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Typical Israeli behavior - throw Israel out of any World Cup or any Olympic games

This shows how Israeli people show their courage.
What they have done to the Palestinian players speaks loudly.

Why would anyone support Israel. Are they really entitled to the land they say is theirs. It belongs to Palestine.

This is typical, read the Old testament.


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So the tribe maims a few goyim,

what's the big deal? Anyone who is not jewish is considered, by the tribe, to be no better than animals, who were placed here to serve the tribe. Don't expect your government to speak up, as they are bought-and-paid-for servants of these zionist murderers.

I'm Jewish, my mother Christian... Do I consider her less than..

..an animal?


What a blatant prejudice statement from krp.nc, whom I'm sure knows ZERO Jewish people..

I am ashamed to be associated with any group of SO-CALLED "libertarians" and "individualists" who would up-vote that garbage 10 times.


Any lurkers out there, know this is NOT how your typical Ron Paul supporter thinks and acts. Just the stormfront and government trolls who've infiltrated here to destroy the credibility of the liberty movement.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

Time for school, my jewish friend,

you and I only live a few hundred miles apart, and you really think there are no jews in NC? Well, surprise, there are, and I know a few from here, and from the previous state in which I lived.

You're ashamed to be associated with us? Well, we don't relish the thought of neocons like you in our midst either. Such is life.

Now, as for 'predjudice', 'stormfront', 'government trolls', yep, that's strait from the tribes's handbook. Man, you just keep giving yourself away. DPers are not as easily fooled as the people you're used too.

So, then, as an israel firster, i'll assume you'll be supporting Lindsay Graham in the coming SC election. He's you're kinda guy.

Now I'm a neo-con? Support Lindsey Graham!?! No you're really...

insulting me and making it personal.

I'm a volunteer for the Lee Bright campaign and active in Endorsements for Lee Bright right now! Go to Votsmiers' Endorsements for Lee Bright facebook page and then go to the sites he asks us to campaign for and you'll see my posts. I've donated money I can't afford to spend to getting Graham unseated by Lee Bright.

Your further assumptions of people you don't know continue to showcase your ignorance, and arrogance.

You are not a libertarian, or an individualist if you actually believe the things you have said in this thread. You are a collectivist, by the very definition.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

God forbid people actually google Ron Paul... only to find^^

Only to see that he might not be an anti-semite but the swaths of Ron Paul followers that speak of Jewish bankers is definitely true. Please tell me that I'm new and don't know what I'm talking about. What's said is my family is jewish, and I'm part of a movement harboring these sentiments.

If it wasn't for the masses of Jews being extremely successful, I would probably more bothered about it.

Is their a conspiracy why they have been awarded 1/4 of the nobel prizes ?(considering they are .01% of the worlds population)


Are you saying that the Zionists are the tribe or the Jews are the tribe? Either way, you know this is a false generalized statement.

Had I thought it was a false statement,

I would not have made it; truth is important to me, even if not to israeli-firsters. As you evidently think that I am a liar, and as you wouldn't believe me anyway, I'll let you decide who the tribe is. OK?

I'll never understand the Israel bashing here

Why do some people seem to demonize Israel more than the US? The Israeli government look like saints compared to Americas treatment of the Native Americans. And I don't see any Israel bashers giving up their homes and property to Native American families. In fact, I doubt very many of them donate to Native American causes. You don't attempt to help your own country's native people, but you're willing to bash people half-way around the globe for not helping the natives? Just doesn't make sense to me.

We made the Native Americans

We made the Native Americans full citizens. Israel has yet to do that for Palestinians.

Many radical Palestinians don't want to be Israeli citizens...

They want Israel and the Jews "wiped off the map".

Just goes to show how little you actually understand the situation.
It's all one-sided to you.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

How is your statement

any less "one sided"?

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You don't understand the bashing?

Even after all this time?
could it be,what you don't understand has been talked about here before
you were even here?
Could it be,that some see no wrong with the israeli gov,even after all this time and all the info put forth?
Could it be,that the ones who still back that gov,will not look into it any deeper?
Could it be,that if they did with an honest heart,they might not like what they see?
I got to say,your rant about them native americans is far fetched,and probably slanted to make a point

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

Could it be

he's just an Israeli troll, trained to go to particular websites (and Wikipedia) and "spin" ALL commentary sympathetic towards the Noble and oppressed Israel (Jews)? It's what they do.

Interesting Viewpoint

I find your argument interesting, because on the surface it makes sense. You are basically arguing that 1) Israel stole the land from the Palestinians but that doesn't matter because the U.S. stole land from Native Americans 300 years ago. 2) Israel's crimes should be ignored because we ignore our crimes.

However,you're comment ignores several other issues. You don't mention that the West Bank is currently acknowledged as the Palestinian's land based on international agreements. You don't mention that Israel built a 25-foot apartheid wall THROUGH the West Bank, which is acknowledged as the Palestinians' land. You don't mention that the Palestinians who live behind this wall (equipped with razor wire, electricity, and guard towers) are kept at bay through a system of checkpoints staffed by Israeli soldiers. You don't mention that the Palestinians who live in the portion of the West Bank now separated from Palestine have had their homes demolished by the Israeli army and that fancy Israeli neighborhoods are being constructed in their place. You don't mention that in Israel there are roads for "Jews only" and roads for "Arabs only." You don't mention the murder of Palestinians on a regular basis by Israel.

So all in all I feel your argument is interesting in that it ignores several basic facts regarding the situation in Israel. Of course what happened to the Native Americans was bad. But what is happening right NOW in Palestine can be stopped. And we should at least try.

You put those words someplace, not me

I'm saying that even if you believe that the Zionists stole the land, how is that different than what the US did to the Native Americans? Should the US be banned from all the World Cups and Olympic games? What makes Israel's government worse than Americas? Or worse than Israel's neighbors? Is Palestine really more mistreated by the Israelis than America's treatment of ghettos in Detroit? I don't see how bashing Israel helps us fix what we need to fix... our own country. America's war on victimless crimes has done more damage to poor families living in ghettos than Israel could ever do to Palestine.


doesn't have checkpoints, razorwire and soldiers, yet, keeping people (I assume you are referring to Opressed Blacks, who seem to trouble Jews so much here in the US)in Detroit. Detroit has homes collapsing from the loss of population. No one keeps anyone in ghettos, they can get jobs, etc. but they choose to get pregnant and live on the dole.Does Israel put Palestinians on the dole? No argument from here on the US states war on drugs, but where is the outrage from the liberal Jewish pundits and US media owners (you know, what Sharon bragged about) who "mold opinion" here? They could end that crap tomorrow...but imprisoning people makes money for other people. Besides, they really hate "the poor", that's why they are all statists.

While I wholeheartedly agree

with you on the unfair treatment of native Americans, I think I would not compare today's treatment of the two native populations as being the same. At least Native Americans are not totally walled off, nor are they used for target practice by the US military, nor are their food and supplies limited by the government to amount just above the starvation level. Now do you see the difference?

Clearly the Israeli border patrol went way out of line...

And this type of thing is obviously deliberate, cruel and absolutely unacceptable.

Should there be consequences from FIFA? I believe that is possible.

But the OP of this thread is not accurately describing the situation.
And the line about the Old Testament? Yeah, what about it?

Point is, individuals use DP to post anti-Israel articles and sentiment, but always fail to post the other side of the coin.
I'm not talking about Granger's excuses. I'm talking about the reality of the situation... I'll bet you did not hear that just 3 days ago on March first, "Palestinians" were firing on IDF forces.


Just a few days before that on February 28, this story came out...


This story let's you know about the reality of the situation... It takes two to tango. Both sides are committing violence against each other. Everyday Palestinian Muslim activists wake up and stroll over to the border fence to throw rocks, bombs, etc.

If the goal is PEACE, then OPs like this one are a step in the wrong direction, because they alienate one side and refuse to see it from that other side's perspective.

People in 'Palestine' get up every day to attack the borders of the Jewish nation which they resent for their 'infidelity'. People in Israel get up everyday ready to kill Palestinian protesters.

Not enough people on either side get up every day trying to make peace.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

The IDF SHOULD be fired on by

The IDF SHOULD be fired on by protestors! Why are the Palestinians not allowed to resist illegal occupation and Jewish only colonization?


Palestine AKA Judea and Sumaria, AKA Trans-Jordan is under the Palestinian Authority that is ductatod to by Jordan and why you see the same flag Palestine/Jordan. Same treaty that made Israel, made Jordan. One day you may wake up from the sham being pulled on you, and many others about what is Palestine, why they have no rights, and why Israel is taking thew heat for what Jordan does and doesn't do.

The media focus on Israel is because througout history, blaming Jews has never gone out of style (makes a profit).

Why they have no rights????????

GRanger...Please!!!! They, too, are God's children, and as such, they have human rights. You sound like one of the zionist murderers, asking what rights. What is wrong with you.

No no no

It's not about being "God's children".

It's that after the British occupation of what they called Palestine, when the Brits left, they made bad promises to everyone, Jews and Druze, and Arabs, and the Turks.. they left, and the UN established Israel and Jordan, same treaty. We don't talk enough about Jordan, but basically, what is Palestine is TRANS-JORDAN, and why the Palestinian flag is the same flag for Jordan. It is a refugee camp.. Islam makes many refugees. Gaza was given to refugees.. Syria has made what 2 million new refugees.. Trans-Jordan, Palestine in under layers of AUTHORITY. Palestinian Authority (as corrupt as it gets), Islam/tribal authority, UN Authority, and then you have all these "special interests", media making issues where there are none.

The people of Palestine are dependent on Israel, not by choice, or not by Israel's design, but because Palestine Authoirty and the cultures of Islam, many people see the money coming in from America for their cause.. so why should they stop, and there are theatrics.. it's been repeatedly documented.

Ending the occupations would end the UN.. Here's where US AID goes besides Israel, but no one here complains http://www.unrwa.org/palestine-refugees

We are losing our rights because the UN does not appreciate rights the same way as the US Bill of Rights.

Oh, please.. The Israelis relocated their own people...

To give 'Palestinians' the land they demanded because they refuse to live next to Jews whom they consider inferior infidels.

Not good enough for the radicals in Hamas and the PLO who refuse to live next to non-Muslims in peace.

I have seen the extent of your hatred towards people of my faith and I will not get into a discussion with someone who claims people should be killed, and that Jewish existence is "illegal".

Israel IS NOT Jewish only! But all the Muslim countries surrounding it ARE MUSLIM ONLY or pay a heavy price!

No use talking to an open anti-Semite who advocates violence.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

To quote you directly

above, you said, "People in 'Palestine' get up every day to attack the borders of the Jewish nation ..."

Then when someone calls you out, suddenly it's "Israel IS NOT Jewish only".

Nice backpedaling, but you've already shown your true colors.

Israel is a 'Jewish nation' like the USA is a 'Christian nation'

It is a 'Jewish nation' because it is the only nation on earth with a Jewish majority, and founded biblical values. America is a 'Christian nation', for much the same reasons but there are not only Christians here and everyone is treated equal under the law. Comprende? And there are Jews, Muslims, and Christians, as well as others living in Israel.

There are plenty of 'Muslim nations'. Do you have a problem with Muslim nations, or just Jewish ones?

And there is only one Jewish nation anyway, but many Islamic only theocratic dictatorships.

And btw "hannahmontana", I'm not backpedalling on anything, don't know where you get that from. I have not once backed off my consistent stance once. You guys are a team, always the same Hate-Israel-Firsters pushing divisive, trollish issues on DP.

You want to have a fair and rational debate? I've engaged in that. But all you guys seem to want is a Jew-bashing party, and don't want anyone crashing it and spoiling your fun.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

You continue to

blatantly ignore the fact that Israel doesn't define who is a "Jew" by religion. It defines it by race. Israeli law specifically defines "Jews" as "those recognized by Talmudic law as members of the Jewish race via maternal descent." Heck, even the original UN Partition Plan of 1947 called for the founding of "an Arab state" and "a Jewish state". "Jewish" being recognized as an ethnicity parallel to "Arab".

Thus a better analogy for what we see in Israel would be a country declaring itself a "white state", then forcing every "non-white" person into concentration camps, while denying them basic human rights. Sound familiar, Jed?

Support for the "Jewish state" aka Zionism, is just Nazism by another name. Now, you might want to be a part of that, but I sure as hell don't. So I will continue to keep speaking out about Israel's war crimes, and if people like you and Granger want to call me an "anti-semite" and a "jew basher" for it, then go right ahead. I really don't give a damn.

Oh, btw... Who cares what the UN said? The UN are Nazis, yes...

Judaism is a religion. If you are Jewish it is your religion. I don't care what the UN says. The UN is not Israel. Judaism is not my race.

One thing I find so hypocritical is that I don't hear you complaining about those 'Arab states' the UN was talking about. Just the Jewish ONE.

Again... I don't hear you complaining about all the hardcore Islamic totalitarian regimes that stone children and behead people for petty, ridiculous 'violations' of Sharia law. 'Honor killings'.

You don't seem to have an issue with the Islamist radicals in Hamas, the very people keeping all the problems going between Israel and those who identify as Palestinians, despite all the concessions and all the land given by Israel and the re-locations of the Israeli people. Those who refuse to live next to infidels because of their bigotry and religious bias, you support and find no issue with.

I guess you want Jews to have NOWHERE to go?
I guess you want no Jews at all.
So who is more akin to the Nazi supporter again?

There are Christian nations, right? Of course.
There are Muslim nations, correct? Absolutely.
Why is it "racist" for there to be a Jewish nation?

You racists are always playing the race card, calling others racist. You're no better than AIPAC or the ADL. In fact, you are all leftist race-baiters just like them.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

I do not ignore that point and am not a supporter of that policy

As a Messianic Jew I am not fond of some of the policies such as that one.

As I said before, just like I don't agree with everything my own government does, though I will always love and support my country and it's founding ideals, I don't always agree with every policy Israel employs. That doesn't mean I don't support the Israeli nation, as the biblical Jewish homeland. And the fact it is the biblical Jewish homeland, with a Jewish majority and based on biblical values doesn't mean Christians, Muslims, etc. cannot and should not be able to live there. Like they do live there now.

I must say that I am somewhat ignorant as to the official policy in Israel as what defines a 'Jew', how they do that, the legality of it, or whether it is just a religious practice. If you have the knowledge and can enlighten me to those facts in an objective, unbiased, factually verifiable manner I'd be very interested to learn.

In the Torah, Old Testament, the line in through the Father. That should not have changed. And as a Messianic I'm not really into the whole "Talmudic" re-invention of Judaism. My mother is Catholic, though now Messianic, and my father Jewish. I have had my Bar-Mitzvah, been baptized, etc., so I consider myself Jewish and according to G-d's laws in the Torah, I am a Jew. And I am Jewish in faith.

So I'd like to see someone somewhere tell me I'm not. If that is the official stance of someone in Israel, then I strongly disagree with that. But that hardly means I support "wiping Israel off the map" or no longer support the existence of Israel. I simply strongly disagree with the policy like I strongly disagree with other Israeli policies and MANY U.S. government policies.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

Here we go again,

the same old tired, worn out, redundant, anti semite accusation again. Give it a rest man, we hear it enough from AIPAC and the rest of the groups. I think its great that you are jewish, but you're beginning to sound like a zionist.

Yeah, it's just my imagination... No such thing as anti-semites.

What a load.

Just because some idiot collectivists like the ADL call anyone who disagrees with their positions an anti-Semite does not mean there are no actual anti-semites.

If Zionism means I support the existence of Israel, then I am a Zionist.

Whatever your crazy misconstrued definition of Zionism is, I've yet to hear an actual definition for it.

What is Zionism, in your definition?

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?