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Ron Paul called one of America's top anti-semites by ADL/AIPAC

A front group for ADL/AIPAC ranks Dr. Paul number 5 on the biggest anti-semites in the country:

"Gruner himself is a blatant Holocaust denier, and the Southern Poverty Law Center has called the Fatima Center “perhaps the single largest group of hard-core anti-Semites in North America.”

What, then, was the longtime congressman and three-time presidential aspirant doing—on September 11, of all days—addressing such a gathering?

The answer is that he fit right in."


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If Piers Morgan attacked Ron Paul

Would we be anti-British for defending Dr. Paul? Not a chance.

Would we just drop it and move on? Not a chance.

So defend Dr. Paul against this slander by ADL/AIPAC. We have every right to do so.

This is about defending Dr. Paul from unwarranted attacks, whatever the source may be.

Thanks everyone for their input so far, both pro and con.

He is an non-interventionist

and that is a dirty word to the profit from murder warmongers


The writer who smeared Dr. Paul, David Hornik

Also writes for Front Page Mag, which is a who's who of PNAC, AIPAC, ADL, let's face it, Israeli government propaganda.

Though to be fair, our own MSM gets its talking points from White House briefings and memos. (Rolls eyes in disgust)

Anyways, here's the list of Neo-Cons, most are no surprise, especially Dershowitz.

David Horowitz (Editor-in-Chief)
Jamie Glazov (Managing Editor)
Bat Ye'or
Lawrence Auster
Tammy Bruce
Phyllis Chesler
Nick Cohen
Ann Coulter
Alan Dershowitz
Larry Elder
Steven Emerson
Daniel J. Flynn
Sean Gannon
David Harsanyi
P. David Hornik
Oliver Kamm
Lee Kaplan
Martin Kramer
Charles Krauthammer
Dick Morris
Ion Mihai Pacepa
Walid Phares[9]
Melanie Phillips
Daniel Pipes
Steven Plaut
Dennis Prager
Dan Rabkin
Ronald Radosh
Michael Reagan
Evan Sayet
Stephen Suleyman Schwartz[10]
Robert Spencer
Bruce Thornton
Kenneth R. Timmerman
Walter E. Williams

and Jesus was a whoremonger...

For hanging out with a known prostitute, right?


Mises was a Jew. Rothbard was a Jew and a friend of Ron Paul. I guess he really secretly hated them.

At least one Jew has called out the ADL on Ron Paul before

"Please understand, we are all living -- or at least we ought to be -- in a Bill of Rights culture, and that the ADL and racist groups have a right to express their opinions freely, although I personally think they’re both festering boils full of pus on the derriere of the American body politic. But for the ADL to refer to itself as a civil rights organization is pure humbug. It is the Anti-Defamation League, and not Congressman Ron Paul, who are guilty by association -- with themselves."

Aaron Zelman, executive director of JPFO (Jews for Preservation of Firearm Ownership), from 2007


Let me tell you, he's not the only one...

The ADL and racists groups have a LOT in common... They are all collectivists.

Glad you brought up the JPFO... The MSM would like to have everyone believe all Jews are leftists or neo-cons, and that just isn't the case.

Just like they ruthlessly attack any conservative black man or woman.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

I strongly agree with your sentiment on Jewish collectivism

Tough for most people to get past it since it is like a huge wall of layered extremism/neo-con/Likudist/zionist/PNAC propaganda which started after Israel decided to build a propaganda machine in the early 80s after bad publicity over Lebanon.

There are plenty of great Jewish writers (Seymour Hersch, Glenn Greenwald, Uri Avnery & Carl Bernstein are among my favorite) who are not part of Israel's propaganda machine. You can tell who they are because they are attacked relentlessly by the above propaganda machine.

For every scumsucking Israeli shill like Daniel Pipes, Bill Kristol or David Frum, there are talented independent Jewish writers out there.

Ok, but much of it actually has nothing to do with Israel...

...as you claim and has more to do with the political left machine that uses race baiting to divide and conquer.

As I gave an example of how they attack any black conservative.

Not everyone who pushes that Jewish-guilt race-baiting is an agent of Israel. But guaranteed they are agents of the political left, likely atheists as well in their beliefs.

I support the existence of Israel, call me Zionist if that's what it makes me.

I am a JPFO member and constitutional conservative libertarian and natural born American citizen. So let's not go jumping to false conclusions or making it about Israel, which has nothing really to do with it.

I know it can be a popular topic to pile on and scapegoat Israel but that is most likely not the case here.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

Neo-Con idiots Charles Krauthammer, Anne Coulter, BIll Kristol,

are not on the left, and consistently attack Dr. Paul.

AIPAC and ADL are not left or right wing, they are fronts for the Israeli government to lobby for funding from the American taxpayer, this is well known.

Other foreign governments also lobby for money in this way to Congress. Egypt, Pakistan, Columbia to name a few.

However, other governments are not attacking Dr. Paul. The front groups for Israel are the ones attacking Dr. Paul.

Not the first time either. Israel bankrolled Shel Adelson to finance Newt Gingrich against Dr. Paul as well. Such things are not forgotten.

If Israel continues to attack Ron and Rand through its proxies in our own country, my pro-Israel position will be soon changing.

I can't stand any of those people...

AIPAC is a lobbyist group for MIC partners who work jointly in Israel & USA. They do not represent the nation of Israel or the Israeli government itself. Though they do represent a powerful class of the elite in both nations.

The MIC is private. It is global. And I am no supporter of AIPAC.

The ADL is definitely left-wing though.

You are correct when you say many other nations do this as well.

You are also correct when you say that some of those knocking Dr. Paul, 'neo-cons' sole purpose is keep those dollars flowing into that USA/Israel MIC partnership. But that doesn't help the citizens of the USA or Israel. We agree on that.

And those 'other nations' who part-take in U.S. foreign aid are part of that partnership too. And if you think dollars from Saudi Arabia and other nations weren't coming in to Obama, Romney and other GOP candidates' campaigns and news outlets to attack Ron Paul and his position of ending foreign aid ( i.e.- their gravy train) you're mistaken.

My point simply, is that not everyone you think who plays the race-card is an agent of Israel. That's all. Not saying they don't exist, and they aren't prevalent. But not as much as I think, you think.

Krystol and Krauthammer probably are. Coulter I don't know about, and I can probably stand her the least of those 3, just behind Krauthammer, whose not far behind Krystol.

And I would say that Krauthammer and Coulter and Krystol are truly leftists. They are authoritarian-collectivists. To me, the far right is pure anarchy, the far left is total state control. America is supposed to be "government that governs least", so America is meant to be very far right, while NAZIs (National SOCIALISTS) like Krauthammer and Coulter and the typical neo-cons like Lindsey Graham who believe in major state control over politics, culture and economy, are actually quite far to Left, almost as extreme left as the Communists, which had total state control.

I really have to LOL on your "pro-Israel position" though. Really, funny.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

My main problem with Israel right now is Netanyahu

I am quite content with the leadership of Sharon, Olmert, Barak, Rabin, Peres. I didn't always agree with their positions or decisions, but generally I thought they were generally good and decent people, leading Israel in the right direction.

Netanyahu is a lying, spineless moron who desperately clings to power with a broken coalition who does nothing but sabre rattle and make idle threats constantly. His foreign and domestic policies are a nightmare. I've long stated that I'd prefer Avigdor Lieberman and I hope that Netanyahu will step aside.

Do I think Israel has a right to exist? Sure I do. Always have.

One or two state solution? I'm yet undecided though I lean two-state. I think Israel would cease to exist in a one-state solution over time.

I oppose the settlements vehemently. The settlements are the greatest threat to Israel's long term security in my opinion. It is also morally wrong to confiscate people's land and goods and herd them into camps. I've worked with Richard Silverstein on that issue. Whatever you or Granger say about it will not change my mind in the slightest.

Israeli politics interest me and I follow it more than most on the DP.

And as for me, Ron Paul comes before Israel, and America comes before Israel.

Just yesterday

I heard Mark Levin (on the radio) say that he is disturbed by the frequent use of the word "neoconservative" to describe one's foreign policy beliefs. According to him, people who use that word are anti-semites.

A couple of weeks prior, somebody had called into Michael Savage and was trying to discuss the "Fed" and bankers. Michael Savage got angry with him and said that people who want to talk about that are anti-semites, and then told the listener he needs to be focused on George Soros.

If you want to be a good, decent American, don't question the interventionist foreign policy or monetary policy, or you are anti-semitic. It kind of reminded me of the democrat playbook. Just label anyone a racist who disagrees with you.

I'm a Jew and I love Dr. Paul for his positions...

He is not an anti-Semite or racist or whatever you want to call it in my opinion.

The ADL speaks for no one but the individuals running the ADL and AIPAC is separate organization not tied to the ADL and I could care less what they have to say either.

I hear some talk about 'zionists' and 'goyim' and Jews that isn't so innocent on here, and these individuals don't speak for Dr. Paul, or anyone but themselves either.

Enough with this crap already can we move on to issues that are actually relevant instead of focusing on this divisive, subversive non-story garbage?

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?


Yes, we need to focus on some serious real issues and not on racism. It is designed to divide us.


True . And nicely said.

Same Here

I'm a Jew and I love Dr. Paul for his positions as well.

Guilt by association

So they're saying he's an "antisemite" because he gave a speech to a group that is anti semite.
OK, even if the fatima center is a bunch of crazies(i have no idea either way). We shouldn't talk to them? i'm confused

RP is not anti-Semitic.

He doesn't hate Palestinians nor Semitic jews. Now, he may be anti-Kazarian or anti-zionist, and if so, that fine by me. I think the certain groups screaming anti-semitism will eventually become like the boy who cried wolf.

-18? Evidently no one cares if Ron Paul is smeared

Or someone has a lot of alt accounts.

I down-voted the smear depicted in headline.

I was not shooting the messenger.

Booogie on!

Free includes debt-free!

Ron Paul is deemed a vicious

Ron Paul is deemed a vicious anti-Semite by arch-Zionist David Horowitz because he doesn't want to pick your pocket and give the money to Israel, and he doesn't want to send your sons and daughters to die in wars for Israel.

Ron Paul is also a vicious anti-Sri Lankan because he doesn't want to pick your pocket and give the money to Sri Lanka, and he doesn't want to send your sons and daughters to die in wars for Sri Lanka.

Ron Paul is also a vicious anti-Chilean because he doesn't want to pick your pocket and give the money to Chile, and he doesn't want to send your sons and daughters to die in wars for Chile.

Ron Paul is also a vicious anti-Egyptian because he doesn't want to pick your pocket and give the money to Egypt, and he doesn't want to send your sons and daughters to die in wars for Egypt.

Ron Paul is also a vicious anti-German because he doesn't want to pick your pocket and give the money to Germany, and he doesn't want to send your sons and daughters to die in wars for Germany.

Oh how could we ever support such an evil, hateful man?

Ron Paul gets his views from freedom loving Jews as ...

Fredrick Hayek,
Ludwig Von Mises
Murray Rothbard
Tom Woods
Ayn Rand

Nuff said.

Antisemitism used to refer to anyone who unconditionally hated Jews; now it means anyone who doesn't unconditionally love Israel.

Yes, please BUY this wonderful libertarian BOOK! We all must know the History of Freedom! Buy it today!

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Definitely agree with the sentiment

But Hayek wasn't Jewish.
Tom Woods is Catholic.
Although Ayn Rand was born Jewish, she was a big atheist.

Well said

Thank you

Treg just a teensy FYI: Tom Woods is Catholic

Woods is a convert to the Roman Catholic Church from Lutheranism and author of How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization. For eleven years, he was associate editor of The Latin Mass Magazine, which advocates traditional Catholicism. As a traditional Catholic, he advocates the Extraordinary Form of the Mass and cultural conservatism.

A few of his books on the subject:
The Church and the Market: A Catholic Defense of the Free Economy (Studies in Ethics and Economics)

How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization

Freedom is not: doing everything you want to.
Freedom is: not having to do what you don't want to do.
~ Joyce Meyer

Anyone who knows anything

Anyone who knows anything about Ron Paul even if they dont personally support him would see this as rediculous.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

This Post Should Be Deleted, IMHO.

Sticks and stones can break my bones, but name calling can never hurt me !

Something I learned at a very young age !


I'd delete this post if ADL/AIPAC withdrew the smear on Ron Paul

Otherwise, uh no.

I think its funny how you got

I think its funny how you got down voted so much as if this was your opinion. Its important that we have posts like these so we know what is going on and how the movement is being smeared so we can counter it. Information is power and sharing it should not mean you are punished.

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.