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When is the last time you have been awestruck?

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The Birth of My Son

I knew then there is a God, a God who blessed me with a gift of love from heaven's crib. Thank you, Lord.

There were studies conducted

There were studies conducted with regard to a non-local or off world source of connection between people. Basically they put 2 people in separate Faraday cages and flashed lights at one person, and the stimulation showed up on an EKG scan of the other person. Faraday cages prevent any electrical signals from entering, which may be an indication that the unconscious mind is connected to a source not of this dimension, which transmits information. So who or what is transmitting that to us?


Also many believe the pineal gland to be the "seat of the soul" or 3rd eye. An antennae that transmits and receives off world signals. I personally believe that God transmits not words, but messages that arrive as right courses of action that a person just knows are right. I suppose a Freudian would call it the unconscious below the surface doing the thinking that you are unaware of, and is just presented as a finished product of an answer. I disagree with Freud on this because it means that all the solutions are produced locally within your unconscious.

Btw I all of these theories of the conscious, unconscious, and subconscious, are not tangibly provable in a physical sense, which should be required for "scientific" proof of existence.


The point he made about taking in the timeline of the universe

Through our optic nerve is definitely a mind screw....

For Freedom!
The World is my country, all mankind is my brethren, to do good is my religion.