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RT News Anchors Lash Out On-Air For Russian Invasion, One Quits (video)

Not one word was spoken about any involvement by the US.
RT Anchor Quits on Air 3/5/2014

RT anchor Abby Martin speaks out against Russian invasion of Crimea 3/3/2014


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Why do you always think that if there's an insurgency against an oppressing regime, it exists only due to 'US involvement'?

Can't you believe that people sometimes can genuinely hate Putin's puppets like Yanukovich or Assad, or Putin himself? Do you genuinely think we all love Putin here in Russia and long for kissing his ass? And if we don't - we're financed by the CIA?

Your point of view is primitive propaganda 'made in Kremlin'.

Again, here's another person who's watched too much RT.

The evidence

is what makes me think there is US involvement.

When did I say Russians love Putin? Or that anyone should? Just because the US is bad, doesn't mean Russia is good, or the other way around. There are no good guys in this.

Your point of view is primitive propaganda 'made in Kremlin'.

Seeing the US involvement in the Ukraine makes me a Russian stooge?

Wondering why a Russian propaganda outlet doesn't criticize the US makes me a Kremlin dupe?

I, like many people, were aware of US involvement in the Ukraine before Russia's movements there. It wasn't hard to predict that one.
It's also not hard to believe that Russia also has agents operating within the Ukraine, guiding events to unfold in their favor (ruthlessly, even).

Don't get caught up in the good guy/bad guy paradigm that's spinning up in the MSM.

Could this be a transition to a new 'cold war'? Or just adding a cold war on top of the 'war on terror'. Prior machinations lead me to believe it's probably an addition, the military/industrial complex rarely scales back.

Just open the box and see

Alex, they are not mutually exclusive.

I agree with you. But it's incorrect to believe we don't at least try to have our hands or fingers in everything.

The "Grand Chessboard" approach to foreign policy is 40+ years old in this country and in the State Department. It's a mature model. (For better or worse.)

I heard no concerns...

When obama bombed Libya.

There were TWO----TWO----TWO recordings of

politicians speaking about the COUP at Kiev, AND the snipers who were shooting both sides.

I think these Russian babes need to wake up. Russia is not to blame for this.

Just because the US

has quite likely been involved in trying to destabilize the Ukraine
and (apparently) working with violent neo-nazis to accomplish this
doesn't mean the Russians are somehow innocent parties to all this.

There's plenty of blood on their hands from their various interventions
in the Caucasus, the Stans and elsewhere.

Who knows what's going on here

Something doesn't seem right about them not knowing about (or maybe knowing about but not acknowledging) US involvement. Another person mentioned they didn't see this story on Drudge. I just checked and didn't see it either. Very bizarre. Not sure how to explain any of this.



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