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Project Graysons?

I miss political theater. And it can be effective if it's not *just* theater.

Like in 1967 when the Yippies (Youth International Party) announced that
they were going to surround the Pentagon, levitate it into the air (they actually
obtained a permit to levitate it three feet - they had asked for 300 ft, initially)
and exorcise it of evil spirits which would then end the Vietnam War.

They didn't move the building (as far as we know) but 100,000 demonstrators
showed up, the Army deployed thousands of troops to defend the Pentagon and
it garnered huge attention - even though the war continued for years thereafter.


In a similar vein, a big impact was achieved by only a handful of people in what is
often regarded as the birth of the radical environmental movement when Earth First!
"cracked" Glen Canyon Dam on the Colorado River in 1981:


(Barry Goldwater said that if he could change any of the votes he made in over
twenty years in the US Senate it would have been his vote to construct Glen Canyon)


So, Project Graysons is probably not as cool as the above. But it could be fun and
useful and attract attention so why not run it up the DP flagpole and see what happens.

The idea is basically this:

Grayson endorses Grayson. That is, Derrick and Alan (Florida 9th District Democratic US Rep.) Grayson endorse one another - for their primary races, anyway. Or, even if they don't endorse one another, some joint appearances, debates or some event along those lines.

Would they do it? Would anyone care?

Good questions. At least it would have some novelty value - people endorse candidates from their own party all the time, but there's nothing that says you can't endorse someone from another party. That alone would be different. It's difficult to articulate exactly *why* this would be cool, but I somehow feel that it would be. It's just weird enough that it would have to attract some attention, and in the political realm that is hardly ever a bad thing.

Who knows, Alan Grayson might be able to able to bring in some Dem support for TMOT in Georgia's open primary - maybe TMOT could generate some buzz for Alan Grayson?

Both of these guys are big on the Constitution and about undermining the phony Republican/Democrat Left/Right paradigm even though they have profoundly differing positions on some issues. Neither one is exactly in the good graces of their respective party establishments.

Allan Grayson is bound to have some positions that are unpopular with many DP'ers, but he has done a lot of worthwhile work - voted for Ron Paul's Audit the Fed bill, won just about the only major procurement corruption case related to the Iraq war, has appeared on Alex Jones, has a B rating with the NRA (only one other Florida Democratic Rep. has higher than F) and much else.

From his Wikipedia page:

Best known in his first term for making incendiary comments about Republicans, Grayson has focused on working with Republicans to pass amendments that "appeal to the libertarian streak in the GOP". He lobbies colleagues personally and in July 2013, David Weigel of Slate magazine called him "the most effective member of the House" and said that he was approaching "an unheralded title: The congressman who’s passed more amendments than any of his 434 peers".

Personally, I'd love to attend a joint Grayson and Grayson event - it would have to make for a stimulating discussion - hey, maybe they can up the theatrics by doing a DNA test to see if they're related?

At least get them on Alex Jones' show together if AJ can be kept quiet long enough for them to get a couple words in...

We could see about getting Grayson Allen in on this, too - I don't know anything about his politics but he has impressive slam dunks...


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I like the sound of this. I

I like the sound of this.
I will bookmark and come back.

Southern Agrarian