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Greenwald and Scahill's Boss Pays for Ukrainian Coup?

I haven't trusted Greenwald for a long time (and some of you have excoriated me for my challenges on here about him).

Here's another strange thing. His new boss has been funding the Ukrainian coup?

Someone, please explain why it would be reasonable for Greenwald to be trusted as a journalist if this is true.


UPDATE: Switched links to the original source article.

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There Was a Decent...

response to his response. Calling it "old news" is a deflection. Keep looking and reading.

Nice to see

that some are still willing to do their homework.

These 'gotcha' threads are getting stale.

like layers of an Onion...

the stink only gets worse... the more NGO layers you peel back.
but here's the thing...

We watched it go from:
Protest... then to Riot/Hooliganism.. to 'Terror'ism
there was a definite 'uptick' when the 'merc/radicals/neo nationalists' showed up..

They were all masked, organized the chaos, and brought in guns.
and now 'they' and other 'chosen' local Oligarchs are quickly assuming positions of power in Kiev.

exactly 'which' part would someone like Omidyar finance w/ NGO money?
That's the point for me...

'Protests' are simply opportunities for the 'dark' money.
The 'grey' money folks like Omidyar are simply useful idiots and ideologues who certainly plan for 'favors' following their 'funded' regime change...
but get PUSHED out of the way when the REAL players show up... like State Dept/CIA and DoD/Blackwater types.

I feel the same way about vice.com... an obvious liberal agenda
but using good investigative journalism technique to their advantage.

These Ideologues are simply 'useful' to greater powers at play.
I personally would put Greenwald as an ideologue... I feel the same about Judge Napolitano... different ideologies of course... but useful to 'larger' players.

Sibel Edmonds

still trying to get some shine?

dead link...

dead link...

"If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."
Samuel Adams

switched link


Can't get to website


Perfect example of guilt by association.

Can someone please tell me how the KKK can donate to Ron Paul - and that when he DID not give the money back how did that not make him a racist ?(remember the idea about putting bad money to good use, guess not.)

Are you friends with anyone that is doing something you are against ? Are you aware that your proximity to them might make them think illogically and include you in their schemes and scams although you might of not known anything about it what so ever?

If it isn't bad enough the "truth" movement is fractured enough we need to fall behind ex-government employees spreading more conspiracies.

Here's the thing...

This isn't a conspiracy theory. It's an investigative report that highlights a very important potential conflict of interest where so-called *independent journalism* is being claimed.

KKK didn't have a position of control over what Ron Paul said and did. My friends who do things I don't like don't write my paychecks. If you read the article, you'll see that Omidyar is very hooked-in to the daily operations. Greenwald has hypocritically criticized others for the very same proximity of influence. Read the whole thing...click on the links where Greenwald defends and where there is an answer to his defense.

I don't care about Sibel Edmonds (I probably should have linked the Pando article directly). But she was whistleblowing from within the government and was right about her disclosures. Isn't it at least worth giving it consideration when someone is being entrusted with so much credibility as an establishment-watcher, as Greenwald and company like to spin themselves?

Just take a minute to think about this objectively and ask whether it makes sense.

Things are never what they seem