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Why Would I Want To Live And Do Business In New Hampshire?

Is this list still good?
101 Reasons to Move to New Hampshire


I am finding that forces beyond my control and my financial capacity are keeping me from investing heavily in Pennsylvania.
Last week I received devastating information pertaining to the Natural Gas Rush that threatens large scale farm investment here.

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Short on time. Have to rest and get to the airport for 2am

Up to now I'm very encouraged about New Hampshire.

Lots of beautiful farm properties and the bonus of clean rivers, lakes and even ocean front!

Can't get ocean front on Pennsylvania.

Looks like all the study that went into River Stone will be for the purpose of appreciating all that New Hampshire offers.
That list is long already and growing.

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Bump - don't know much about NH

Bump for input for anyone who does.

He's the man.

Are people friendly in New

Are people friendly in New Hampshire? Is the lifestyle fast paced like in other Northern states? I don't understand why it is so expensive to live there. In TN we have low property tax as well as no income tax.

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If your choice is PA or NH.

I would go with NH. Its pretty good for individual liberty and compared to everything else in the NE its a god-send. The few things you would have to watch out for are the deadly property taxes and the growing police state due to the free state project. Heck, I would move up there now if I didn't have things to take care of down here in the "empire state" (fitting name). I would recommend signing up with the free state project, the pledge is once they hit 20,000 signatures the people who signed up will have 5 years to move up there. As things get worse I can see there numbers growing exponentially, so it will be interesting to see how it plays out.