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Rand Paul in crosshairs of tax evasion war

By Rachael Bade | Politico

When a bipartisan Senate panel last week lambasted Swiss bank Credit Suisse for helping rich Americans evade billions in taxes, some watching the high-profile hearing couldn’t help but notice an elephant in the room.

That is, Sen. Rand Paul.

The connection? Paul for years has single-handedly blocked an obscure U.S.-Swiss tax treaty that lawmakers, prosecutors, diplomats and banks say makes the difference between U.S. law enforcement rooting out the names of a few hundred fat-cat tax evaders — and many thousands more.

Kentucky’s tea party darling says the treaty infringes on privacy rights. But his critics say Paul’s hold just hamstrings the Justice Department’s tax evasion work.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2014/03/rand-paul-tax-swiss-ba...

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2014/03/rand-paul-tax-swiss-ba...

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Thank God for Rand Paul!

For anyone familiar with our tax code, we have become tax slaves on par with few countries in the world! We CANNOT go anywhere in the world and make a living WITHOUT paying a tribute to our lords and masters at home. We are "citizens" of one of the few countries in the world that has this policy. Then the US puts together a treaty and intimidates most of the rest of the world into signing it which forces the sharing of information on foreign accounts.

And somewhere in the past there was a legal decision that stated that the 4th Amendment doesn't extend to finances. What could be more private than a person's finances?

Kind of reminds me of how the 2nd which says "shall not be infringed" is "regulated" by the very government whose tyranny it was set up to defend against.

In other words, the Bill of Rights no longer exists.

And if you ever want to give up this great gift that is American "citizenship", they'll re-scrutinize your taxes and financial position for the last 5 years, and then take a big bite out of your fortune if you're worth anything (money you've already paid taxes on) on the way out.

Very much like what Hitler did to Jews trying to exit Germany in the '30's. Amazing how many ways our "liberty loving" government has emulated Nazi Germany in the last 70 years.

And then if you read the comments on Politico, the vast majority of the comments are just hating on people who are trying to do the best they can not to pay any more taxes than they have to. Who wouldn't do that?

my comment on politicoooooo

~ Read the article!
~ Rand Paul is standing up for AMERICANS!
~ The FED/IRS Complex wants to suck every penny from AMERICAN cattle.
~ This isn't AMERICA.
~ This is debt bondage and tax slavery to the FED/IRS Complex.
~ The Complex above ALL COMPLEXES!
~ The words "WORLD WAR" didn't exist until the Federal Reserve was created!

~ The IRS is the collection arm of the FED.

~ All wars since 1913 have been BANKERS WARS.

~ We sure as hell weren't fighting for our FREEDOM!

~ We've been fighting for our TYRANTS and OVERLORDS!

~ Who do you think the "PRIVATE SHAREHOLDERS of the FED are?

31 Questions and Answers about the Internal Revenue Service



To put his name on the line like this against what looks to be EVERY other bought off politician, is damn right brave. Gotta give him props. This does need to be stopped or brought to light, blatant violation of privacy.

There can be no financial

There can be no financial privacy with an income tax that is uniformly applied. Which is why I oppose the income tax. Rand Paul isn't able to get rid of America's income tax but he is at least trying to stop America from destroying people's financial privacy in foreign countries. I don't think he is wicked for this.

Good. Let this come to light.

Good. Let this come to light. Then maybe Rand can school some people on how illegal the IRS is. Fck the irs. You ever been audited? I got audited once. You have to prove that you are innocent...guilty until you prove otherwise. Do you know how hard it is to prove your innocence? In the end she got me for some damn business mileage of which she explained that her findings were based on a "hunch" and I would have to pay or fight it in court. What a cunt. I suppose after all the hours she spent she had to find something or she would lose her job.

People, think of how the

People, think of how the general public will see this. Sometimes I feel like I am in an echochamber here.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

If you can't explain why Rand is doing the right thing here

then you may not understand it yourself. This is an easy one to explain to one of the 'the general public'.

I don't trust Rand to be honest. But when he stands on principle like this it accrues to his trust account with me.

If Rand backs down every time he would try to do something the media will spin to make him look bad he will do nothing good at all and be like all the rest.

Well of course its easy to

Well of course its easy to explain and we all know why he did it. The entire point, which you have missed in what I said, is what the general public will think. Not everyone has someone to explain to them why something is one way or another. This is exactly what I meant, that people here this sort of thing and think exactly the wrong thing without someone to correct them on why it is in fact good.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

No I understood

You didn't understand my point which was if 'our' guy backs down every time a media befuddled public can't understand something we will never get anywhere at all. This is how we got here.

The strategy of surrender is the strategy of defeat.

Oh, you read too much into

Oh, you read too much into what I said. I wasnt actually thinking he should back down.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

Old Harry could put it to a vote, but he hasn't.

From the article:

"These sorts of mundane tax protocols used to get approved by unanimous consent without anyone batting an eyelash — until Paul came to town."
“These are people that are alleged, not convicted of doing anything wrong,” Paul said a few weeks ago. “I don’t think you should have everybody’s information from their bank. There should be some process: accusations and proof that you’ve committed a crime.”



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Rand Paul 2016

Hamstringing is not enough.

The Justice (sic) Department should be strung up.

Tax evasion is heroic and entirely praiseworthy. Giving money to government is sinful behavior. Theft does not become moral when it's called "taxes."

Good for Rand.

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