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Eric Holder and Rand Paul Unite to Soften Sentencing Laws

MARCH 3, 2014

WASHINGTON — Shortly after Senator Rand Paul filed suit last month against the Obama administration to stop its electronic dragnet of American phone records, he sat down for lunch with Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. in his private dining room at the Justice Department.

Mr. Paul, a Kentucky Republican, is one of the Obama administration’s most vocal critics. But their discussion focused on an issue on which they have found common cause: eliminating mandatory minimum sentences for nonviolent drug offenders.

The two men are unlikely allies. Their partnership unites the nation’s first African-American attorney general, who sees his legacy in a renewed focus on civil rights, and some of Congress’s most prominent libertarians, who have accused the Obama administration of trampling on personal freedom with drones, wiretaps, tracking devices and too much government.

While a range of judges, prosecutors and public defenders have for years raised concerns about disparities in punishment, it is this alliance that may make politically possible the most significant liberalization of sentencing laws since President Richard M. Nixon declared war on drugs.


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Rand is playing this one for

Rand is playing this one for real. Lets be realistic here, Ron Paul was a great philosopher of Liberty and a loving father to our movement but it his campaign was a 4th quarter Hail Mary Pass. Rand is playing the game and reaching across the aisle as much as possible. Many liberals are disenfranchised by Obama but would never stomach voting for a neo-con, especially after Bush. Rand is not only offering an alternative that Liberals can accept but true Republicans like him as well.

2016 is going to be a hard fought ground war but we have learned much from the last election. The liberty movement is growing and swelling into the usual sheeple who are growing increasingly weary of politics as usual. I see it every day in news reports and a definite shift of attitude on even MSM comments.

Mandatory min sentences is a huge issue and a real gov. practice that hits minorities especially hard. If Rand plays his cards right here and knocks one out of the park if he speaks at the NCAAP then its going to be very difficult for the media to paint him as being backward and racist like they did to Ron.

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.

Blowing in the wind.

That's what politicians do to stay in power. Blow in the wind and say whatever or do whatever it takes to placate the masses and keep them believing they actually give a crap about us.


Rand Paul cares

about you.

His dad did, not so sure about Rand

The times I met Ron and Carol were special moments, unlikely to be duplicated again in my lifetime. Sorry, but Rand has a long way to go to gain my trust and be as steadfast in his beliefs and unwavering philosophy like his father.


Food for thought, I wonder

Food for thought, I wonder what Dr. Paul's beliefs were when he was Rand's age? Was his ideas or principles as refined as they have been the last 20 years or so? i don't know all about the men, so maybe I am wrong, but the is some truth to "Wisdom of the Age".