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Florida meant nothing- Donation Critical now

Everyone has to understand Ron Paul's strategy, the more I watch him the more I realize how brilliant he is.

Romney spent the most and got the least amount of votes per dollar in Florida, and Ron Paul got the most votes per dollar. Remember Ron Paul does not waste money, he could of spent all is money in Florida and it would have been a waste.

Ron Paul knows what he is doing, donate as much as you can more than ever, believe me its going to make you proud.

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Yes Donate!

Donate till it hurts. Because it will hurt alot worse if we don't.
Just imagine Hilldog or McInsane as Pres! Very scary...

Rick Knight

Price trend, you voted for

Price trend, you voted for Dr. Paul yesterday. That's good. Now you can stop posting if this is all we are going to hear from you now on, because you are not an asset to this board. If all you are going to do is complain about HQ and how they aren't doing things they way YOU want them done, and how all is lost, then just leave. Honestly, if you've given up, why bother? To try and demoralize the rest of us? Apparently you've missed the whole HQ strategy of going for a brokered convention...but I guess that's not going to happen, since you can see into the future. I have supported Dr. Paul for a decade before this election for the nomination, and will support him long after, no matter the outcome. This isn't just about the nomination, its about getting our liberty back. And if that takes another 10 years, so be it--as long as we keep trying. "Let it not be said that we did nothing." Our future is worth fighting for. Giving up when the ball's just getting rolling is, imho, irrational. My .02 cents.

Defeatist Attitude

You're 100% right Siva. I voted for Ron in '88 when ran on the Libertarian ticket and will continue to support him and his ideas with my time and $cash.
We need to keep a positive attitude and WE WILL SUCCEED!

"Victory belongs to the most persevering."
Napoleon Bonaparte

Rick Knight

Florida's not over

Until ALL our signs


are out of this state. Meetups, please gather all signs even if we don't know who's doing the drive. Prepare!! Our local hero, Dan, has an entire truck full just from Brevard. These signs, when they get to GA, will cost the campaign NOTHING!! Think about it... Thanks.

Hmm... donate more

Hmm... donate more money...for what exactly?

With days away from the Tsunami Tuesday, when the GOP nominee will be determined, please explain how raising more money will translate into professionaly produced national television spots.

This campaign is over unless Ron Paul decides to run as a third party candidate, but he's already denounced that possibility to adnausium.

It would be one thing if RP was running 2nd or a close 3rd and then decided to run as a third party spoiler, but 3% of Florida which represents most of America isn't going to cut it.

I've said it before and I say it now, repeating, - This campaign made a huge blunder ignoring New Hampshire. Though only worth 4 delegates, it was the moment to capture national attention as not only a viable candidate but actually a top 3 contender. Something everyone seems to forget. McCain was on the ropes of ending his presidential bid for lack of enthusiasm and money. Nevertheless, his campaign spent nearly every dime to make a strong showing in the early primaries to demonstrate that he was a serious national candidate with huge support (perception-wise). As a result, money began to pour into his coffers for yet more television and radio and other targeted campaign materials.

The Ron Paul grassroots has done more for this campaign than the actual staff. We (I contributed money) raised over $25Million dollars in the 4th quarter and managed to break all-time one-day donations. Folks raised money to fly a blimp around the country. Folks have peppered their cars with Ron Paul stickers. Youtubers have worked tirelessly to create inspiring campaign ads, some even singing songs.

What has the campaign accomplished? They cancelled several media engagements. They have aligned themselves with single-minded libertarians who refuse to hire professional campaign managers and staff. They produced 1983 esque television ads that were shameful.

I voted RP yesterday in Florida and I gave money and I have plugged RON PAUL on my videos and website. I've done all I can possibly do. The campaign failed us. The message of liberty and freedom and limited government is powerful, like a blazing torch. Unfortunately, this campaign has systematically covered the illuminating light.

Ron paul could be sitting on $100Million dollars and it wouldn't account for much. Its difficult to spread the message when they don't spend it.

On a seperate note, I almost feel like asking for my contribution back. I'm being sarcastic, but let's face it - we all raised money for one purpose - so Ron paul would fight a competitive campaign, which means spending money. The money was raised for that exact purpose - to be spent in full on high quality television and radio spots that clearly explained his positions.

Another large trouble spot is the fanatical close-minded conspiracy crazed fans who attack people of opposing viewpoints. So impressed with their mean spirited and bullying tactics, they film it and blast it to tens of thousands of folks on YouTube and other video sharing websites. I've been labeled a "troll" and cursed. This campaign is collapsing from within and evidence of that fact has always been the increased voice of the angry Ron paul electorate. Blame Ron Paul campaign or the sour apples or whoever, but this campaign is finished.

How does crying about New Hampshire help?

Maybe the campaign did fail in New Hampshire. They learned we learned, move on.

In the beginning I thought Ron Paul had about a 5% chance of winning the nomination...I still donated I still walked my neighborhood

Whether you think he can still win or not, every day he stays in the debates his message reaches untold numbers of people. The average voter probably only watches 1 or 2 debates.

This movement only ends if people follow losers like price_trend. Calling him/her a loser is not flaming. Do you see anything positive in price_trend's post. It's filled with give up, fail. Life goes on after the conventions and even after the general elections. With people like price_trend why would the media fear Ron Paul supporters? The media knows they'll go crawl under a rock in a couple months.

Think long term and short term. It's not hard

I can't stand to read this, because it hurts me....

Have you read the last 2 messages from Ron?? Why can't you see the plan? The only thing that's collapsing from within is you and others like you. If you give up on this message and Ron now, we lose. Don't you think people fighting in other Revolutions felt low at times. Come on, see the forest through the trees. I feel more confident now than ever. I can't believe people are upset over FL. It would be dumb to have spent a lot of money there. And in a brokered convention, we will still get delegates. See the big picture, please for all of our sakes. If you still insist on giving up, don't tell everyone else about it and plant seeds of doubt. We don't need this.

To be honest

you're not thinking. Don't compare the chess game to checkers... Dr Paul is doing fine. If you don't like what he is doing or what he stands for, then pick another candidate .. hurry tho, they're thinning out... ;).,

The easiest way to see through a poster that isn't really a Ron Paul kinda guy is the one that kicks and screams and whines every time something doesn't go how he wants it. If you REALLY get what he's saying, then what happens daily, or even in this election, doesn't really matter. Its the long term.

~Live life to its fullest, with an open heart, open arms and most important... an open mind~

The bottom line is

to beat everyone. And that doesn't always have to mean winning. Sometimes all you have to do is just stand, and that is what Dr. Paul is doing.

So whatever your criticisms may be, you cannot deny that he has already outlasted two "frontrunners". One was dubbed the next Ronald Reagan; the other a Fox groomed candidate. And all Dr. Paul had to do was stand tall.

Ye of little faith

I guess you don't really pay attention or you are not really following. He is in the race and Juliani, Thompson are out. You know why? No money.

Florida was winner take all. It didnt matter how he did there, was it worth spending millions for an extra percent? Its all about delegates. This is going to a brokered convention and if you look at Ron Paul's history of running for office he is a wizzard. He ran against an opponent that was endorsed by Bush senior and Bush junior (when he was Governor) and Ron Paul won.

If any knows what he is doing its Ron Paul. He has a seond place finish in Nevada and possible first in Louisiana. He will do better in the smaller market states, and he will continue picking up delegates.

Did you think he was going to rise to the top without a fight?

There is a reason the others laugh and ridicule him, they are afraid of him. They saw what he did to McCain and Ron Paul is just getting warmed up.

He is in to win.


for this response. There will always be those who try and discourage the truth.


Donation time again.

In Liberty's Cause

In Liberty's Cause


Seriously, we must make Friday a huge donation day. Sell something if you like, but please donate what you can. If you are maxed out, then pool together money with others and make TV ads.

We must do this NOW.

“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.”
― Albert Camus