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McCain Needs a Reading List!!!

I loved it when Ron Paul gave Rudy Giuliani a reading list. Perhaps he can edumacate him with a list of economics books. I think it would also be in his best interest to throw in the Rudy list as the guy knows nothing about foreign policy. Hopefully, he will also experience a little blowback, like Mr. 911.

Any suggestions for the list?

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Ron should give McCain his book

A Foreign Policy of Freedom. It would be a nice gesture and would be a good one to start for his reading list. If he gave these out at the debate, it could be kinda funny.

McCain is an arrogant WarLord

When Bush took office, no one really expected the military adventures he began. And no one really expected the Patriot Act, or Homeland Securtiy, or Overseas Sellout of business interest. We all agree that Bush has been a Bust (or should I say, Arbusto!) Now here comes McCain. Openly saying we could be in Iraq 100 years, and he'll heighten the "war on terror".......are people really paying attention? Are we this misguided, and rudderless? I think he's a dangerous old military fart that has a chip on his shoulder because he was a POW. Let him get his hands on the keys to the military war waggons, and we'll never see the end of it. I think this is his "sellout" to the neocon establishment, just like L.B.J. - "Give me the Presidency, and I'll give you your damn war!" That's a real quote, folks. We need to do our homework on McCain.

alan laney