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Typical Israeli behavior - throw Israel out of any World Cup or any Olympic games

This shows how Israeli people show their courage.
What they have done to the Palestinian players speaks loudly.

Why would anyone support Israel. Are they really entitled to the land they say is theirs. It belongs to Palestine.

This is typical, read the Old testament.


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God clearly stated...

The people of Poland, Ukraine, Hungary and Slovokia are to be given the realm of Palestine. He also said he hates queers, that capitalism is his system of choice and that murder is totally Ok as long as the victim worships a different deity or holds slightly different world views... It's all in the book, kids!

At their inceptions, the #Liberty, #OccupyWallStreet and #TeaParty movements all had the same basic goal... What happened?

I agree.

But who in America still watches the Olympics or even bothers to watch the world cup?

The first two comments

seanyf •18 minutes ago

The absolute and sole purpose for the checkpoints is curb terrorist incidents. That's the ONLY real reason why it's there. No amount of Israel bashing will change that fact. Every other supposed ulterior motive or conspiracy theory for the checkpoints is just that - a personification of ones personal hatred and bias towards Israel. None of us know the exact facts around shooting of the soccer players but the reality is that if there would be no Hammas, no bus bombing, no restaurant bombings, no kidnaps, etc etc, there would be no need for the checkpoints and, more likely than not, there would already be a Palestinian state. 60+ years of constant terrorism would make any country act to protect its people (or do much worse than Israel, especially if the same were happening with any of Israel's neighbors). It's the complete disregard for the barbaric actions of blatant terrorists that perpetuates the situation you see today and, by extension, what has caused the soccer players to be shot.

Joshua Seidel •34 minutes ago

Right, and is anyone asking whether or not what Israel said about them is true? Israel is trying to defend itself against terrorists, not soccer players, and I have the feeling that as usual we are only getting one side of this story.

When I saw your article came from "The Nation", which is a progressive propeganist (progressive to communist), I immediately KNEW the article would be:

1. against Israel
2. full of propeganda to make Israel the bad guy.

Since the UN is controlled by communist and Islamic block, and the USA has signed these suicidal treaties giving the internet users Press TV (Iran/Islam) and RT (Russian/communist). ezines like The Nation support the propeganda, because the goal is to "wake the masses up" to the failure or end of western civilization. "When will TSHTF?", Armegeddon", "End of times".. this is a constant message on the computer.. because it's selling the end of America to a younger generation. Give up hope. Be very afraid.

Most Americans know very little about the Mid East, and Jews and Christians have their connections, be it Biblical/spiritual interests, or because you are born a Jew and Israel exists for you.. what are you going to do? Most do nothing. Two million are seeking amnesty because Jews continue to be targetted globally. People KNOW the Jew is a minority and isolated and hated by propeganda,, so it makes attacking Jews easy.

What's wrong with Jews? They control the world. Banking, media, spying, secret stuff.. it's the same story for thousands of years, "Let's blame the Jews". This time it's because Israel won't join the UN Agenda. The Nation spews UN Agenda.

Hating and blaming Israel is a clue, you are buying propeganda and not doing your homework (Most students were C students or less.. nothing will ever be perfect in a world for, of and by humans, even if they are Jews.

Palestine.. Palestine is a lie.. it was a lie when the Brittish occupied it for 30 years after WWI and it continues to be a lie. Out of the Brittish Mandate of Palestine Jordan and Israel were established. So what is the West bank? Sumaria and Judea? They are a refugee camp of Jordan, that's why the flag is the smae.. Palestine = "Trans Jordan". Most residents are refugees from surrounding Islamic countries, and they were "exhiled" for one sharia law or another.. Palestine depends on Israel. Energy, drinking water, jobs, education, there are mostly very good relationships between Israeli and Palestinians.. but that's not what the gloabl government wants. How dare these people attempt to self destermine their lives!!! So we read articles like the one you got upset over. Least we forget, Israel being banned from the Olympics is not a new idea. Jew/Israel/Zionist hatred has been around since before Moses parted the sea.

Haartz is not my favorite Israeli paper.. it's for a global government and why propegandists like the Nation work with propegandists like Haartz, anyways, even this article in Harrtz make the two cigerette smoking socker player not look so innocent as you think. http://www.haaretz.com/news/middle-east/1.572103

deacon's picture

Curbing terrorism?

You are aware that the term terrorist/ism is a man made term
and it means absolutely nothing,right?
Curbing terrorism? Just like here in amerikka,and handled the same way?
Just like amerikka,create something bad,then create more bad things to cover up the other?
create a boogeyman,then create the false apparatus to apprehend their own creation?
Now,why would they,as well as us, have to worry about false terrorists?
Could it be we create them out of thin air?Could it be,by our very actions
we bring to light? could it be we finance them? could it be,they are the USSA
and it is also israeli? they are the only ones doing these activities,then cry,this nation or that nation,did something to us?
Amerikka has border check points,WHY?,because we pissed off most nations out there,and now they want revenge !

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

Yep curbing anto-American western civilization terrorism

What isn't a man made term?

It means that some people who HATE America and Israel have repeatedly made threats and actions that murder many innocent people because they seek to destroy western cilvilization which they see America and Israel responsible.

Islam is the probelm and they won't discuss it because of these UN treaties they made with Islamic nations, who oppose western civilization for the masses.

We didn't poss off most nations. America and Israel piss off radical Islamics who believe in nothing but Allah, and Communist industry that blames capialism for greed, corruption, inequality, etc.

I think Israel does the best job when it comes to handling terrorists and while America has made attempts to "be like Israel", (because it works), the difference is, in Israel, most are united on the desire for a state, where in America, you have many states with many resources and circumstances that does not work as it does for Israel. So, the Federal Government, rather than attempting to handle Israel as Israel does, would be best to train states and empower them to handle what is best for each state.

deacon's picture

You make little sense

Amerikka funds,trains and arms them so called terrorists
Then we pretend to fight them,but at the same time,we pay
them to let supplies through (allies)
Then amerikka creates more of them terrorists by occupying
THEIR land,we piss them off more by installing our own puppet prez,then we further escalate this situation by droning
innocent women and children,and then,have the audacity
to call it collateral damage
Then their is the Israel gov,who thinks nothing of doing more of the same,but with a bit more added,killing scientists
and introducing virus's to others computers,this is not pre-emptive,these are acts of war.
Hitlery clinton said we created them,so,it stands to reason
Amerikka created this situation,then acts as if,it did nothing wrong,and then tries to fix their own mess,at our expense,just as the israeli gov does,and you said it yourself,they piss of radical islamists,a funny man made term radical islamist?? amerikka occupies their territory,israel hides in the shadows,and you don't expect that nation to get mad?
but rather,you stick up for known terrorists,and get them a free pass?

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence


I may have dyslexia and make spelling errors, but the arrogance and disrecrt that you put into your spelling is a shame.

THEIR land your ass. I have posted the LEGAL case for Israel, as it expalins the laws whether you like the laws or not, and frnakly you don't know crap about international laws and treaties and what went into making Israel exist. It's a 45 minute video and since you have no time to actually educate yourself and then stoop to mispelling to make your point, you blame the jews. Brilliant, not. By all mens entertain yourself with your BS, and othe4rs who emjoy BS. Nothing wrong with enjoying and sharing BS. But I'm not talking about BS, and that's why what I have to say is alien to you.

Legal case for Israel.. I enjoyed it very much. One of the most practicle informatives vids about Israel that waswn't propeganda.. just facts.

Pft. "Legal" my ass.

Your interpretation of Legal and Lawful are laughable. You talk about understanding international laws/treaties, yet, you fail to recognize the Apartheid of Israel and the United States.

Your view of reality is deplorable, Granger. You strut around the DP like you've got a message from God, raising your nose noticeably high in the air as if to taunt observers.

Zionists: always small minded and never cease to hurt others for their own nefarious purposes.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.


You;re right,m I don't see th apartide in Israel, I see it in Islamin nations who segregate woemn, women can't drive, women must wear a burka, child rape in the name of marriage, executing homosexuals, female circumsission.. where in Israel woemn are in the military, the government has Arabs, the military has Arabs, the signs are isn Hebrew, farci and engklisg.. I don't see any apartide.

Palestine flies the flag of Jordan not Israel. Maybe if Palestine flew the flag of Israel things would get better for them? They depend on Israel no matter what flag they fly.

You can't see the AparTHEID

because like a lot of Americans today, you choose to be blind. You choose ignorance because it benefits people that you like and the "things" you like.

Now answer my question from a previous post, Granger: what technology that Israel makes is used by 'every American today' as you said in an earlier post?

You always say, "Israel is full of genius and Americans use that genius in our products every day." So, give us a patent that an Israeli made.

That's made up crap, too, isn't it?

Truly baffling why you come here and post at all when you know you and your opinions are not respected.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

Incorrect, I do not chose to be blind

I choose to open my eyes to the truth, as ugly as it may be. I'm not afraid of the truth. Show me.

I ponted out the intel chip, but there's actually a long list. How hard is it for you to search "Israeli Tech"?

Maybe it is you who is blind?

OK.. give you a patent.. This is actually a wonderful lesson in commerce, but since I am the blind one and you want me to defend specifics, the lesson is lost and a simple search for Israeli patents comes up with:


Israel top patent producer in Western world

Omg, look at the bias of this article:

Ben David noted that something has happened to Israel along the way. "While parts of the Israeli population ascended to the top of human knowledge, others have been neglected and left behind."

Where does Ben David get his information when he states, "While parts of the Israeli population ascended to the top of human knowledge, [...]"

What say you, Granger? What source of information is Ben referring to when he says that? What poll/survey was taken to gather that kind of information?

I'm all ears.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

From my studies, I would say that's the truth

The beauty of it is how the Unity Israeli's feel, those with superior intellect are able to use if to help others who may be superior at other things, like a green thumb, or plastics, or tech for an idea.

What kind of poll would one need? Maybe a list of universities, who is teaching, how they are accreditied, how many international students attend, how many in the populations attend universities, what the statisic means for intel within all combined?

Most great universities have extentions in Israel where the best/ highest paid, most esteemed professors go to teach as guests. and they have international students from all over the world because they say the hardest universities to pass is Israel's.

Who are "they"?

You're doing it over and over and over: not giving us a source to your claims.

Here's another example, just in this last post:

"and they have international students from all over the world because they say the hardest universities to pass is Israel's."

Who says that "Israel's universities are the hardest to pass"?

Who says that, Granger? Source, please....

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

"They", subject is Israelis

Let's not foget Israel is the size of New Jersey http://www.jpost.com/National-News/3-Israeli-universities-ra...

So Jewish people and Israel have conducted

a survey of some kind to report that they, Jewish and Israeli's, have "ascended to the top of human knowledge."

Jewish and Israeli's have deemed themselves "part of the top of human knowledge" ?

Is that correct, Ma'am?

And you don't see a problem with that at all, Granger? Be honest about that and don't dodge.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.


Top nobel prize winners, top CEOs.. I don't know if thery deem themselves.. on a personal level, the successful Jews I know don't go around saying, "I'm Jewish". It's usually someone else saying, "So and so is Jewish".

Why do you care about what happens in other countries more

than what happens here?

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

I don't

I'm involved politically here, I'm interested in the politics there.

Me thinks woman who walks like a man

speaks with forked tongue

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

Thats because

You failed to understand that Susan B. Anthony was refering to "man", as a person of responsibility, who takes control of their life and cares for dependents rather than being dependent.

Futhermore, as a woman, it's always a genuine pleasure to meet a man such as the kind Susan B. Anthony was refering when she said she could tell a Granger woman for as far as she could see her, from the way she carried herself as a man. When I'm in the company of such a man, I relax. There are so many punks and immature humans with penis's it's a shame to call them men.

You must have low self esteem Ira. When I became a zionist I didn't hold back, and zionists are the most hated people on DP. So, if being a zionist is not enough, now you claim I lie.. are you saying I'm lying about being a zionist, the most hated type of person on DP?

hahah and what does Israel know about independence

when the United States gives Israel $3 Billion a year?

If Israel was so self sufficient, why do they need our tax money?

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

Independence from the UN and it's agenda

Israel has not touched any money America alloted to it this year. It's sitting there. Because Israel does not need American money. Putin promised Netanyahu anything he wants, China and Taiwan and South Korea are having a love fest for Israel advancements, and China has money, so who needs USA FRNs?

Just so you understand, the money Israel takes is invested and many start ups, inventions, human advancement is made and the USA gets tyhe bid on the4 patent.. where the money that goes to Palestine, goes for tent and baby formula, as it does in many places in the world.. I'm sure that tents and baby formula will always be needed, but I also believe human advancement is needed, and that's why I appreciate western culture and what Israel does with it.

You just contradicted yourself

"Israel has not touched any money America alloted to it this year."

further down:

"Just so you understand, the money Israel takes (from whom?) is invested [...]"

Are you saying that Israel gets money from another Country/source and the "money that Israel takes" is not from the United States?

I'm just trying to clarify because I'm confused.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.


The secind sentance I'll correct myself, "The money Israel has taken in the past..."

Israel and the Obama administration are on the OUTS. The USA does NOT have a good relationship with Israel right now. Not with Clinton, not with Obama, not with Kerry. There is not a good relationship right now. Netanyahu doesn't like Obama or Kerry or Hillary, and they don't like Netanyahu, and Netanyahu doesn't give a damn about what Obama and Kerry have to say, they can keep their FRN BS fake money, because what Israel is doing is AWESOME, and if Obama and Kerry can't stand up for what is good, but comtinue to play the fence.. Israel doesn't need or want friends like that. That's no friend. And it will be American LOSS, not that Obama and Kerry actually give a damn about the American people, but Netanyahu does give a dfamn about Israelis, and that's the BIG difference.. having a leader that cared about the people, and having role players who's riole is unAmerican, and Netayahu KNOWs it.

How can you be so consistently wrong and still come here and

endlessly prattle on. Your head bump into the turf one too many times?

You're a liar because ever since you've been talking your zio bs you wrapped it around how you discovered it at conventions, at a temple, through some wonderful people you met in the GOP, etc., all bs. You have been a zio from day one here, here to weave a lie slowly, then when caught you went totally rabid. If you had been honest and upfront instead of trying to fabricate a story you might be respected around here. But we're not the sheeple like your rule over in your local GOP. We have self esteem. Enough so we can see through your lies a mile away. You're the one with esteem issues, not me.

You're also a coward because you didn't have the courage to be upfront with everyone here, you tried to make up stories about how you came to discover your love for zionism, when you could've just told the truth. But that's not how you zios operate is it? I saw it at the conventions in 08 and 12. You don't believe in fair play, you believe in deception, working the angles, etc..

No I have the self esteem to be up front all of the time. I would never come here and panhandle like you have when you have your jewish "husband" backing you. (another thing you conveniently left out in all of your posts while you and your backers were on rabid zio patrol here)I would never get on my knees and vote for someone because of a loyalty oath (an invention of the zios)

No way am I ever going to compromise my principles for a little fame or recognition from a Master, that's what people of low self esteem do Mr Granger.

I recommend some alternative healing for you, try tapping. It might unfuck even you!

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

By what authority?

By whatever your authority claims I may be wrong. I have no idea what your authority is, only that it is not over me.

Your insults reflect your frustration with your authority, not mine.

It's not true that I was a zio from day one. Had I been a zio, I would have gone to Israel long ago. I'm sure I would have been into many things I never thought about until I became a zio. What lie you are refering I don't know, what I've been "weaving". I wasn't a republican when I came here, and had you told me that I would become a Republican, I would have fought you.. I did not join the GOP in 07/08. I got into it with Jeff Greenspan, and I couldn't see it.. but once I got in the GOP, my only regret was not getting in 07/08.

I've changed since I came to DP 7 years ago. It's all documented here. You want to make something bad out of it, suit yourself Ira.

I'm always upfront. Chips are gonna fall and I have no reason for holding chips.. let them rain. Whatever is is and I do my best to see what it is.. I could be wrong, and tI'm not afraid to be wrong, I can be corrected, but not by name calling, insulting, accusations that are not true.

I'm not an ass kisser Ira. I don't say things to please or tease or betray. I sat it like I see it and if that doesn't fit your reality check, tough cookies because it is mine and your pessimistic attacks to me, reflect who you are, not me.

Well good Granger. Then don't get all butt hurt when we

call you out on your BS!

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

deacon's picture

their land...

As in,Yemen's land,Bosnian land,Iranian land,Libyan land
Afghani land,Iraqi land
This was my point,this nation of builders installs their own dictators,and against the people who live there,it is not ours,nor should we be meddling
the same holds true for israel,but with theres,it is under the cloak of darkness
But seeing you got all flustered by an error on your part,let me add this
it has been proven that israel and the USSA were involved in plots and cover ups against the iranian people,one by killing their scientists,and another when they sent that virus to shut down the nuke sites,but both get pissy when the same is done to them?
I could really care less about what treaties and whatnot were signed to get israel their own place to live,I never mentioned it,nor do I plan to
What's wrong with my spelling? I never ever talked down to you about yours,I understand what you mean,and yet,I don't get the same courtesy from you?
My point was,you know full well what america and israel are up to,have been doing,and will continue to do,and yet,you side with known terrorists.

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

I saw all the movies

I'm well aware of the coup, and also well aware that the farci Jews from Iran were the only Jews who ever came to America with money. Thewy tore down the little CA ranch homes and built Persian Palaces,a dn to this day, Beverly Hills Jews fight over who contributed and who didn't.

If you look at old classic movies, you will see that America had a love story going on with the Mid East, and I'm sorry to sya, Americans and Jews made investments that they were suckered.. we've been at war because the Arabs, and Iranians and none of them ever intended to make a good deal.

It's another reason I give Israel so much credit, they are surviving hwere other would have fallen long ago. And they thrive, despite the world hating them (what's new?) they continue to thrive. I find that amazing.