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Ted Cruz is a Dum Dum

The more his mouth moves the less I respect him. He's now pulling rank behind McCain and Graham as the new neocon nincompoop.

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Cruz's argument

is a moot point! Either way the spending is debt to the Fed and/or other nations, decreasing the value of our hard earned dollar. The money doesn't go to actual defense of our country, it goes the HoR Banksters who own the MIC, which in turn our military is used to conquest other countries to give 'them' control over their government, resources and revenue.

Ted Cruz is a douchebag

Seems too difficult for this big government goon to make the real changes needed.

Hmm, I wonder if cutting out illegal pre-emptive offensive warfare, color revolutions, coups, concentration camps and being police man of the world could be added to that algae biofuels spending cut might also help further cut spending??

Need to cut spending on science and "pay for our war fighting capacity" in the military and National Guard. Would that be for this:

Cruz is a big government war pig as bad or possibly worse than Bush.

I will now consider this man a danger to liberty for his desire for expanding war fighting capacity.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...

cruz is a neocon

The budget is at least half a trillion. I don't know the exact number but I'm sure it's pretty close. Cruz makes his entire argument around programs that amount to $170 million and $120 million. Less than .1% of military spending. Nothing in the grand scheme of things.

If he was really about small government, he would be questioning the role of the US military in the world. Couldn't we save money by closing down any of the hundreds of bases we have? Couldn't we save money by not intervening in a number of countries? Couldn't we save money by ending military contracts for planes, submarines, mercenaries, etc.?

until these questions are asked at these hearings both of these guys are just happy they made it through another hearing without having to make any significant change to how our empire is run.

Ted Cruz is a disappointment, especially being a "Ron Paul endorsed" candidate. I should have figured though when he wouldn't endorse Ron Paul for president. Neocons can't get behind the foreign policy of peace and he's just another neocon.

Stopped after 0:45. Nothing

Stopped after 0:45.
Nothing becomes of these hearings.
These are empty questions.
Our Potemkin Government is doing everything it can to make it look like it is doing ANYTHING.

Southern Agrarian

Watched the video...

Senator Cruz just went up a few notches in my book.
Blowing billions on algae to assist the global warming faith industry is about as shameful as it gets.

How dare he!!

"And it seems to me, that the energy needs of our military should be derived by what is the most cost effective and efficient energy"

Cost effective? Efficient? In government? How dare he!!! That neocon nincompoop!!!

If you are going

To put massive amounts of humans and equipment in the field, as Ted Cruz obviously wants to do, then it is rational to research ways to build more efficient logistics chains. The water purification systems that are carried from here to combat bases overseas improve logistics, by making the porting of huge amounts of water less necessary. It isn't about the global warming scam. That same advantage is provided if our military had a way to make fuel on site, as we currently port billions of gallons of fuel from all over the world to our war fighting arenas. IF you insist on a gigantic military that can conquer the world twice, you must also invest in the research to make it capable. China has a much larger standing army, but no one doubts the technological superiority that makes our army more capable. That superiority came from research. In closing, Ted is either an idiot, or grandstanding. I don't like either possibility.

Close - he's actually a muppet.

It's true - google it.

Chris Indeedski!

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

What questions would you have asked?

The discussion was on the Pentagon cuts to National Guard and Reserves. Do you disagree with Cruz and think that the Pentagon shouldn't examine some of these wasteful adventures in "sustainable energy"? Also, do you think we should cut the National Guard and Reserves? What questions would you have asked if you were in his position?

You propose

The questions as if they are separate. They are the same. If you cut the size of the army you necessarily cut the research programs that are designed to improve efficiency in massive logistics chains. That said, since these idiots don't really want to cut anything, it is a much better investment (as if the government can do any positive investing) to cut human staff that primarily stand around doing nothing, and continue to find ways through research to make our military more effective at war fighting. That would include weaponry as well as logistics. 100 bil spent to develop a laser gun that gets all of the necessary energy from the sun would be a way better spend than 100k kids standing around for four years getting paid. Obviously you cant trust these idiots to care whether or not that 100 bil spend has any chance of being successful, I'm just speaking from a purely philosophical standpoint.