct, and it is 100% based on the Bible, as well as practical need for the Jewish people in general, after WWII.

"To get this, they have invaded another people's land and killed/expelled them to create and maintain a "jewish majority. You do realize you're supporting ethnic nationalism and apartheid, right?"

Some yes, mostly no.

First of all, it isn't "other people's land". Read a Bible, it has ALWAYS been the Biblical homeland of the Jewish people who have ALWAYS called it home, for over 3500 years! And Jews have ALWAYS been there, they never left!

Has any country anywhere, ever founded their nation without some violence and warfare?!

Don't forget the IDF forcefully re-located thousands of Jewish families to give the Muslim "Palestinians" their own Muslim only territory because THEY are the ones who demand their population be 100% Muslim!

You hate on a country just because it has a Jewish majority. Sudan is executing a pregnant Christian woman just for being Christian, but you don't have a problem with Muslim majority countries who kill non-Muslims to maintain Islamic rule.
Meanwhile 20% of Israel's population is Arab-Muslim, and they enjoy all the same rights as Jewish Israelis.
You must be Muslim and biased, or else you don't understand your clear double-standard.

Oh, and how is Israel apartheid if the "Palestinians" are the ones demanding separation?! Hmmm? Is it not simply an international border fence? Israel provides all kinds of aid to "Palestine", and they still bi*ch about Israel! What's up with that?
Oh, I get it, they want to have their cake and eat it too.
They want to claim apartheid and reap the benefits of being part of Israel, then they want to blow up Israelis and demand a two-state solution, i.e.- separate nation... but they still want the free stuff and excuse to complain... Sounds like a bunch of democrats...

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

"Israel provides all kinds of

"Israel provides all kinds of aid to "Palestine", and they still bi*ch about Israel! What's up with that?"

I've seen how Israel "aids" Palestine. 1 Israeli soldier goes missing, and giant blocks are destroyed indiscriminately killing 8,000 Palestinians in Gaza. Women and children as well. Israel doesn't aid Palestine, idiot. They are the largest group of psychopathic killers known to the world.

as a result of that, radical Islam emerges. SO DONT SAY THAT THE iSRAELIS ARE RIGHTEOUS SAINTS.

by the way, this Israel, is NOT the one mentioned in the bible. These are Khazarians who claim Judaism, but not Semitic people.
I bet the real Semitic ones in Israel that the bible talks about are actually the Palestinians living through hell right now.

"truth is treason in an empire of lies."

"Nooo its not the Zionists,

"Nooo its not the Zionists, its the occultist."

Zionism has everything to do with all of our problems, from us being debt slaves to Islamic extremism.
What did the Zionists do? They sold out the Germans during WWI, they stole the Palestinians' lands. They started Communism and Bolshevism, the worst hell bestowed upon mankind ever.
They control Hollywood and they control The IMF. They own us!

'But nooo guys, my evangelical pastor says the Jews are good and we should all die for Israel. '

So lets blame the little illuminati occultists, because they've done so many horrible things like bad music videos.

Wake up man, do a YouTube search, become enlightened. There's a giant elephant in the room, but he's not an occultist, he's a Zionist!

"truth is treason in an empire of lies."

'Nooo! It's not the Illuminati Occultists, It's those darn Jews'

So you're apologizing for the Illuminati and Masonic Luciferian Occultism in the entertainment industry/media and elsewhere, as well as Nazi Germany. But you're going to collective Jews and blame them.

Here, if you want to know who your masters really are instead of taking another crack at the whipping boy, read this, for starters...

"The Hidden Hand that has shaped World History"



Do a youtube search? Lol, really? Good one. If that's mainly where you're getting your information to put together your world view you need to do a lot more research. Or you can learn a lot from me.
Seems to me you're still waking up, and you're buying into the Illuminati Jew-blaming propaganda on youtube. Many do, it's a trap.
Not like google has set it up so that anti-Israel vids are all over youtube lately or anything, and pro-Israel, or even just objective, non-bias coverage on Israel vids are harder and harder find and quickly get erased.

Why is the anti-Jew propaganda becoming more and more prevalent in the mainstream and "alternative" media if Jews run the media? It's stupid. You are being programmed just like the German people under the Occult Nazis.

It's a DISTRACTION! Read the Bible! Many will be deceived, but Israel will prevail. The Illuminati is putting out the mind-control and you're buying into it, it's about getting you to turn your back on G-d!

It's not as if there aren't Occultists who claim to be Jewish who are in positions of power in the NWO, but they are likely mid-level at highest, much like the 'Task-Masters' under Pharaoh in Egypt, and the 'Court Jews' (Rothschilds, etc.) to the Roman Papacy and European Monarchies.

If you like youtube(I do too) check out the Rothschild's Occult ritual parties, Alex Jones does a nice job exposing that. They claim to Jews, but they are NOT!

All these people sheepishly blaming "the Jews" who are simply ignorant about Judaism, and the Bible, who make these wild claims about it, have no idea what it really is. Many of you who do this are "Christians" who worship the Jewish Messiah, but have been lied to by the Church of the Roman Empire, who by the way was Yeshua's enemy #1 next to Satan himself.

BTW, I am Messianic Jewish, not Evangelical, so don't assume you know things you are clearly totally ignorant about...

I guess when you are not Jewish it's easy to say, "hey, look at those Jews, they're different, I don't understand, and they have been influential throughout world history, and there is a NWO plot to take over the world, and many "Jewish" (in name only) individuals are involved in it, and much of the conflict surrounding the NWO (really the NWO surrounding the conflict) involves Israel, so it must be a Jewish plot."

But that is NOT the whole picture, not by a long shot. And those who are buying into the anti-Israel, anti-Jew propaganda, especially those individuals who are Christians are making a huge mistake, and allowing themselves to be deceived by Satan.

Not saying the Israeli government is perfect either. As I said in another comment here, G-d is constantly getting angry at the 'House of Israel' (Kingdom/government of Israel). But always because the House of Israel had turned away from G-d and worshipped other false idols and sinned. For the sake of the REMNANT shall Israel be blessed. And those who curse Israel, G-d shall curse.

Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. The Messiah, King of the Jews will return!

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?



then we can talk about
"the greatest story never told"

"truth is treason in an empire of lies."

former pm

“Even today I volunteer to do the dirty work for Israel, to kill as many Arabs as necessary, to deport them, to expel and burn them, to have everyone hate us, to pull the rug out from underneath the feet of the Diaspora Jews, so that they will be forced to run to us crying. Even if it means blowing up a few synagogues, I don’t care. And I don’t mind if after the job is done you put me in front of a Nuremberg Trial and then jail me for life. Hang me if you want, as a war criminal… What your kind doesn't understand is that the dirty work of Zionism is not finished yet, far from it.” -Former Israeli PM Ariel Sharon

"If this mischievous financial policy [greenbacks], which has its origin in North America, should become endurated down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off its debts and be without debts. It will hav

Please provide a link or source...

That comment if real, just shows what I'm talking about. No real Jew would ever consider "blowing up a few synagogues", and then say "I don't care". Let alone "kill as many Arabs as necessary". 20% of Israel's population is Arab-Muslim.
As for the "dirty work of Zionism", that isn't involved in my idea of Zionism, it is the exact opposite.
Again, if that quote is at all accurate, then it just goes to show the goals of the globalist elite are evil occult/Satanic agenda, and far from Judaism, and the true goal of Zionism.

Read the Bible, G-d is constantly furious with the 'House of Israel', etc. (i.e.- the Kingdom/government & high priests of Israel) because their leaders would often not worship G-d, but pagan idols such a Baal and Baphomet. But Israel is blessed for the sake of the Remnant. Satan will always try to infiltrate and deceive any righteous movement, especially ones ordained by G-d. Please don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?


"From the days of Sparticus, Wieskhopf, Karl Marx, Trotsky, Rosa Luxemberg, and Emma Goldman, this world conspiracy has been steadily growing. This conspiracy played a definite recognizable role in the tragedy of the French revolution. It has been the mainspring of every subversive movement during the 19th century. And now at last this band of extraordinary personalities from the underworld of the great cities of Europe and America have gripped the Russian people by the hair of their head and have become the undisputed masters of that enormous empire."

Winston Churchill, stated to the London Press, in l922.

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

Interesting about who funds things!

They way you can tell if this is true -- FOR YOURSELF

Look at the central bank. If its private, if it creates the sovereign money of the country FIAT out of thin air. If the creation of said counterfeit national money is then loaned to the very (PUPPET) gov that should have created it, but now it becomes a compounding national debt. (Used to hold the population as false debt slaves through extorted theft called tax collections to satisfy the false national debt.)

The fact is common sense tells you, if you had said counterfeit money national debt creation apparatus would you allow Putin(KGB) NWO Rothschild puppet to kick you out and do nothing for several years?

So get your own answer.

Give a man a fish and he will smell like fish. Teach him how to fish and he can catch a Fukashima fish.


Get this garbage off the front page

This article begins with "I'm not sure this is true" and somewhere near the end winds up with "Putin ended Russia's dependence on Jewish bankers." As if Jewish bankers are somehow worse than the average banker.

This article is bullshit. If you think former KGB Putin and his socialist country are any better than Obama and America... you're an idiot. We have a lot of problems in the US, but no rational person would suggest things are better in Russia. And it is flat out insane to think that one man, Putin, single-handily improved Russia's economy.

i +1'd your comment

still some work to be done around here for those who categorize black bankers, indian bankers, as if the background had any relevance.

Did Andrew Jackson

Single handily improve the US economy by kicking out the Rothschild bankers? This article is for inspiring thought do your own research. I don't need someone telling me how to think . I can do that myself. No one here is promoting Putin, I am positive he has his own agenda.

Can you show me evidence

Can you show me evidence the Rothschilds were involved in the 1st or 2nd US bank or in causing the War of 1812?

Don't think there is any-

Check out http://ronpaulforums.com for activism and news.

From the link You Supplied.

It's true that the First National Bank was dominated by foreign owners.

Given that the U.S. relied on British capital, and British banks were dominated by the Rothschilds, it's safe to say the family had a Substantial Stake in the First National Bank.

Look Here: http://trueworldhistory.info/docs/money.html

I saw that...

It says it was a rumor and the source is the Michael Journal / Vers Demain, a questionable Catholic conspiracy magazines that publishes false facts. The link has known unattributed quotes. And no where on it is "James de Rothschild".

Trueworldhistory.info has a lot of wrong facts too.

Check out http://ronpaulforums.com for activism and news.

So your Position is Based on what Lucas Kawa says?

Is this your guy?

Lucas Kawa is a recent (read: unemployed) college graduate, think tank intern and semi-professional baseball player from the Big Apple. He specializes in energy, economic policy and using words to expose Republican policy to the masses. Those in charge of policies that affect millions should hear the support or disapproval of millions. Lucas lives by two mottos: 1) Will write for food. 2) Always correct, never Right.

The same guy who wrote:

Ron Paul’s self-promotional non-interventionist brand of foreign policy loses massive amounts of credibility when he engages in such crude counterfactual conceptions as a form of evidence to support his views.

What bothers me even more is that Paulites fall for it hook, line and sinker. A Paul supporter friend of mine tried to defend Paul’s claim using some historical evidence: if we weren’t toppling and setting up regimes in the Middle East during the Cold War, establishing bases all over, then America would not have been a target.


None of that matters.

None of that matters. I concede that they likely did own shares in both the 1st and 2nd banks but there is no evidence of that. And to jump from that to they engineered the War of 1812 and they're masters of the universe is wrong. Why'd they lose their bank in France? Why'd the Nazis steal from them in Austria if they financed the Nazis?

There's things I know to be false in that link (http://www.michaeljournal.org/plenty49.htm) which does destroy the credibility of the source.

I also concede Business Insider is terrible, the article is linkbait with a slideshow for hits, but still evidence. Where is it?

Check out http://ronpaulforums.com for activism and news.

Can you do Anything for yourself?

You've been around here over 2 years,
you'd think you would have seen it a half dozen times by Now!

Sorry to trouble you, but I

Sorry to trouble you, but I don't believe the evidence exists. I am not new to alternative history or conspiracy theories. I've met many of the major activists in person...

Check out http://ronpaulforums.com for activism and news.

What do you expect to see

A confession, A letter written and signed by Rothschild? Maybe we can get a copy of the Washington Post dated 1812 and look thru that. Look I don't mean to make light of your concerns, but the best one can do is use deductive reasoning. Follow the money is a good place to start. Motive, connect the dots. How do you know air contains oxygen? you can't see it can't smell it. But you know you die without it and your not dead. Deductive reasoning.

Balfour declaration?

Balfour declaration?

"truth is treason in an empire of lies."

There's absolutely no

There's absolutely no evidence Nathan Rothschild was involved in the 2nd National Bank of the US. They aren't involved in commercial banking. They own zero banks in the US (they did own one later in CA and sold it).

Why was their bank nationalized in France in the 80s? Why did the Nazis seize and loot their palaces in Austria? They control everything?

Imagine you are mistaken. You see any flaws in your assumptions?

Check out http://ronpaulforums.com for activism and news.

Ever hear of insurance?

Ever hear of insurance?

If we want to be a nation of free men our government

If we want to be a nation of free men our government must be debt free.

We were not debt slaves in 1835. Thanks to Congress we are debt slave again.

Free includes debt-free!

You haven't noticed...

...that Russia is on "our side" against the NWO? You haven't noticed RT (Russia Times) supporting all the same issues we support 'round these parts? You don't realize RT's funding is coming from the Russian power structure?

Now, of course Putin and the Russian bankster gangsters want to rule the world as bad as the NWO creeps. But for the moment, the enemy of our enemy is our friend!

Ray Powell
Founder, Hacking For Change
Head Geek, Startbutton.com

Left right paradigm

Puppet show RT and Russia are not on OUR side. I am on my side your on your side. We still may have common interests that make us seem to be on the same side.

If the race has 2 horses owned by the same owner that owner dont stop the horse race he dont tell the crowd yet the crowd still believes those horses are against each other.