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Ukraine Aid?

Let me see if I get this right:
We support the overthrow of a democratically elected Russian leaning government for a more pro western one
Which instigates a civil war and threatens to escalate and destabilize the region and the world
We then criticize the Russians for the audacity of butting into another sovereign nation's affairs
Without a hint of irony
We then vote to give 1 Billion in aid to Ukraine
Which we borrow from China
Who agrees with Russia
and Ukraine will use that money to pay off debt
...to Russia, who supposedly we're trying to punish?

I mean what's going on here?

This foreign policy sounds familiar


lab rat experiments indeed.

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Is it out-of-thin-air that this $1B comes from?

How does a POTUS preemptively and unilaterally guarantee $1B? Doesn't Congress have to vote on this appropriation? What is this guy Obama, a dictator? Yup.


He guarantees it,

because he knows the collectivists in Congress are controlled by the same Rothschild Banksters who control him, and those who are behind the Ukraine coup. The HoR Banksters, then get to charge us interest on the debt created, and then steal the money when it's funneled to the Ukraine, which becomes win, win, win for them. Putin and the Russian government will no longer play along in these ponzi schemes, that's why they always try to pin Putin as the evil dictator (the Russians have zero debt to the HoR Banksters). The Chinese seem to have decided, that they too, no longer want to play, and they will soon be targeted through their large Muslim population, or it will at least appear it was. It will be very interesting how the Chinese govt. handles it? I wonder if the recent train stabbing incident was a sample?