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And Then There Were Four

Soon To Be Three
Right on schedule

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These talking points vs the other 3 remaining candidates

I imagine he would have been more popular in Florida if he . . .

...was in favor of a Nanny State.
...wanted to borrow more money from China to fight wars overseas
...thought it was Congress' job to step into state issues
...wanted to continue to give more money to Arab countries than to Israel
...wasn't so adamant about following the Constitution
...followed the Party Apparatus more

Everyone get ready

With only three others left and all the moneybombs happening on the same day-February 1st lets give the establishment something amazing. 5 million on one day, tell your friends and family. Sell everything you can on Ebay, phone supporters in your precinct and let them know about the moneybomb.

We can win this-we all know the Huckster will try to be VP for Romoney and Girliani will be VP for McPain, so we got at least a brokered convention if Dr. Paul can pull off a coup in the Super Tuesday states.

Acutally Girliani pushing for McCain's VP is good...

It simply reaffirms my theory that Huck is pushing for a VP spot with Ron Paul. Huck's not going to Romney, they have really been very nasty to each other in Iowa, or did you forget?

drop the whole Huck with ron

drop the whole Huck with ron paul idea NOW. Huck is a f**cking lying sack of sh*t and if that is the guy ron paul picks as VP i won't be voting for him as he just totally threw away every single bit of credibility he has by doing so. Ron Paul would NEVER and I mean NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVER choose any of the candidates to be his running mate. EVER. So just drop the idea ya.

I can't imagine that Romney

I can't imagine that Romney would pick the Huckster as his VP. The rumor early last year was that Romney might pick Gov. Blunt (MO). Interesting thing is that Blunt very recently announced that he would not be running for gov again.

Blunt amassed a HUGE amount of money to run for gov.--more than any other gov in any state. Not that Romney would really need the money.