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Independent Party & Dr. Ron Paul's Words

Isn't it agreed that one of over riding characteristics of Dr. Ron Paul that we all admire is his honesty? Why do we even second guess him when he is telling us that he will not run as an independent? Do you really think that he would hold back his intentions if they truly existed?

Wouldn't you question his integrity if he turned around on a dime and announced an independent run after this primary election? Think about it. This man hasn't had ANY gaps between mouth and movement through out his entire career.

Our last chance to get this man elected exists in the here and now. We will not have another opportunity.

The next week is make or break time for this campaign.

This campaign obviously has one hell of a jaw, but what they don't realize is that we can throw one hell of a punch.

Read this article to be inspired, roll up your sleeves, and get out into your communities.


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