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Navy Veteran Goes Ballistic on Unconstitutional Gun Laws: "I will not comply!"

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I Smell Another Government SCAM !

Good Video !
We know that most governments around the world are going broke and are searching high and low for new income.
The 4th Amendment guarantees that Americans can "OWN" stuff, including guns, knives, etc.

What better way for non-productive government types to force new annual licenses of all types on the unsuspecting public.

Constitutional "Ownership" of personal property is the LAW that separates the USA's form of government from dictatorships, and Socialism/Communistic type governments !


All eyes on Connecticut...

It's going to be interesting to see how this plays out. Whatever happens there, will affect us all.

PALIN SMITH - Full Play Lists

Published on Apr 23, 2013
**We Traded Away Your 2nd Amendment Rights To Save You From Something Worse** (4)
State Senator Len Fasano and State Rep. David Yaccarino displayed synchronized sipping and then proceeded with their political song and dance. The crowd was not entertained at all. Did doing the right thing ever enter into their decisions?

Fasano, Yaccarino and State Senate Republican Attorney Mike Cronin presided over a town hall meeting to address questions and concerns from their constituents. About 150 people attended the meeting at the North Haven Recreation Center at 7 Linsley Street.


Where and when was this recorded?

If every gun owner refused to comply, enforcement would be impossible without unfortunate consequences.


but he is going to be Kokesh'd. Too easy to make an example of one lone spokesman. Everyone is guilty of violating some law, there are simply too many to keep track.

The man is definitely

not alone.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

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This is nice to see. All of the great stuff is near the end.

Bravo veteran!