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Ron Paul called one of America's top anti-semites by ADL/AIPAC

A front group for ADL/AIPAC ranks Dr. Paul number 5 on the biggest anti-semites in the country:

"Gruner himself is a blatant Holocaust denier, and the Southern Poverty Law Center has called the Fatima Center “perhaps the single largest group of hard-core anti-Semites in North America.”

What, then, was the longtime congressman and three-time presidential aspirant doing—on September 11, of all days—addressing such a gathering?

The answer is that he fit right in."


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Dear Perry,

AIPAC's annual Policy Conference begins today, and they've finally told us what they're going to be talking about: They're talking about us, Perry.

Specifically, they're focusing on the threat to Israeli impunity posed by the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement -- and everyone who supports it.

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I'm a PROUD Supporter of this anti-semite!


Could ADL/AIPAC be guilty of racial slander?..

Nothing new, just another poorly constructed, propaganda attack, intended to cause controversy. The way you counter that is to attack and discredit the source, or it just keeps coming.

Why attack Ron Paul, in the absence of any active political agenda.
Could it be to attack and slander Ron is, more importantly, to discredit Rand, who does have an active political agenda.
Could it possibly read:
'Rand Paul's father called one of America's top anti-semites'..

Just for you 'apple from the tree' guys.

"Hell is empty, and all the devils are here" (Shakespeare)
RP 2012~ Intellectual Revolution.

What Does it Say

About ADL/AIPAC that they have to smear Dr. Paul, when he is no longer in office, and not going to be candidate for POTUS?

What does it say about Dr. Paul - that he gets smeared at this time and in the way?

Somebody is afraid....

You know

You know that for such and organization to be giving out such BS like this is a a stupid organization to start off with already

Can I be the first to say on this post.....


Where is Granger's defense of ADL now?

ADL defames everyone and everything good all in the name of not tolerating defamation.

ADL was silent on the Bush family funding NAZI connections but they attack Ron Paul. Does anyone need more proof of their lies and usurpations agenda?

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...

I agree with AIPAC about Ron Paul

When I came into the rEVOLution one of the things that attracted me to Ron Paul was his unique pro-peace perspective. He wasn't a truther, as he said, 911 was from blow back.

At the time, I marveled at the idea, and I completely SYMPATHIZED with Ron Paul's perspective, but then, I didn't KNOW then what I KNOW now about Israel. My perspective on Israel morphed, not because of DP, though I have found many leads to topics that where under my radar here.. but it was Ron Paul saying, "Israel is our friend". On a subconscious level, blow back and Israel being our friend didn't mesh. So I searched for WHY is Israel out friend. Seriously, it was a genuine objective.

When I found it, which is a secular humane even humanitarian quest to advance humanity that enables Israel to THRIVE despite being surrounded by warring tribes and global meddeling.. which Ron Paul says, we should not be meddling.. and this is correct, and is pro-Israel and a friend truely.. freedom is popular.

Yet, this global government is based on democratic communist and Islamic powers in the UN that oppose Israel and USA/ Western civilization. So to say it is "blowback" is not standing for western civilization but blaming wastern civilization and one reason Ron Paul supporters came under the DHS lense.. because those who HATE America (and many take what America has for granted because many American women are not going to put on a burka or willingly become second class citizens, which is the case in Communist/Islamic nations).

So, this is why AIPAC rightfully slammed Ron Paul on his "blowback" statement. I don't agree with Ron Paul.

First, Americans and Western civilization invested in and made agreements with mid east leaders, and while they may not have understood the culture, no one likes being ripped off. The leaders make deals and when their people protest, they do nothing, if Americans and westerners are assassinnated.. they do nothing.. so that led to building military bases.. (Bush's Iraq was because the US was losing on it's investments and they wouldn't admit it).

I think everyone knows these investments have been bad and it's time to get out.. I think there's been much done with good intentions, but good is not what they produced.. and ironically.. there's Israel.. the little country that could.. still going strong, and it will, because it operates on another dimention than the rest of the world seems, many don't know, or care, no less than even before Israel, the persecution of Jews under many names, now it's Israel, Zionists.. people specialize and pick issues.. "I like Jews, like the orthodox who hate Israel too". The orthodox are praying for the messiah to come and the end of the world, no different than many evangicals who also think in terms of religion/ armeggedon.. but that is not the nut of Israel, it is a shell.. however profound, as humanity.. and why it takes a seeker of what is good to find it concerning Israel.

Finally, Ron Paul can say he agrees with Rand 99% and those who try to divide Rand and him are wedgedrivers.. but the wedge is Israel, and many, and I didn't really understand this until a year ago, many who support Ron are anti-Israel.. that is why they will NOT support Rand, who is pro-Israel.. and Rand has the RIGHT perspective on Israel, and maybe Ron garees with Rand.. but he's making too much money off the hate-Isrel crown on his show and MSM hasn't gone there, yet. They will. Will be interesting too.

It is not the USA and Israel starting wars.. both have freedom that communists and Islam does not have, and don't want to have.


...Lol. Sorry bud, but your cover is blown.

Any last chance to "possibly" still convert or persuade the very small minority that may have been impressionable....is GONE.

Agreeing that Ron Paul is an anti-semite and giving justification for the D H S to put "Ron Paul supporters under the lense" because of their acknowledgement of "blowback", (a term used by our own CIA to explain the consequences of our meddling in foreign affairs) and calling THAT hate, demonstrates either your lack of understanding for peace and logic, or you have an agenda.

Still cant get over the DHS comment. Sounds like the 1st Amendment doesn't mean much to you, and any dissenters shall be squashed and watched, if they use that freedom! Flawed and tyrannical logic you got there.

Keep your eye on the prize! - Ending legal tender laws in order for the Federal Reserve System to self-destruct is of the upmost importance.
What in the World are They Spraying https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jf0khstYDLA

There's no cover

I tell it like I see it and by all means you have every rights to feel anyway you like about it.

There is a difference between pro-peace and anti-war. Ron Paul is not anti-war. He is pro-peace. His concept of "blowback", was novel to me at the time. But now that I understand more about Sharia Law and Islam, I inderstand what Ron Paul to have said different, and why I can agree with AIPAC's position. Not that I agree with AIPAC on HOW to support Israel, trading arms.. I agree more with Ron Paul, let Israel manage their own affairs (they KNOW way bettter than Americans know what to do).

If what you mean about the first Amendment is AIPAC stopping Ron paul from speaking, I don't believe that is the case. I think Ron Paul was a test pilot for internet campaigns.. they watched the traffic, TV told one story, internet told the other.. influence over the net was measured. Now all campaigns are on the net.

Could argue...

...with a lot of what you said, Granger -- but what's sticking out to me right now is that you're not even attempting to defend Dr. Paul's motives and character against the charge of being an anti-Semite. Regardless of whether you agree with his politics on foreign affairs, to let that charge just float out there without a whiff of concern on your part really makes me disappointed.

Not a whiff

Ron Paul held a marvelous pro-peace position, because it marveled the senses.. it made so much sense, "blowback".

But now, in retrospect, and taking into consideration what I have leearned of the modern day global situation, where the USA is losing it's constitution by treaties signed with the UN, a democratic block ruled by Communist and Islamic counties, that do not appreciate western values.

I fully believe Americans and Jews who invested in Israel did so thinking they had made good deals. They didn't understand the Mid East Culture and that had begat wars, that Ron Paul's comments struck against the only machine attempting to correct, or police these bad deals. His solution, was to end the only thread the ADL, AIPAC and the powerful American lobbies for Israel, so of course they see it as anti-semetic. It is according to them.

That doesn't mean that I agree with the solution according to the current leaders of ADL or AIPAC. I like Netanyahu and appreciate how he's not being phased by Obama and Kerry.. hasn't touched a dime of the money alloted to Israel.

Rand Paul is more pro-Israel than Ron, and you can see people who want nothing to do with Rand because they have issues with zionists, and that's OK by me, becaue I am a zionist, and make no apology. Anyone who loves freedom should love Israel.

What would you say to this?

Many years ago I met a professional colleague who was Palestinian American with strong family ties to Palestine. I had already read much of both sides of the Palestinian Israeli conflicts but never had heard real face to face testimony from someone with life experience of the situation so I made it a point to let the colleague know I wanted to here their personal stories of what her family experienced. I was invited to come speak with the family and sat and listened for 12 hours as I heard the plights of their family and what they told me was horrific.

The basic gist of what they told me was happening was that Israeli military/police forces were implementing a curfew on the Palestinians at gun point and only allowing them to leave their homes for 4 HOURS PER WEEK. They explained to me how many died in their homes from lack of access to medical care and many were shot and killed in the street for being outside during the curfew. I have no reason not believe the stories I heard because they were very detailed and consistent over the multiple discussion scenarios and the family was very well respected in the community in their professional engineering careers. I cannot begin to describe the utter terror they described in detail. They had a deep hatred for the atrocities they described which had absolutely nothing to do with religion or race and everything to do without all out hellish tyranny.

So what would you say to this man whom made these allegations of which I have reason to believe are true. Are you just going to call the allegations a lie? This is not the only corroborating evidence of the scenario either. There is really too much to list but this is corroborated first hand eye witness accounts of war crimes.

Shall we just pick a 'side' of race/religion/nations and fight the other 'side' eternally because they "hate us" OR shall we hold each individual accountable for their own actions?

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...

What I would say

Had it been me, I would have had questions:

How did you family come to Palestine? Are you druze? Are you Egyptiuan or Arab? Are you Sumarian or Judean? What was the Palestinian Authority role in your testimony? How did you come to America? Scholoarship? Did America pay for everything, bording, tuition, spending money? Were you offered a job? Did you come seeking Amnesty? What's the difference between Israel and America? Is American culture as bad if not worse? Why would you come to America is you hate Israel and Israel is like America more than what you call Palestine is. Why wouldn't you go to a state that rebukes western civilizition rather than go to the supremem western civilized country? Did anyone in your family go to school, work or have medical treatment in Israel? Did Israel provide your energy, water and food? Would you say most Palestinians want Palestine to be more like Israel than caught in Refugee statis due to the treaties with the UN between Britian, Jordan (made of the same treaty, same day, why Palestine flag is Jordan's flag).? Is it true that radical Islam milks the UN western civilization by constant upheaval that rewards them through corrupt Palestinian Authority that profits off blaming Israel for their own actions against Palestinians?

The Palestinian lie is like Pavlov's dog. The mindset of Americans today, based on MSM, internet propeganda, music, cultural teaching: multiculturalism, entitlement, half truths, Americans have always been known to be generous.. many here say the world hates America, but that's not true.. America is one of the first to show up and offer support in many ways.. some people have learned to take advantage of this generousity. The easiest way, and it's a wonderful time historically, because for Palestine, "The squeeky wheel gets the oil". We are talking of an area that produces nothing but babies and are dependent on Israel, and US generousity, which they get for the "bad Israel" stories.

Hatting Jews, in the name of Zionist, Israel, what have you.. that has always been and always will be, for many reasons that never die, they just morph, one culture to the next.. so I don't worry about Jew hatred, and that's exactly what it is, (all this orthodox acceptance is more BS because none who lift up orthodox are standing for their "End of the World" (But Ammegeddon Christians who don't agree with the Orthodox Jews).

The Legal Case for Israel is a very empowering video because it's not about opinion, but simply puts the legal document facts in place, and most Americans don't know. I didn't. Now that I know the truth about how and why Israel exists, I completely agree thaqt Israel should exist and the Jewish state should be able to be self determining. Palestines issue should be with Jordan. Same flag, same treaty, so why pick on Israel? $$$$$ Go figure.

So in essence, I gather from you

You will assume the man hates Israel and then grill him on why he came to America...

I did speak with this family about much of these topics. They loved America and came here because of their top-level engineering skill level and worked to the top here in America being responsible for some very large infrastructure developments. So they had no hatred for America, their only beef was the actual injury that was being committed against their family still in Palestine by Israeli military and police. This is not about internet misinfo, this about death, pain and suffering without end inflicted on their friends and family by criminal men who committing criminal injury. This was this family's concerns.

So the way I see it is from the Common Law stand point which is the bedrock of western 'civilization'. If there is a breach of peace by anyone and injury is committed then a valid cause of action exists for access to impartial justice and remedy from the individuals who committed the injury. We can fly off the handle about this, that or the other but when it comes right down to it equal justice under the law is the prime failure from what they told me. Around the same time I spoke with them is when this event happened also:
So it appears there is dissent from both sides.

I don't see things in one nation/race/religion vs another I only see things in terms of proper application of impartial equal justice under common law that is superior to application of policy statutes because it is self-evident truth that no law can violate any other law and one cannot lawfully break the law to uphold the law. Violations of either of these fundamental truths is a failure by individuals not failure by some legal fiction established on paper (nation) because in the end each individual is responsible for their own actions and ignorance of the law is not a defense is not limited to political statutes but applicable as a form of proper non-conflicting application of all law.

What I really see here in the US and abroad is a breakdown of the rule of law by individuals who cannot maintain non-conflicting application of law with equal justice for all, which is why so many Americans are rightfully pissed off at the all out extortion racket the US and State governments have become in their thirst for power under color of law.

So I really think you should re-examine yourself because from all appearances of your writings you seem to have an inherent built in bias that is clouding your impartiality towards others equality. This is not healthy and does nothing for ensuring the protections of law and justice are maintained.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...

what do you think of this

While responding to you the links I tried to pull crashed my computer.

What do you think of this, and please do some research on this issue

Nothing of concern there

I see people talking and espousing their beliefs. So what? The only issue in law is whether they have actually injured someone through some form of breach of peace or breach duty. If they have no accuser with a valid cause of action accepting liability for their own accusations against them then there is no issue in law. If there is no issue in law then their actions are lawful. If their actions are lawful then end of discussion for me. I want them to be as free as I want to be you know the most important law of all; the golden rule.

Does that mean to not keep an eye on the community; no. We should always be vigilant in keeping our communities both free and safe. Does that mean I agree with their beliefs? no. I really don't care if people want to light their own hair on fire while masturbating and shooting heroin in public. As long as there is no valid cause of action then there is no issue. Should we destroy the rule of law because of what we think someone might do? That would be insane because the proper application of law protects each individual and the law should not be destroyed for ANY reason whatsoever.

I see the criminals here in America claiming to be 'law enforcement' as way more of a threat than the people in that video. You don't see them in the video shooting or beating up innocent people or throwing innocent people in prison for ten+ years in the name of law enforcement but these crimes are the norm for 'law enforcement' here in America. I do know that some very horrific things do go on in the middle east in the name of 'law enforcement' as well. But the thing is that those who violate people's rights with the initiation of force are EQUAL no matter what race/religion/nation. Crime is crime regardless of where you at or who it is. Just as crime is crime Innocence is innocence. That is why our organic laws here in America rejected the divine right of kings reserved to a specific lineage and recognized everyone as created equal because this is only way that the law can ever be properly upheld. Of course American's enforcing policy statutes that violate common law are failing just as bad as those muslims who want Sharia law. They are but a mirror image of the same thing within divine law. Fail is fail no matter what jack-ass it pours from but it only pours from individuals because within natural law it is only the individual who is responsible for their own actions, no one else.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...


Don't confuse Palestine with America. Ask your friend.

A Palestinian for the most part is LEGALLY OCCUPYING TRANS JORDAN AS A REFUGEE. They could be a Native of Suadi Arabia, Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Syria.. and they were forced out and now live in CAMP PALESTINE CONTROLLED BY many layers of Authority.

Layer Number ONE: ISLAM depening on where you live in Palestine, you will have to deal with Sharia Laws in place. Women covering themselves, men and women segregated, femail circumcision, death penalty for homosexual activity, no smaiking, no drinking, no drugs, no dogs.. different areas of the West Bank and Gaza have several controlling Sheiks/Imam who many people take at THE ONLT AUTHORITY.

Layer two: Palestinian Authority.. here we have appointed leaders doing the secular work, which is mostly redoing their new offices and buying homes in other places and living large while they have the job title because they won't have the job for long (longer they have the job only shows how corrupt they are or how much influence they have with certain Islamic factions).

Layer three: UN "The watcher" who provides tents, food, clothing, some schooling, and needs Palestine to remain as a refugee camp so they have jobs to offer internationals.

Since Israel and Jordan were created from the smae treaty, and Palestine flies the glaf of Jordan and not Israel, and Jordan executes homosexuals, and forbids drugs, smoking, women driving.. has no work for the refugeess of paklestine.. why the Israel bashing? Why not Jordan?

Because Palestine is dependent on Israel because Islaer PRODUCES products for gloabl trade. Like the intel chip in your computer. Palestine has produced some good movies.. funny.. they are wonderful to watch because you can see many people in Palestine wish Palestine flew an Israeli flag.. they LOVE the freedom in Israel, and laugh at the joke Palestine is.

And then we have Americans.. who both Israeli and Palestinians say American coming to support Palestine are problems because they don't understand that game that is being played.


I'm glad you are here because you show the rest of the world just how far gone this sphere called Earth is. You are not a leader, you are a liar and a coward!!! Have a great posting evening!

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

My position

"So I searched for WHY is Israel out friend. Seriously, it was a genuine objective. When I found it..."

So WHY? What is the reason why Israel is our friend in your perspective? I seriously want to know both sides of the argument with Israel? What is special about Israel as to prompt such a favoring?

My prime issue here is specifically with the ADL in the fact that they intentionally ignored the Bush family funding NAZI's connections by stating only that such allegations are "untenable". Yet they attack freedom loving Americans who wish to be rightful master over their servants in government and defame patriots by calling them domestic terrorists and train our police to treat Constitution loving Americans as domestic terrorists. This is beyond acceptable. The ADL could have proven their sincere good intent by being a leader in calling out Bush for his NAZI style tactics born from a family that indeed funder Hitler and the NAZIs as well as helped them build up their vast war machine. BUT NO! The ADL said the allegations of the Bush NAZI connection were "untenable" when the fact in record shows that indeed Bush's Union Banking corporation was seized in 1943 by the Federal Government under the trading with the enemy act for financing the NAZIs.

ADL's intentional ignorance of the facts on that is the moment the ADL first lost me completely and then when they began their Sovereign Citizens disinfo psyop on the cops and the courts they have proven themselves to be a gang of criminal usurpers who should be watched very closely and exposed to law enforcement for their defamation against patriots who only demand that the law be upheld.

You say the wedge is Israel. Maybe for you. The wedge for me is that the protections of law are either upheld or not. That is the REAL wedge, all other issues are distractions for people to keep picking sides and attacking each other over issues that are foreign to the protections of law.

So what's your specific WHY here?

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...


It's not easy to answer because if it's complexity, however, what the world had with the creation and establishment of Israel were a people who came together seeking the opportunity to be self determining. This is really important to understand in terms of kingdoms were falling, the leage of nations had arrived, purging of populations from nazi and communists and fascists.. so this idea of a place where people were self determined to live freely, yes, there are laws, customs, but more than anything, an unwritten kind of law, or maybe it's written so much in so many ways it's hidden in the open, but the objective is to take humanity to where it can thrive and sustain that. If you don't want to go to temple, don't. It's up to you to determine what is best for you. So this is the soul of Israel, and what has enabled Israel to not only sustain wars and propeganda attacks, but to thrive. It doesn't get cvaught up in the world, rather, the world gets caught up with Israel.

It's not that Israel is perfect. Nothing made by humans is perfect except by opinion. Why the imballance of media? Why does this tiny country get so much global attention to bigger countries where there is genocide, population purges, and you have to hunt to find it, but Israel is all over the MSM. Why?

Because Israel is a global leader when it comes to advancing western civilization. So opposing Israel is really like opposing western culture. I appreciate western culture and I appreciate the advances I seee happening in Israel. It gives me hope.

I read the news I used to read about Palestine, and now I know, it's tweisted.. part of the "hate America/hate Israel? and blame both for the3 world's problems. But I don't agree with that. Both the USA and Israel have done more for people than Americans give them credit for.. but that's because we're in deep debt.. so something has got to give.. that being the case.. the USA will fall into global government before Israel does. It will take a war driving Jews into the sea and annhilating Israel, which some countries want, like Iran. Iran, where homosexuals are executed, women are given clitorectomies, children are married off, having babies is to have troops for Allah, and nukes are for Israel. And that would be a shame.

Iran is for Ayrian, and their hatred for Jews is same as Hitler's.

There is a MSM blackout on Islam, not Israel. Make a cartton of Moses and the temple laughs.. make a cartoon of mohammad and the city goes up in smoke after three days of riots and protests.

It's guys like that...


They can never find any anti-Semitic/racist words ever coming from his mouth yet he must be both since he's been seen around...or giving speeches to others who don't hold his views.

Crap...how many times has he given speech's to Congress...actual words, recorded and filmed for posterity...yet no one is saying he agrees with, or "fits in" with any of them....ya know?

Show me the film wherein Ron Paul says something racist or anti-Semitic...just one....I'm waiting and have been for 7 years...

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

Don't You Know

If you don't suck up to [whomever] you must therefore be a hater of [whomever].