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Paul Craig Roberts ~ The end could be nearer than you think

We are having trouble today with the website. I do not know if it is problems caused by the typical incompetence of US business enterprises, including those who host websites and have offshored American jobs to foreign countries, or whether it is National Stasi Agency induced. Certainly, the propagandistic US government does not want any truth available to compete with Washington’s systematic lies. Washington is desperate to control the explanation of the situation in Ukraine that, as a result of Washington’s incompetence, has resulted in Ukraine falling under control of neo-nazi elements, whose rabid anti-semitic and Russophobic actions and rhetoric have caused Ukraine to split in half. If you were unable to access my column today, use this URL:http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2014/03/03/washingtons-arrogance-hubris-evil-set-stage-war/

Eastern and southern Ukraine are Russian-speaking former Russian territories added to Ukraine in the 1950s by the Communist Party leadership of the Soviet Union. These provinces are agitating to be returned to Mother Russia where they certainly belong. They are determined not to be part of a neo-nazi regime that will be looted by Western bankers and corporations and be forced to host US missile bases that will make western Ukraine a target for nuclear annihilation, like Poland and Czech Republic.

The propagandistic rhetoric issuing from the mouths of the White House Fool and the excrement that the Fool placed in charge of the Department of State is designed to cover up the abject failure of the Obama regime’s plot to install its puppets as Ukraine’s new rulers. The Obama regime is too stupid to comprehend that its rhetoric is preparing the gullible and ignorant American population for war with Russia. The neoconservative ideologues, who have been lusting for war with Russia ever since the 1980s when I was a member of the Committee on the Present Danger, will take advantage of the war preparation, which the White House Fool and his State Department excrement are creating with their rhetoric, to start a war that will destroy life on earth.


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Seems about right to me.

Luckily, I don't think Putin is crazy. He is much smarter that the NeoCons. He will stay in Crimea and wait for Kiev to do something stupid, which is almost a certainty. He will then regain the moral high-ground as a result of the feckless Ukrainian Gov and western powers.

His last sentence...sad but true.

"No greater evil exists than the government of the United States."

...and the US Gov't wants to take our guns. Not gonna happen!

Nothing like a thermonuclear

Nothing like a thermonuclear war as a stimulus program. Those of us that don't have our faces melt off will find ourselves in a workers utopia. Lots of reconstruction jobs, and a small labor force will drive up salaries. Those of us that are dead won't mind, we're dead. If it comes, no one monitoring radars is going to warn us ahead of time, so it will just be a blindside.

Then afterwards the reptilian shape shifting money changers can crawl out of their underground cities in the Ozarks, and start reissuing federal reserve notes, aka monopoly money.

Debbie Downer x10

If you need a little kick-me-down, this should do the trick. Wow. That's a rough way of looking at it.

The new strategy of taking

The new strategy of taking over countries through insurrection then military intervention worked well Libya so we got arrogant and tried the same thing in Syria but Russia stepped in and said, "Not this time". Now we are walking into their backyard and doing the same thing and acting like there isn't going to be consequences...

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.


What if you 'created' an insurrection and nobody came?