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Police employee viciously beats guy and girl with a stick (Graphic Video)

Posted: Mar 21, 2011 10:05 AM EDT Updated: Mar 21, 2011 2:04 PM EDT

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The internal affairs department of Savannah-Chatham Metro Police is looking into an arrest over St. Patrick's Day weekend that was captured on video and posted on You Tube.
The video clip shows several women fighting outside and inside a red SUV; a man watching and then participating in the fight by hitting the car and forcing the open door onto the combatants; and a crowd watching and encouraging the participants, according to SCMPD.
Two police officers arrive and one forces the man to the ground, striking his legs with a baton. As the officer is securing the man, one of the women who appears bloodied from the fight pushes the officer, who chases her away by striking her on her legs with the baton, according to SCMPD.
The officer pursues the woman, pulls her back to the scene by the belt on her trousers, forces her to the ground beside the man who had been handcuffed and secures her as other officers rush in, according to SCMPD.
The officer has been placed on administrative leave, pending the investigation.
"The video vividly shows part of what happened, but it does not show all that transpired," said SCMPD Chief Willie Lovett in a statement. "It is important that we know all sides of the situation before we comment further."

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People who use violence on others...

They shouldn't be surprised when violence is directed at them.

Seen it before

But more awareness can't hurt.

the guy and girl deserved to be arrested

But not beaten. There was no resistance at all. Cops need to be careful. They do this to the wrong person and they will get beaten or worse.

Nice try on the title - but not quite

Looks like a bunch of animals got treated like animals.
He should have gone around and beat some of the audience with the stick as well.

Here's an idea - DON'T grab a cop who was just called to a fight and who is surrounded by what is clearly a drunken stupid crowd of morons. Better plan is to back up and stand still. Worst plan is to try to walk away.

This is the kind of trumped up bullcrap that makes REAL police brutality get washed away.


don't corner a rabid dog?