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Texas Primary March 4th

Today is the Texas Republican Primary Election!
Helpful links at the bottom of this Post!
U.S Senate:

Dwayne Stovall
(Steve Stockman also running)

SECEDE Kilgore, Or Lisa Fritsch

Lieutenant Governor:
Jerry Patterson (Endorsed By Ron Paul)

State Comptroller:
Debra Medina! (Endorsed By Ron Paul)

Commissioner of the General Land Office:
David Watts

U.S. House:

Tony Arterburn (District 4)
Frank Kuchar (District 6)
Craig McMichael (District 8)
Elaine Hays (District 13)
Eddie Zamora (District 15)
Donald May (District 19)
Matt McCall (District 21)
Robert Lowry (District 23)
Divenchy Watrous (District 26)
Katrina Pierson (District 32)
Dave Norman (District 36)

State Senate:

Bob Hall (District 2)
Steve Toth (District 4)
Konni Burton (District 10)
Don Huffines (District 16)

State House:

George Lavender (District 1)
Bryan Hughes (District 5)
Matt Schaefer (District 6)
David Simpson (District 7)
T. J. Fabby (District 10)
Timothy Delasandro (District 12)
Mark Keough (District 15)
Ted Seago (District 16)
Terry Holcomb (District 18)
James White (District 19)
David Hamilton (District 27)
Tink Nathan (District 53)
Molly White (District 55)
Philip Eby (District 58)
Howard Ray (District 59)
Cullen Crisp (District 60)
Read King (District 64)
Stacy Chen (District 66)
Shannon Thomason (District 72)
Jonathan Strickland (District 92)
Matt Krause (District 93)
Giovanni Capriglione (District 98)
Matt Rinaldi (District 115)
Matt Beebe (District 121)
Jeffrey Larson (District 129)
Michael Franks (District 132)

Supreme Court:

Joe Pool (Place 6)
Sharon McCalley (place 8)
Robert Talton (Place 1, Chief Justice)

Court Of Criminal Appeals:

Kevin Yeary (Place 4)
David Newell (Place 9)

Cherokee County Judge:

Tammy Blair

County Party Chairs:

Ross Ward (Liberty)
Jen Hall (Tarrant)
James Dickey (Travis)
Fred Grube (Polk)
Rick Gomez (Nueces)
Paul Simpson (Harris)
Dwayne Wright (San Jacinto)

I hope these links help:







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Here in Tyler Matt Schaefer

Here in Tyler Matt Schaefer (District 6) won 61% to 39%!

“It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds”
-Sam Adams

Great news! My friend, and OCT member, Kory won!

We may not have gotten rid of Barton but at least we have another liberty candidate in a precinct chair position. Slowly but surely we'll win em all!

Bump go Texas!! Go Debra!

Other upcoming state primary dates:
Illinois you're next!

Texas Supreme Court

I read an article that says all the contenders are being funded by the same entity, injury lawyer Mark Lanier.
Do you have any insight into this?

I did like the Hardhatter interview of Robert Talton. He said that it was important that the Supreme Court respect trial by jury.

Go, Debra!

One week ago:

Medina: 39 percent

Hilderbran: 26 percent

Hegar: 24 percent


Numbers change

when you filter through an electronic voting machine

Glenn Hegar 322,327 49.99%
Harvey Hilderbran 184,905 26.01%
Debra Medina 121,678 19.30%


Git 'er dun!

Git 'er dun!

Andrew Napolitano for President 2016!

"Patriotism should come from loving thy neighbor, not from worshiping Graven images." - ironman77

Proud Texas Voter For Wendy Davis

Man, that isn't funny even as a bad joke. Well, since they didn't have a libery candidate box I had to tread the list. Just wish I lived in my friend's district so I could have given him another vote for precinct chair. I'm worried about the results since we're doing electronic voting but it was nice to have to show ID.

thx Stonewall!

bump for TEXAS!!!!!!!!

news on Terry Holcomb

Dad told me Sunday that at church a friend said to pray for Terry Holcomb as he was in a car accident on the 28th. There weren't any other details relayed to me but I found this.
Terry (running for TX-18) is alive, though it says in the article a 22 year old man named Terry Holcomb died in the car accident. Terry is in his late 40's though.

Posted: Feb 28, 2014 10:00 PM CST Updated: Feb 28, 2014 10:12 PM CST
By Caleb Beames - bio | email


A 22 year old man is dead after his car left a roadway in Polk County on Friday morning.

According to DPS, Terry Holcomb of Coldspring was driving East bond on FM 1988 West, in a white Honda, CRX, when it left the roadway and ended up on the bank of Temple Creek just south of Mt. Rose.

The crashed vehicle was discovered shortly after 9 a.m. Friday morning.

Troopers said that preliminary evidence shows that the vehicles brakes were never applied.

Southern Agrarian

Will pray. Terry goes by Sr,

Will pray. Terry goes by Sr, on facebook. I wonder if it was his son.

Confirmed through a contact

Confirmed through a contact who is friends with Terry it was his oldest son.
Sad to hear this so close to the election. Puts things in a different perspective.

Southern Agrarian

Very sorry to hear that. Life

Very sorry to hear that. Life is short, I should smell the roses more.
It has been said that only the good die young. I don't see many of the bad passing, but sooner or later God's gonna cut 'em down.

Denise B's picture


Thanks for keeping us updated. :)


Keep us posted Stonewall!