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Rothbard On The Current Situation In The Ukraine

A recurring criticism of libertarian ideology is a perceived lack of feasible solutions with regards to the application of libertarian ideas to real world problems, specifically in dealing with crisises between nations. Critics claim that the concepts of liberty work fine in some areas, but a little bit of good old-fashioned State initiated force is needed to solve the “complex” international dilemmas of our time.

Proponents of the concept of “world policemen” argue that intervention in foreign countries justifies the use of force under the guise of protecting one government from the aggression of a second government

The current events in the Ukraine provide an opportunity to educate individuals by exposing a common fallacy that an act of aggression can be necessary and useful in promoting or maintaining peace. A libertarian should always be opposed to the use of force by a third-party “world policeman.” The United States, or any other nation, has no moral reason to get involved in the current saga involving the Ukraine and Russia.

Murray Rothbard’s words from For a New Liberty: The Libertarian Manifesto still ring true today and provide the appropriate libertarian lens to view the turmoil in the Ukraine.

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