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Introducing the 1st Annual #ChampionsOfLiberty Awards Ceremony

Envision the 1st Annual International #ChampionsOfLiberty Awards Ceremony:

It takes place at the fictional and vast Liberty Mansion Y Estancias in Galt's Gulch, Chile. Streaming live across the internet, millions watch as the drama unfolds.

The Categories and Nominee's are as follows...

Voice of Liberty (Alt Media)
-Ben Swann
-Thomas E Woods
-Peter Schiff
-Dr Ron Paul
-Alex Jones
-Adam Kokesh
-Jesse Ventura
-Rush Limbaugh

Voice of Liberty (MSM)
-John Stossel
-Judge Andrew Napolitano
-Sarah Palin
-Mark Levin
-Glenn Beck
-Air America

Best Youtube Homegrown #VoiceOfReason series
-Adam Kokesh 'Adam vs the Man'
-Derrick Grayson @TMOTofGA
-Artist Taxi Driver @ChunkyMark
-The Ron Paul Channel
-”someone's gonna pay for these kids' girl

Best Blog
-Robin Koerner
-Anything at DailyPaul.com
-Justin Raimondo
-Tyler Durden
-Rachel Maddow

Best Politician
-Nigel Farage
-Marine Le Pen
-Vladimir Putin
-Justin Amash
-Thomas Massie
-Rand Paul
-Hillary Clinton

Champion of Natural Human Rights
-Pope Francis
-Ron Paul
-Adam Kokesh
-Chelsea Manning
-Edward Snowden
-Julian Assange
-Barack Obama

Happy Warrior
-Adam Kokesh
-Derrick Grayson
-Michael Nystrom
-Josh Tolley
-Alex Jones
-Young Americans for Liberty
-Joe Biden

Most Effective Whistleblower
-Julian Assange
-Chelsea Manning
-Edward Snowden
-Lois Lerner

Best Songs of Freedom
-Golden State 'Bombs'
-Aimee Allen ' Where did my liberty go?'
-Rick Ellis 'Ron Paul'
-Jordan Page 'Liberty'
-Jordan Page 'Revolution'

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...and the winner is...

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