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How much would we give up to have won Lousiana outright?

You know we barely missed having a majority of the vote in Louisiana to take it outright without being cheated. Well lets all make some calls to Maine and win this thing! Think about this....we can win caucuses because they can't cheat us with computer voting! Do you think this is part of Dr. Paul's strategy is to win states with caucuses? I bet it is! Let throw the entire force of the Daily Paul at them. Sending emails to the MSM is not going to turn their heads....a win is! Make 10 calls for Maine. Its time folks, 5th round of Tyson vs. Douglas.....we need a hard right! Come on Texas...our primary is not for another month lets give them a hand!

MAINE NEEDS YOUR HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you can offer help, get in touch with a Maine Meetup Group ASAP or Ron Paul Maine headquarters.

If you can make 10 calls, 20 calls, whatever... OR even better, if you can come up to Maine and canvass we have daily canvassing events scheduled - contact:

Ron Paul Headquaters
437 Congress St
Portland, ME 04101
207-699-2909 or 207-409-8969

Don't want to make phone calls? Google ten Maine businesses and send them specific emails. For example, if you sell shoes, find 10 shoe stores that you can relate with and send a personalized message via email. If you're a real estate broker... you get the picture. Lots of people have their email addresses available online. Include some YouTube clips from local Maine media from yesterday's event with Dr. Paul, here are some:

Remember Maine is small and just a few people can make the difference, Ron Paul is pretty much the only candidate that has come here. I only see Ron Paul signs around (except 1 Romney and 1 Kucinich). Maine is a good shot so lets not regret that we didn't do enough.

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I agree totally. Maine would

I agree totally. Maine would be a great place to notch our first win. We must keep a low profile and come out and give Paul an outright majority of the vote. No information on the campaign please because it will only give the Neocons pointers. Maine can be ours if we just keep our mouthes shut and work (obviously, I'm saying this in a nice way) because we could use a win NOW!