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Traitor DNA Collection Project

If we can't crudely identify a traitor, we have a problem. Once traitors are initially identified, can we obtain and maintain a public database of their DNA? Currently, digital storage of DNA sequences is a big problem, though. Obtaining a traitor's DNA might be a challenge, but we have time and with time comes opportunity eventually. In order for a traitor's DNA to avoid being sampled, the traitor would literally have to become a recluse like Howard Hughes. Since these traitors are naturally paranoid, imagine the psychological impact on a traitor's paranoia when the traitor realizes someone somewhere is waiting for the chance to sample him and prove it. A database of traitors' DNA will be vital when the appropriate time arises for its use. Granted, once a traitors' DNA is public, then the psychological impact will be lessened, but not removed entirely. The traitor will always wonder to some degree about the eventual use for his DNA. Don't you? ;)

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Or infiltrate the doctor's offices

They routinely take blood.

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
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Easy to collect

You'd just have to get a job busing the tables in the Congressional chambers, collect the drinking water glasses and viola; you have DNA samples matched with fingerprints.

Kinda reminds me of Fight Club: