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Israel ... assassination ... Iran ... nuclear scientists...

Although Israel has never acknowledged it, the country's famed espionage agency - the Mossad - ran an assassination campaign for several years aimed at Iran's top nuclear scientists.


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Is this really an article...

I mean, this is fucking insane...

They are openly assassinating people. The US "urges" them not too. Are you kidding me.

In the article it also says Iranians who "may" have helped were captured and hanged. Oh great. To top it off,

"Mossad officials concluded that the campaign had gotten too dangerous. They did not want their best combatants - Israel's term for its most talented and experienced spies - captured and hanged."

So they stopped not because, you know, murdering is bad...but, because for their spies, which they admit they have, to continue murdering unarmed scientists, which they admit they have done, it became to dangerous.

Am I crazy, is this not f-ing crazy.


"So they stopped not because, you know, murdering is bad...but, because ... it became too dangerous."

Yeah. What else were you expecting from a bunch of sociopaths?



all of it covertly, all of it deniable.

I cant believe the media

has finally mentioned that mossad assassinates it enemies. Now if only cbsnews would mention mossad's involvement in 911, then I would be happy.

more lies

meanwhile let's hope that hopeless Iran (because they've never known freedom except beheadings)doewsn't have one of their famous earthquakes and put the ME into Fukashimaville.

Lets also hope that Israel,

with all their nukes doesn't have a meltdown and ruin the ME.

By the way, where have you been? Missed ya.

Did you know

Israeli tech is what is watching Fukashima melt down? Israel even narced on Japan saying the government was putting the workers at risk, monitoring everything about Fukashima.. so if there was some kind of meltdown, I would worry far less about it with Israel than under Islam.

I think you should re-read

I think you should re-read the last comment. You must be high as fuck and can't read very well...


I can't read very well, write even worse and been high on life a long time. Have a nice posting day.

Going of on a fukushima

Going of on a fukushima tangent when talking about Israeli nukes is really far fetched. But going of on a unrelated subject is what all Israel-supporters do when confronted with the fact that Israel has the biggest nuke arsenal in the entire ME.

I don't think so

Israel had nukes long before cheyenoble and Fukashima, shortly after the atom bomb. See the Israels had a problem, it was too easy for the kids to build bombs.. that's why they have a collection and the freedom to own them, the population has more rocket scientists per capita.. and so now they build other things as they have more nukes, and really don't want them, but what can they do with so many hostile masses threatening them?

Yes, Israel has the biggest nuke arsenal and all these decades, all these threats, all these rockets hamas and hezbollah buy instead of baby food for their children they teach to hate, still Israel has never deployed one bomb or even threatened to.

Israel won every war started against them, has thrived despite massive lies for the most part people don't care that Israel provides water, energy, medicine, jobs to what is called palestine (Judea and Sumaria.. which none of the occupants are Judeains or Sumarians, anymore than any are Cannanites.. however, many are Arab and Egyptian and refugees from Islamic countries who have no means to support their populations.

Jordan was created from the same treaty as Israel. Jordan has created refugees, and the flag os Palestine is the exact same flag of Jordan. Jordan has agreements with Israel over Palestine, Abbas is just a go between.. Palestine is not a state.. it's big FEMA camp with permanate refugees who you blame on Israel. It is not Israel that creates the problem.. it is Israel that deals with the problem and has never said they would use nukes on anyone despite the wars started by Islamic and Communist alliences.

you seem to love going of on

you seem to love going of on tangents.

Actually I don't have a problem with Israel having nukes. The things is that when we start talking about other nations looking for the opportunity to use nuclear energy or making strategic nuclear defensive weapons Israel and the Nato countries goes into a complete John-Kerry-like-hypocratic-bs-rhetoric, while completly missing the point. As you say Israel has defensive nuclear capabilities, fine, actually GREAT!

Some people say, and, correct me if I am wrong, you too hold this position, dont let those "dirty muslims" get nuclear power. They will just blow them selves and everyone else up. Well.. to my knowledge white, secular, people has had 3 extremly serious meltdowns all over different parts of the world. And blown up 2 fissionbombs over innocent women and children... Perhaps we should just shut the fuck up..

I had more I wanted to address from your comment but it is 5.31 am here in sweden and I am beat. Have a nice day Granger


after fukashima would anyone see nuclear power as safe?

Sweden.. terrible what the Muslims have done to Sweden. Four rapes a day I'm told. Want to see Pakistan go to Sweden!

Well I would actually agree

Well I would actually agree that it would be a bad idea to continue the fast model of nuclear energy and instead go towards LFTR (Liquid Flouride Thorium Reactor) nuclear energy. This model of nuclear energy cannot meltdown. But we will never see it because you cannot make fission-bombs with the waste of LFTR's.

And then we need to talk about tangents again... plz.. 4 rapes per day? Because of muslims? You dont seem to have a clue at all. I can tell you that muslims here in Sweden is a very small problem. I can tell you that muslims has not been well integrated into the swedish society but the fearmongering idiots that you listen to don't know anything about Sweden, at all. I actually have a room for rent if you want to come live here and get some first hand experience of Sweden. Finding a job might be difficult though... That I know first hand :)

But ye... Granger.. you are not well liked here by a lot of people and I am starting to see why. Stop with the Ad Hominems and Tangents and stick to the subject plz...


have not been well liked since I began openly supporting Israel. I did not always support Israel, and feel no pain from those who grudge me. When my mother's father's father came to America from Sweden during the civil war, he was on land for no more than a few hours when they drafted him and forced him to fight for the Union.

I have no interest in Sweden. I do plan on an extended stay in Israel, hope to volunteer for the IDF. Number of things I want to do in Israel. I hope you enjoy Sweden.

Interesting, do you know the

Interesting, do you know the name of your Swedish ancestor? Where from Sweden did he come from?

No I can understand why people wouldn't like you if you support an aggressive, apartheid-like state such as Israel. But nevermind, go fight for ADL, I couldn't give much of a fuck.

I will enjoy Sweden as much as I can but it is really cold here right now... Dont like it..

I don't know

from where in Sweden he was from. He came at a time when being an American was an important mind set. He was proud to have served in the war because it made him feel he earned his right to be an American, and he married an American (Scottish/Greek decent), and they produced foot ball stars for the high school, college, navy and San Diego Chargers (and two tradition continue on my family, military and foot ball).

Yes, I too can understand why those who have bought the lies about Israel would hate. It's one of the clues you get in life about the path you're on.. when it's in hate, maybe it's not right? And it was not easy for me to find the truth, which is not easy to share because of all the layers that trip the seeker up. Those layers include ADL and AIPAC, because their support for Israel is for their own support.. but this is the way it's been for Jews what seems forever, and why hating Jews is never ending in history. One generation after the other. I find it facinating, and I don't feel any hate, because I know those who hate mean well (some of them) some are definately pushing for their own agenda, which is anti-western civilization, that I happen to prefer. I'm not the burka type.

Sending warm weather vibes your way!