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Obama Extends Noncompliant Healthcare Insurance Deadline... Again?

Wow. Another move reeking of desperation.

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Good news / mandates defeated

IMO such would-be oppressers understand that people will actually push back with equal force, and the tyrants have relinquished (if even temporarily)

ObombaCare is basically defunct...

Obomba knows the law will be repealed but he is gonna make sure it happens after he is gone. Be interesting to see how democrats handle it in 2014 and 2016.

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Outright repeal?

The precedent is there now, that the feds can manage the "health care system". The pubs have no intent to repeal, but to modify. The tentacles of the edict are weaving into the system regardless of these "delays". The end result will be government managed health care unless the law itself is attacked at it's premise, and get rid of all federal tinkering.

Undo what Wilson did

Unaffordable and not supportable

With all of his revisions and implementation delays, it's evident that even Obama doesn't support Obamacare.

I never know with these

I never know with these headlines anymore. I thought this was the Onion.

I know what you mean. I can't

I know what you mean. I can't believe what happens day to day either.