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The New USA? Secession Movement Gains Steam

GREELEY, Colo. -- If you mention the word "secession" most people think of the South during the Civil War. But today, a new movement is gaining steam because of frustration over a growing, out-of-control federal government.

A number of conservative, rural Americans are taking about seceding and creating their own states, meaning a new map of the United States of America could include the following:
◾A 51st state called Jefferson, made up of Northern California and Southern Oregon
◾A new state called Western Maryland
◾A new state called North Colorado

These are real movements gaining traction with voters across the country. Jeffrey Hare runs the 51st State Initiative in Colorado, an effort to fight an out-of-control legislature trying to ram big government policies down the throats of voters.

"We're at this point of irreconcilable differences," Hare told CBN News.

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Have they looked at Article IV Section 3 of the Constitution?

I assume they have, but it's a high bar to jump. Both the legislatures of the states involved and Congress have to consent. Maybe I'm unclear as to intent? Secession and forming a new state are two separate actions. Sam already told us what he thinks of secession some 150 years ago.

Undo what Wilson did

"secession" - like in the

"secession" - like in the American Revolution, colonies gaining independence, or Crimea, will be the way large cumbersome nation state alliances and the nation states themselves crumble and split into local, governable, an peaceful communities, fueled by internet knowledge, free energy and self defense abilities. 2014 - year of change!

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taking about = talking about

Secession would be great

to have as an option to keep the FEDs honest but for now it's not likely to succeed. The south had a much better chance then than we do now.

And fundamentally it is another political solution to a criminal problem.

The crimes against humanity. Destruction of multiple nations currencies including our own and ubiquitous cheapening of human life through torture, rendition and state sanctioned murder are crimes for which political solutions are inappropriate.

The best avenue for awakening the American People are Grand Juries, Indictments, trials and punishment.

A large part of the difficulty we all encounter by asking our friends and families to share in our awakening is that we are implicitly asking them to presume these actors guilty of their crimes. This is not how a republic functions. We all have a presumption of innocence for any alleged crime and to overcome that presumption requires a trial where the evidence can be seen in open court.

People call me a Copperhead...

..because I have been a vigorous critic of the Union Govt during The War Against the States. I never intended to gloss over the crimes of the Confederate Govt, it's just that they pale in comparison. When governments fight, everybody loses except the oligarchs running the racket.

Secessionism remains vibrant in the American spirit, though we are vastly outnumbered by the Unionists among us. For years I have endorsed wholesale immigration to the Island of Hawaii. At a pop. of ca 120k, it would only take a mere twenty-thousand commited libertarians to occupy the County Govt. Ten kilo would be a significant influence, but twenty, I think, would clinch it. With its resources and location, Hawaii as an independent nation could dominate the Pacific. Of course with its present monolithic Democrat govt it would be another third world basket case.

dynamite anthrax supreme court white house tea party jihad
West of 89
a novel of another america

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As much as I believe secession is a healthy practice

I am worried we are falling into a trap of dividing ourselves more and more as the establishment runs free. What we really need to be doing is talking to the people around us and turning against our common enemy, the feds. I believe there might be people in the establishment who would rather have a civil war then a revolution.

As long as leftists want to overrun the Constitution

I support splitting a state away from the leftist urban cores. I live in western Maryland and I have no voice in Annapolis. I am disenfranchised by Baltimore City and the DC suburbs. Majority rules leads to tyranny of the majority. The Constitution is tossed by leftists and I am left with no recourse save a violent rebellion. Untenable situation can be rectified by splitting the state, restoring my voice in my state government.