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Virginia's new governor trying to alter pro-gun bill HB962 at the last minute (thanks VCDL)

We're very pro-gun here in Virginia, receiving a "Gold Star" from OpenCarry.org for good reason, and a bill in state house would clarify the existing laws the way they're being enforced right now. That's fine, except that governor McAuliffe just sent a suggested (which has been received by the house) that would make it illegal for the everyday gun owner in Virginia to place his gun in an unlocked compartment in his car. More specifically, the suggestion would "clarify" that you are only allowed to have a gun in a compartment in your car if the compartment is locked. . .What good is a locked-up gun?? Granted, it doesn't apply to conceal-carry-permit holders, but I like many others refuse to beg for permission to do what I believe should be perfectly legal, and so I open-carry wherever I'm allowed.

Not only do I want to bring this bill to the attention of Daily-Paulers in Virginia, but I want to take a moment to praise the excellent work of VCDL! Please visit http://www.vcdl.org/ and see what others have said. If you live in Virginia, please use this link to send a message to your delegate: http://tinyurl.com/lhgp48y

Then, please comment to this thread to tell us that you sent the message to VA's House, in order to keep this thread alive and to encourage others in Virginia to get involved.

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