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What is wrong with Texans? Cornyn with 62.8%...

Is it the voting machines, or did Texans like those insulting "I fight Obama everyday" radio spots? Representative Lamar Smith, TX 21, changed the name and ran the same ad.

How can results be called in an hour? Have you ever tried to organize people to coordinate something technical? American elections look like a sham. "Just click this button, Bob, and you'll win the election. Oh, a recount? No, the other button."

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You're asking the wrong question, Sir Shrader:

The question isn't, "What's wrong with Texans?"

The question is, "What's wrong with the voting software?"

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

Rigged election.

If we don't have people counting the vote, then they will just rig the machines and have their people do the counting.

What can we do then if the

What can we do then if the whole process is rigged?

When we genuinely believe the ballot box is no longer an option.

I think there was one more option. The ammo box. Careful though since when you whip that out, shit will hit the fan. See the Battle of Athens.



Primaries are great for lazy

Primaries are great for lazy voters and rich candidates.

A caucus method would actually bring some validity to the table.

Southern Agrarian

Ted Cruz proudly endorses Abbott, Cornyn, Bush

FB posting:
Last night, voters in Texas demonstrated that they want principled conservatives in office. Tea Party activists, Republican women, libertarians, and young people all rallied around insurgent candidates campaigning to listen to the people and get serious about free-market principles and the Constitution. In race after race, the power of the grassroots was overwhelmingly apparent.

2018 can't come soon

2018 can't come soon enough.
Screw you Ted.

Southern Agrarian

well well well..

I guess Ted Cruz's CFR connection and coopting is paying off...
A RINO got his primary election instead of Stockman or anyone else that's a true patriot...

I admit, I didn't vote.

The only person I wanted to vote for was Debra Medina - I didn't know any of the other "good guys" on the ballot.

However, I think I can explain how the establishment won.

I received an ingenious paid for conservative political ad in the mail, that on the back, listed a sample ballot with all the establishment names Highlighted in yellow the day before the vote.

You didn't even have to open up the trifold, just turn it over and see a sample ballot with highlighted names of the so call conservative establishment.

If every republican registered to vote received that ad, its very likely they went straight to the polls with it and voted all the yellow highlighted and check-marked names - believing they were voting for conservatives. Yeah right!!

Now, why cant the anti-establishment Grass Roots candidates pool the loot together in a political campaign and do something just like that? Really? It's very simple, and that would win.

Just got off a conference

Just got off a conference call with Dwayne Stovall's campaign manager.
He said during the election he got undercover notices from journalists and reporters that all those 'National Level Tea Party' groups like TP Express etc take all of their donations, cut out 66% of them, pocket the 33%, then give the 66% to establishment candidates by way of laundering it through smaller 501c4 groups with names like "Texans for conservative majority, Texans for keeping guns, etc".

He basically confirmed what we knew all along, that the Tea Party was co-opted from the beginning.

Their method of funding is through the mailers you mentioned. They find your address by renting out contact lists that candidates had during election years, for example "sign up with your email and home address to help [Establishment Joe]". Those lists are then sold and traded between wealthy candidates to the tune of $24k a month we were told. One of the said groups the Tea Party Patriots (actual example) had donated to a smaller group that in turn gave $13k to Mich McConnell and John Cornyn.

It is a sick cycle of lazy ass voters sitting on their rear, thinking they are involved by receiving junk mail asking for money, donating that money in good trust, then having that organization donate it to establishment candidates. The rule of thumb is: DONT DONATE TO ANYONE YOU CANNOT SEE/SHAKE THEIR HAND. I throw all of my faux conservative crap mailers straight to the trash.

I was talking with an older friend of mine and posed the question:

How do we break this cycle?

How? How do we break through?

Southern Agrarian

That is so vile

Maybe sunshine breaks the cycle. You just cast some. I didn't know they were doing this.

These fake groups give money

to establishment candidates and endorse "Tea Party" or do they paint the establishment as Tea Party?

They take tea party

They take tea party supporters money and launder it to establishment candidates. Very little makes it to actual grassroots candidates. Much like those large charities like Komen Cancer and who all...

Southern Agrarian

So the Pied Piper led the children to the voting booth.

He helped them be like gods, judging good and evil.

How many are US Bond holders that profit from the enslavement of the rest of us?

Free includes debt-free!

I agree.

Those organizations that sent out a roster were smart. I know people who voted for candidates simply by endorsements. And my endorsements mattered little. Next time I'll form my own organization, sprinkle it with stars, emblazon it with CONSERVATIVE and see what happens.

I feel like hitting my head on a wall. After spending months learning about the candidates, attending forums, trying to find the best one... and then none of "my guys" winning. It almost makes me want to just skip the effort. Why not just do like some others, wait till election day and vote randomly? At least I wouldn't get depressed at the results. In the end it's my one vote against theirs.

Last night at my precinct

Last night at my precinct convention, I submitted a resolution to end the primary system in Texas and instead use a Caucus system like other states. The 3 other people there (i had never met before) tensed up and got defensive and 1 lady asked if this resolution was going to get rid of the Primaries. I explained to her that was not true and that the caucus was superior to electronic primary voting because you could validate your vote alongside other precinct members and if it was wrong you would know immediately. The resolution didn't include a lot of details but just stated the corruption that the primary system supports. All 3 of them voted AGAINST IT and said their reasons were they were afraid too many people wouldn't be able to attend the a caucus if it were held on only 1 day. "What if I am out of town or on a trip that day, then I can't vote can I?"

I wanted to beat them over the head with the folding chair I was sitting on. They accepted my personally written Gold Standard Resolution though, but I doubt they understood anything I said in it.

Southern Agrarian

How about you post your Gold

How about you post your Gold Standard Resolution on the DP? At least one County will have its precinct conventions later in the month. If we get it passed several places it might have a better chance of making the State Convention.



WHEREAS, article 1, section 10 of the Constitution states, “No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation; grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal; coin Money; emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts; pass any Bill of Attainder, ex post facto Law, or Law impairing the Obligation of Contracts, or grant any Title of Nobility.”

WHEREAS, the creation of the Federal Reserve and printing of fiat paper money has been a direct cause to the devaluation of the US dollar.

WHEREAS, Republican President Richard Nixon abolished the Bretton Woods Agreement on August 13, 1971, effectively ending the last remnants of a US Dollar Gold Standard.

WHEREAS, former Federal Reserve Chair Alan Greenspan wrote, "Deficit spending is simply a scheme for the confiscation of wealth. Gold stands in the way of this insidious process. It stands as a protector of property rights. If one grasps this, one has no difficulty in understanding the statists' antagonism toward the gold standard.

BE IT RESOLVED that we urge the Republican Party of Texas to adopt a plank in its platform to urge the State of Texas as well as the United States as a whole to a return to a fixity of weight and to genuine redeemability in gold coin of the US Dollar.

Be it further resolved that a copy of this resolution be sent to the ____________ Senatorial/County Convention Resolutions Committee from Precinct #______of the _____________County Republican Party, with the recommendation that it be passed and sent to the State Convention Platform Committee of the Republican Party of Texas.

Southern Agrarian

Resolution for Bullion Depository

Texas Bullion Depository

Whereas, the State of Texas is capable of protecting and managing it's
monetary assets which includes large amounts of gold bullion held in New
York banks, and
Whereas, precious metals are a safeguard against inflation and currency
devaluation, and
Whereas, it is in the best interests of the State to retain full control
and possession of it's wealth;

Be it resolved that the Texas Legislature establish a bullion depository
within the state under the guidelines set forth by H.B. 3505 authored by
Capriglione, and
Be it resolved that the State of Texas be enabled to invest and carry
out transactions in precious metals as a hedge for economic and monetary


Texas could could weather any storm with a bullion depository.

The current GOP platform

does include this clause:

"Sound Money – Our founding fathers warned us of the dangers of allowing central bankers to control our currency because inflation equals taxation without representation. We support the return to the time tested precious metal standard for the U.S. dollar."


G. Abbott 1,219,831 91.5%

Is twice as much who voted in

W. Davis 432,025 79.1%
R. Madrigal 114,455 20.9%

and is only

90432 less than the total number of people that voted for all Senate candidates.(1310263)

Southern Agrarian

Fake elections

Liar polls, propaganda liar media, and liar vote count at electronic vote machines. One huge lie. Puppets will be installed as usual.


It is strange, many polls and

It is strange, many polls and articles heading into the primary said Cornyn was vulnerable, polling low enough for a run off. Then suddenly, the AP and Reuters blasted articles yesterday on many fronts claiming (before the votes came in) that all establishment candidates were safe and in no threat of a run off (Cornyn, Sessions, etc.)

Makes you wonder.

Southern Agrarian

The last poll I saw had

The last poll I saw had Cornyn at 62%. I am not surprised, we did well if you consider that we had no money.

Even with all the

Even with all the challengers, too many voted for Cornyn.
150,000 on $62k ain't bad. Hopefully he paid off some of his debts from his Texas House run with that.

The establishment knows where we stand now though.
531351 vs 788912

Southern Agrarian

Lost my Precinct Chair race

Lost my Precinct Chair race 105-82.

82 People voted for me!!!

Early voting was 65-57

Southern Agrarian


Thanks for trying.

I gave up my chair

yesterday, after a decade.