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When will the SHTF?

I've been waiting for the SHTHTF for about 30 years.

Here's my conclusion: Simple- it won't.

On the other hand....it already did many times and we all rode through it like every other problem in our lives.

Don't waste your money and time if you're looking for some cataclysmic event. The only ones that profit from the scare tactics (prepers) are those selling the products.

Total banking collapse? No chance of that so long as there are the means for pumping money into the system and pulling it out through taxation.

Military takeover and martial law? What a joke. Those things would only be needed if people protested in a large way against the system and that's not likely. People are just too lazy to rebel and oppose a system that can't be changed.

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I can see an economic

I can see an economic collapse or martial law happening. However, it wont be anywhere near a doomsday type of scenario. You wont have cities burning to the ground and mass round ups of people. Martial law I only expect to happen in the event of a real war or through slow removal of rights, I highly doubt we will wake up one morning to it having happened in one swoop.
Things will get harder though. Honestly I expect more of a slow decline if we make it through the next few years without any sort of collapse happening.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

Its a slow motion shtf

Dang, I think I just saw some s fly by.

"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within" W. Durant

Have you

convinced yourself?

Here's hoping that your awakening won't be too rude.