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Ron Paul now INCLUDED in MySpace/MTV dialogue

Ron Paul now INCLUDED in MySpace/MTV dialogue
January 30, 2008

It appears that articles such as this one made a difference.

From this thread:

Last night, MTV and MySpace released — and posted on this forum — the following statement:

A key goal of the MySpace/MTV Presidential Dialogues has been to ensure that young peoples’ voices are heard during this election. Due to the overwhelming response from Ron Paul’s youth supporters, as well as his strong polling numbers among young voters, we are thrilled to invite him to participate in this Saturday’s “Closing Arguments” special. An invitation has been extended to his campaign and we look forward to their response.

All best,
-Jason Rzepka

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Now is the time to talk of Internet Regulation

Young people of the MTV generations socialize and date via the Internet. John McCain and his self righteous colleague Sam Brownback are leading proponents of making sure every American who is allowed to talk to others online will be background checked. They got IMBRA passed because only 0.2% of Americans date foreigners online, so they could pretend that there was something seedy about doing that. But Bush's AG made it clear that IMBRA is just the gateway law to mandatory background checks at Match.com and Friendfinder.com: in two court cases against IMBRA, judges said that American males are like products that need "warning labels" and "meeting someone online is like buying a gun, both should require background checks".

McCain teamed up recently with his best buddy Chuck Schumer (D-NY) to propose the Save Our Children From Online Exploitation Act, which would force this forum and all webmasters to do an offender check on the email address of everyone who posts any kind of comment anywhere. Yes, the law was to actually make it a criminal offense to allow an "offender" to say anything about anything in a comment online.

The fascism of John McCain really does NOT know any bounds of decency.

And yet: the media agrees with all this (the media moguls are very few in number and they want all this implemented).

COPA got passed in the Senate and is under restraining order by the courts. COPA would force all website material of a sexually explicit nature (including marriage advice sites and lesbian advice or teen pregnancy advice sites) to be placed behind a barrier where a credit card would have to be used as proof of the age of the viewer.

The media just doesn't talk about all this.

I did my part on this one as well.

See what we are capable of.


i called the 4 numbers ,left nasty message

About accountabilty,one day we will have to be judged and there is no escape ! Be true to your family which will be the ones to suffer from the deviation from the constitution.

He needs to go

He can get Rand to perhaps take his place in Texas ,he needs to call their bluff .

I said this yesterday - and

I said this yesterday - and it got buried...

Ron Paul will be in Victoria Texas on FEB 2nd for a rally...

He was only invited after they found that out...

What - They need to

What - They need to reschedule the rally. He can't pass up free advertising to an audience he may not have reached yet. He must get the message in front of as many new ears and eyes possible.

That was me!

Or it could have been you... I sent an email to all of the 'sponsors' yesterday afternoon. I must have made a good impression...

Well I guess I shouldnt take ALL of the credit... Great job everyone!

Don't forget

Sweet thank you emails!

Every polite email destroys the media perception of the Ron Paul Revolution, one person at a time.

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

This is good. Not to include young MTV voters wasn't gonna last.

The herd is thining out I suppose they needed an extra attraction. Ron's time for debates is running out - he needs to do something "dramatic" and take advantage of the MSM he has available.

"The question is not who will let me- the question is who will stop me" - Ayn Rand

"The question is not who will let me- the question is who will stop me" - Ayn Rand