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Five Million Dollar Friday!

Friends, Patriots, Americans! We are in a battle for our nation's soul. We have come so far; we have changed America forever. We are never going back to the way things were before. Babylon fell; Persia fell; Greece fell; Rome fell. The Federal Reserve and Rockefeller Money-trust will one day surely fall. Onward, upward; we dare not faulter or fail now.

Tomorrow, the 51st Anniversary Money Bomb. Five Million Dollar Friday. Freedom costs; all of mankinds greatest advances come from sacrifice. We must give even though it hurts. It is the hurting that measures the value we place upon our cause. Of the 52 men who signed the Declaration of Independance, most lost everything they had to bring us freedom; and will we balk merely because we are pinched a little in the pocket? May it never be! Heaven smiles upon our zeal for right; it sees our sacrfices and will reward our efforts.

Give, give, give! And be proud you have!

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The money bomb is on Friday, February 1st

Don't Feel bad ..

i woke up this morning and was convinced it was Friday hah

Tomorrow is Thursday

Tomorrow is Thursday