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OFFICIAL HQ UPDATE: You Say You Want a rEVOLution!

From the email sent out this morning:

"January 30, 2008

Every movement in history has faced some time of testing, some experience that either forges it into something strong and unified, or forces it to fade away into the history books as another failed experiment.

Dr. Paul has written to you that we are heading straight for Super Tuesday. Our opponents are free to beat up on each other and wear themselves down while we gather our supporters and prepare to storm the convention with delegates.

Last night, over 60,000 people stood up and asked for an end to the runaway violation of our liberties. But contrary to the impression you may be getting from the mainstream media, no national delegates have yet been won in Florida. Those delegates will only be awarded between February 6 and April 30 at delegate selection caucuses, and many of those delegates will be supporters of Dr. Paul.

Ron Paul is the only candidate not to give up on any state in the Republican race, and just as we competed strongly in overlooked states like Nevada and Louisiana, so too will we compete in Maine, Minnesota, and other states that the so-called "top-tier" candidates are content to ignore.

Now, as the focus shifts to Super Tuesday, Rudy's campaign is crushed, Huckabee is losing momentum by the day, and McCain and Romney are fighting over who is the most liberal.
We've been here before. In 1776, despite a courageous effort at holding onto the city, George Washington ceded New York and quickly retreated to New Jersey.

1777 brought the British recapture of Fort Ticonderoga, as well as American defeats at Brandywine and Germantown.

And then, during the winter of 1777-1778, Washington and his army faced perhaps their most humiliating moment, forced to endure a harsh Pennsylvania winter with limited supplies at Valley Forge.

The American revolutionaries dealt with their defeats, focused on their goals, and emerged from Valley Forge as a force that would defeat the most powerful nation on earth.

Our momentum is building. Each one of us, from Dr. Paul himself down to the grassroots supporter who donates the last $5 he or she can give, is focused on the goal.

Early in the struggle for American independence, George Washington wrote: "Perseverance and spirit have done wonders in all ages." Even then, Washington realized that a fierce struggle for self-government can only be won with a spirit of determination equal to the challenge.

Today, in the midst of our new revolution, let's consider Washington's words once again. The task before us is enormous. The foes of liberty are deeply entrenched, and they will not relinquish their power without a struggle.

But fighting in our favor is the unconquerable human spirit, the innate desire to be free. We must embrace this inner strength, dig in our heels, and persevere, just as Washington and his rag-tag colonials, the first American grassroots patriots, did before us. And if we must pass through a Valley Forge or two along the way to victory, let those times of testing temper the steel of our determination.

If Ron Paul is to continue his fight for liberty to the Republican Convention, we need your help in two critical ways:

1. Become a precinct leader today: It's easy, but more importantly, it's vital to Ron Paul's success: https://voters.ronpaul2008.com.

2. Donate: Just as the Continental Congress supplied General Washington's troops in the field, we too must raise as much money as we can to equip our grassroots supporters.

Help us win this revolution and usher in a new era of freedom, peace, and prosperity. Donate today: https://www.ronpaul2008.com/donate.

Matthew Hawes, Policy Assistant
Daniel McCarthy, Internet Communications Coordinator
Jonathan Bydlak, Fundraising Director
Ron Paul 2008"

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Go Dr. P.

Thomas Paine December 23 at Valley Frorge said...

Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated.

bump it goes so fast

this will fire us up

Oh rats, here I thought I was going to hear John Lennon!

*** God bless Ron Paul ***
* Ron Paul For President *

*** God bless Ron Paul ***
* Ron Paul For President *



I needed this message. I am fired up! WE ARE IN THIS TO WIN!

I have three big magnetic signs on my van. Much bigger than bumper stickers and easy to see and read!

The Fantasy World

We have been recently accused on this website of living in a fantasy world because we believe Dr. Paul actually has a chance to win this election. My argument with this person is that, in order to affect great change, we must be willing to sacrifice our reputation, our treasure, even our lives in the face of certain defeat and setback. Real change has never been brought about by the naysayers. Only if we continue supporting Dr. Paul with our time, talents and treasure will Dr. Paul be able to seize the opportunities which will arise in his way during the next few trying months.

Make this time in American history a time of greatness. Live in that fantasy world until fantasy becomes reality or, to risk a quote from C.S. Lewis' work "The Silver Chair":

. . . We're just babies making up a game, if you're right. But four babies playing a game can make a play-world which licks your real world hollow. That's why I'm going to stand by the play-world.

Just as Puddleglum stood his ground in the face of overwhelming power, let us endure all things that come against us so that our "fantasy world" may someday become a reality.

Read the above post with the old Beatles song playing in the


Revolution by the Beatles

You say you want a revolution
Well you know we all wanna change the world
You tell me that it's evolution
Well you know we all wanna change the world
But when you talk about destruction
Don't you know that you can count me out

Don't you know it's gonna be
Alright, alright, alright

You say you got a real solution
Well you know we'd all love to see the plan
You ask me for a contribution
Well you know we're doing what we can
But if you want money for people with minds that hate
All I can tell you is brother you have to wait

Don't you know it's gonna be
Alright, alright, alright

You say you'll change the constitution
Well you know we all wanna change your head
You tell me it's the institution
Well you know you better free you mind instead
But if you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao
You ain't gonna make it with anyone anyhow

Don't you know it's gonna be
Alright, alright, alright

Alright, alright, alright, alright
Alright, alright, alright, alright


Go President Paul!

’In accordance with the principles of double-think it does not matter if the war is not real. For when it is, victory is not possible. The war is not meant to be won, but it is meant to be continuous.’ (George Orwell, 1984)

I 3VOL The Valley Forge Reference

I've been reminding myself about how down all the troops there must have felt almost every day since the primary season began. They were improperly clothed -- many without shoes, extremely cold, suffering rampant disease, and watching their fellow soldiers die. The despair must have been overwhelming, yet they persevered against unimaginable odds to win their freedom!

F'K the old media. We are in this to win!

Viva la r3VOLution!

You've already GOT a Revolution!

Matthew Hawes, Policy Assistant
Daniel McCarthy, Internet Communications Coordinator
Jonathan Bydlak, Fundraising Director

Frankly, Gentlemen, I do not believe phrases like "quickly retreated," "most humiliating moment," and "dealt with their defeats" are at all appropriate, helpful, or needed right now.

As I wrote in response to the very first Daily Dose, this missive, to me, is pretty prose, off purpose.


Can't you write something jubilant?

Forgive my ignorance but I have a Q:

God is still in control...
Hello, this is my 1st. post--just registered. If Ron doesn't win the nomination then, can we "write him in" on the November ballot? If so, then, maybe we can continue our efforts to educate people about his message and help them realize that ANY candidate who is a member of/sympathetic to the CFR (and what the CFR is) automatically cannot be trusted. To me, that is the primary issue---the CFR wants/lusts after one world gov't. The wars in the middle east and the North American Union are steps toward that goal. The Islamo fascist problem has been a carefully sculpted situation to excuse any type of military action and diminishing of personal liberties.
If I can write him in, I'll step up my efforts to educate those still in the Matrix.

God is still in control...

If you think this thing is over in November

Then you haven't been paying attention.

It starts in November.



Something about this newsletter really inspired me. I've been putting off becoming a precint leader, but I am now going to do it when I get home from work and head my local Revolution! I am in thousands of dollars of debt but I will donate more, and then some more!

I remember when the November 5th money bomb started circulating. I was one of the first hundred to get on board. I was so excited about the idea so I started posting it all over YouTube about three times a day, every day. I had to open new accounts constantly because my account kept getting banned.

This newsletter has revived my fervor. I'm giving my all for Ron Paul!

Just Donated!

I'm giving $50 today and $51 on Feb 1st Which is my birthday too! :D

We have a good start to the day on donations. let's hit 4 MILLION TONIGHT!

thanks everyone who's becoming precinct leaders.

Mine too

Feb 1st is my birthday too
Happy birthday.
So I asked the family for no gifts , just money to donate to RP

We will fight them

This is not going to be easy. The enemies of the republic - corrupt self serving polititions, David R., the international bankers, the owners of the Federal Reserve Corp., globalists, and internationalists will not give up power and money easily.

Individual personal liberty to live one's life as one darn well pleases is sweeter than honey and well worth the sacrifice. When people tell me that Dr. Paul can not win, I tell them that is not the point. This is just the first battle in the long war to save the republic. There will be many set backs, but liberty and the American republic are the crowning achievment of mankind and worth saving.

I am humbled to even be a part of this revolution with people like you my brothers and sisters.

Stay The Course...

Stay The Course fellow citizens. There is much strategy to winning against such odds. Find out how to obtain information to keep yourself motivated. The fact that our civil liberties are being stripped away should be enough to keep you motivated.
Do not get lost in the deceitful words, smiles, etc. of those who are running against Ron Paul. Contrary to the corruption of the old stream media and those who have been conditioned to think and operate with them. Freedom will reign. It will take sacrifice and commitment. Do not waiver. Stay strong, and fight with intelligence.
Ron Paul is the only candidate that is not just a face and or suit. He is the real deal and his walk and talk now and before speaks for it self. No other candidate can touch him.
Find out your own personal strengths and weaknesses and move forward,spreading the message that Ron Paul has brought back to life.
I hope this helps any who have any doubt at all.
Victory is never won in a single battle. There are many battles faught in different ways before the victory is won..
Have a great day and Stay The Course!

we can win

we must even look beyond the primaries our true efforts of educating the masses applies to all americans democrat republican and most importantly the half of the voting population theat has given up on both . Let's run some stand out you tube style ads and grab thier attn.


The sweet taste of Patriotism and Hope. 2/1/08 Give til it hurts. If we don't, the pain will be much greater in the years to come. Go rEVOLution!!!!

That My Friends...

...is leadership. I don't see any of these others running for President being able to give a pep talk like that, simply because they don't stand on principle.

It takes a man of character to avoid being a man of politics.

I can barely afford it, but

I can barely afford it, but I am eventually going to donate the full $2,300.

I think it is so important the every one of us "max out."

Over 88,500 donations have been received in the past 30 days.


If everybody donates at least $51 on Friday, Feb. 1st - Ron & Carol's 51 wedding anniversary $ BOMB - we can raise millions.

88,500 X $51 = $4,513,500

This $$$ Bomb could go nuclear if everyone chips in $100

88,500 X $100 = $9,027,000

Want to raise over $9 Million in a single day?

E-mail Ron's latest message to a friend who's been "on the fence," or hasn't donated. Then talk to them about the upcoming money bomb on the 1st of Feb.

$1 for every year of marriage!

At least $51

Give some love, for peace.

NEVER underestimate the power of $51 given by a single person.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

This post needs to be on the

This post needs to be on the front page as a sticky, they haven't posted it yet.

Can someone tell me HOW?????

The logic that many delegates awarded in Florida will be Ron Paul supporters, and "we will storm the national convention with delegates" both need some kind of evidence to back them up. Based on our numbers in Florida, those people already elected as delegates are clearly NOT supporters of Ron Paul, whether they have been assigned or not.

As far as other delegates go...I'm still looking.

Love the enthusiasm, steadfast in my support, comitted to the campaign....just don't like being BS'ed... even by my own family.

"Luctor et Emergo" - Struggle and Emerge

FL Delegates not assigned yet? Can someone explain how it works?

MSM kept saying "winner takes all" and showed all delegates in the McInsane column. What's the real deal?

Go President Paul!

’In accordance with the principles of double-think it does not matter if the war is not real. For when it is, victory is not possible. The war is not meant to be won, but it is meant to be continuous.’ (George Orwell, 1984)

How does 'delegates Work? Needs answering please.

No takers on the above question?

'I always thank of all you canvassors and precinct leaders and delegates who were at the front line and caucuses.
Good luck out there &Thank you. You're a gift.


I set aside $500 as well even though I don't have any tax rebates coming. I also signed up as a leader last night. :)

I'm giving big on Friday, Feb 1st.

I've put aside 500 for Friday, Feb st. We can do this. We need to do this. Let's do it. Let's do it for Freedom. Anyone else put aside some money, whatever the amount. It doesn't matter.

Everyone can do 5 dollars at least.

Don't let someone rule your life from cradle to grave.

Don't let McCain or Romney or anyone else sell your country down the tubes with illegal immigration, illegal wars, high taxes, government intervention, raging inflation, and the like.

Ron Paul is asking for your support.

I am begging for your support for Ron Paul. Let's make Feb 1st a day to remember.

Three essentials of success

Purity, patience and perseverance

HQ has called for donations

HQ has called for donations and precinct leaders. We MUST step this up a notch.