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Russia's Putin Orders Troops in 'Military Exercise' Back to Base ~ Markets Rally Overnight

http://vid.alarabiya.net/images/2014/03/04/e7514e36-05a5-4400-a2df-9cdd26516339/e7514e36-05a5-4400-a2df-9cdd26516339_16x9_788x442.jpg Russia's President Vladimir Putin (front C), accompanied by Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu (front L), walks to watch military exercises upon his arrival at the Kirillovsky firing ground in the Leningrad region. (Reuters)

By Staff writer | Al Arabiya News
Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered troops that took part in military exercises this week to return to base, Russian news agencies quoted the Kremlin spokesman as saying, according to Reuters news agency

The military exercises, which Moscow denied were linked to events in Ukraine, had been a success, Dmitry Peskov said on Tuesday.

The exercises took place across western Russia, an area which borders Ukraine.


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Thor, Meet Vlad ... the New Hammer

In Norse mythology Loki was a trickster and Thor, wielding a great hammer, put Loki in his place. Fast forward to the 21st century.

Obama is the new Loki and Putin not to be intimidated, hammers the prissy POTUS with grit and determination. Vlad is on a role: Syria, Sochi and now Crimea. What a man!

YES!! I am SO hopeful that is the case!


I don't get it. What did I miss?

It was reported that Putin ordered the end of "exercises" on the Ukrainian border.

Now the markets are REBOUNDING because of the good news.

What about all the troops who are in Crimea? Did everyone just accept that they are not Russian troops after all but in fact Crimean residents? What exactly has changed since yesterday?

What did I miss?

Paul Craig Roberts summed it up best...

Paul Craig Roberts summed it up best...

"Kerry is the foreign minister of a country that has illegally invaded Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, organized the overthrow of the government in Libya, tried to overthrow the government in Syria, attacks the civilian populations of Pakistan and Yemen with drones and missiles, constantly threatens Iran with attack, unleashed the US and Israeli trained Georgian army on the Russian population of South Ossetia, and now threatens Russia with sanctions for standing up for Russians and Russian strategic interests. The Russian government noted that Kerry has raised hypocrisy to a new level"...



“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
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President Pinocchio and John Fairy

Look like two complete a-s-s-h-o-l-e-s spouting their poppy-cock today.
After Vlad put them in their place.
Vlad outed them for their "lab rat experiment" style CIA coup attempt in Kiev.
Totally exposed their dirty deeds.

Mission accomplished.

I would say.

Anybody see this:

Activist Evromaydana on Facebook claims that Yanukovich has died of a heart attack - media


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Up 20 points and counting overnight. And it's only 7am ET!