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Dr. Paul MUST Bring Up These Points Tonight!

See: http://www.lewrockwell.com/blog/lewrw/archives/018997.html

Ron Paul will makes waves if he starts being more aggressive and attacking his opponents, while touting his own record. Dr. Paul, it's okay to brag a little and take shots at your opponents! Criticizing their political records is not "playing dirty"!

1) Ronald Reagan said he wanted to eliminate the Department of Education. That's because Americans are perfectly capable of running their own schools, and don't need to be taxed to fund a Washington bureaucracy that, to add insult to injury, then has the nerve to tell them what to do.

No one on this stage has the slightest problem with any of this. In fact, everyone else on this stage supports Teddy Kennedy's No Child Left Behind Act. And they have the nerve to say they stand for change?

2) John McCain says it's fine with him if American troops are in Iraq for 100 years. With that one statement, John, you have guaranteed that you can never defeat the Democrats in November. They'll have a field day with that crazy statement. There's nothing even slightly conservative about that kind of recklessness. And where, may I ask, are you planning to get the resources for all this? Specifics, please, not platitudes about eliminating waste. What "waste," exactly?

3) Everyone else on this stage has an atrocious record on taxes and spending. Not one of them attacks my record on taxes and spending because they know they can't. I have the highest rating the National Taxpayers Union has ever given. I have voted in opposition against the entire Congress more than all other congressmen put together.

4) The subprime mortgage crisis, the bursting of the housing bubble, all the financial instability we're seeing -- I predicted this years ago as it was gathering steam. No one else on this stage plans to do anything other than tinker around the edges. No one else on this stage even seems to understand what's happening.

5) We were asked in an earlier debate to name three federal programs we would eliminate. That's no problem for me, since I believe in freedom and limited government. I wonder if you gentlemen have had more time to think about that question. I'll make it easier: can you name a single federal program you would eliminate? And no, a $400,000 bridge project doesn't count.

6) Our absurd foreign policy is bankrupting us. It's costing a trillion dollars a year to maintain these overseas commitments. Not only are we spreading ourselves too thin, and thereby making our country less secure, but we are hastening the day of financial reckoning. Entitlements are underfunded to the tune of over $50 trillion. Where is that going to come from? I'm the only one even talking about this. The rest of these men are traipsing around the country promising to hand out loot to every interest group you can name, totally oblivious to our financial situation.

7) The New York Times has endorsed John McCain. Need I say more?

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No matching funds!!!

Ron Paul should really highlight the fact that his campaign, though entitled, has not opted to ask for matching funds. This will really show the kind of integrity the good doctor has!!

It would be interesting to list how much each other candidates campaigns have cost American taxpayers!

Please Bring This into Light....

With my deepest soul searching, I have to say that The St.Paul needs to re-assure the "People" of his well thought out Plan to turn this Titanic Ship around. He needs to speak to the majority. Most are fighting traffic, fighting to keep their jobs,homes and sanity. I like most, have lived beyond my means and am paying the price. I bought into the credit scam ..it was sooo easy. Now the whole way of life has hit the ice burg. The Debt Collection business is having a party in America(but most of my calls sound like they are outsourced ).
My point being... Dr Paul needs to remember to drive home He knows that We are "Broke".We are "Broke" as a nation and our spirit to really Unite as 1Nation. When we are Broke.... it is hard to admit, the Fact is.. we did not manage our budgets. So ..what do we do?? What is the real Solution?? If we work together and bootstrap it can be done. For the citizen it means major changes in lifestyle, selling or losing the material status quo... cutting the off the cell phones, cutting off all excess entertainment, no vacations,no eating out, lots of coupon clippings. For the Govt to bootstrap you Do Not cut $$18 million on one national program and pledge $30 million to aid another country. Bootstrap means Bootstrap.

We as typical citizens Have run up credit that we can not pay back since we can not just go & print up the money like the Fed Reserve can. Yet, we are still having to not only bear the burden of our own private debt, but also we have to take the brunt of the US Debt.

My 1st priority is to keep a roof over my family's head,food on the table,lights on and water running..America needs to do the same for her citizens.

Me ... It was a blessing to lose my job in October. Or I would still be blind to the real crisis in front of me.

Include BIGGER Demographics

Although the support is considered very strong by the 21-30 year olds, Dr. Paul needs to impact the middle age and soon to be retired baby boomers. Get them on board. Let them know where to find you on the net to seeall your position and the benefits to them.The inflation reality reference of Gold/ Oil prices, Commodity prices, what our debased dollar buys in REAL TERMS. Specifics of our reality and where it is going to get worse. He needs to create the FEAR of the current candidates impact on our lives. How about the 54 trillion of underfunded SS at the doorstep. Hit SPECIFICS, Hard numbers, back this up with tour own OMB reports. Strike, stike, strike. Emphasize the record of citizen protection, rights.
Good luck tonight Dr. Paul. We are supporting you in every way we can support you.

Does anyone know ....

if there will be an online live feed of tonights debate? link?

"First they ignore you. Then they ridicule you. Then they fight you. Then you win". --Mahatma Gandhi

"First they ignore you. Then they ridicule you. Then they fight you. Then you win". --Mahatma Gandhi

Fire and brimstone!

I want him to rattle the cages of the establishment sheep. Someone give him an Adderall before he does out there. He'll be fired up and clear in his speech haha.

“Remember that a government big enough to give you everything you want is also big enough to take away everything you have.” Barry Goldwater

The debate strategy for tonight is...

ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK, and then when they are down on their knees, ATTACK some more!

It's that simple. Stop being nice Ron, it isn't winning you votes. Slap the American public in the face tonight by showing them why voting for these other clowns is a mistake. Be forceful and unapologetic.


This Is How I View RON PAUL

Vote RON PAUL 2008
Always tell the truth; then you don't have to remember anything.
--Mark Twain

Vote RON PAUL 2008

Phone calls for Alaska, anyone?

In a message dated 1/30/2008 12:09:11 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, kerri@ronpaul2008.com writes:

It's 4 hours time difference between Michigan and Alaska, so if you have free night and weekend minutes on your cell phones, you're all set to go! There's nowhere in Michigan to call from-the HQ is closed now, and all the prepaid phones were sent to other SUper Tuesday states, so cell phones are your best bet.

I can email anyone a script and names and numbers.

Thanks Anne! Anyone else? You can email me directly: kerri@ronpaul2008.com.

Kerri E. Price

Ron Paul 2008 PCC


Agreed!! Now is the time to

Agreed!! Now is the time to strike, RP must go on the offensive tonight and expose the others for who they truly are! Then we hit RP with a huge money bomb tomorrow to validate his speaking of the truth and debate victory. This will be a Super Tuesday message that cannot be overlooked.

What would happen

What would happen if for instance tonight CNN says F it and gives Paul equal or better time. It just might be possible given politicos pull?..??

Hey guys at the National Campaign

HQ, are you listening? No more holding back, go on the offensive against Romney and McCain.

I'd like him to mention that he handles

his House budget so efficiently that he has been able to return a portion back to the government coffers at the end of every single year he's been in Congress.

And that he would run his administration just as efficiently.

I love #6

This is the most important point on the list in my mind. It would just kill those three other fools to have to answer that question.


Yeap, I've been dying to hear this one brought to the table. I can't believe this question is so reserved by Paul.

It seems Paul holds off because he doesn't want to run on a smear campaign, but these seem to be the policy points that would swing people over to us. Pretty vital stuff.

In order to sell

the idea that the Iraq War is unnecessary and wasteful, RP has to attack the 'War on Terror'. The WOT is a hypnotic suggestion that keeps the Republicans spellbound and voting for warmongers.

The 9/11 Commission hearings need to be reopened for this to occur, ie., to show the WOT too be a charade.

Famous Quote from Justice William O. Douglas

"The Constitution is not neutral.
It was designed to take the government
off the backs of people."

Boycott Fox. Boycott PayPal. Boycott ChipIn.

Famous Quote from Justice William O. Douglas

"The Constitution is not neutral.
It was designed to take the government
off the backs of people."


Excellent points...

RP needs to get aggressive... Shove it down these McCain supporters throats why this war is bad.

Internet Regulation is Social Regulation: McCain Loves This

Back when Ron Paul was getting $4Million per day in donations, he was talking about Internet Regulation.

Then he stopped. He seemed to forget. He concentrated on the war and economics for the past six weeks.

But Internet Regulation is not just annoying and unconstitutional, it makes life harder to live online than in real life.

John McCain recently sponsored a law to force all webmasters to offender check everyone who posts comments on their forum or blog. He already got a law passed forcing webmasters to background check Americans who wish to meet foreigners socially.

Ron Paul needs to ask John McCain why he feels that people who use the Internet need to be offender checked and why he feels that this is constitutional.

Also: Ron Paul needs to more openly say that the New York Times endorsement should have caused all real Republicans to vote differently.

Baby Boomers and Old People Vote More Than Youth

I don't think that any voter over the age of 35 or 40 gives a damn about Internet regulation. Ron Paul has already won the youth and is the #1 candidate for voters aged 30 or less.

The Top 4 websites for Ron Paul fans - bookmark them!

Baby Boomers and Old People Vote more than Youth

Think again ! My husband and I are both over 40 and we do give a damn about Internet regulation. I don't want it regulated and it is no one's business but ours who we email to! We are both for Ron Paul because he is the only hope our country has to get out of this mess. I care about my freedom.


These are great points! Lets home he says something similar.


I'm kind of tired of hoping.

I wish I had some insight into why he isn't bringing these topics to the table. He seems to bring all the topics up that don't shine too well on him while hiding those that would win the race. Frustrating at times.

You're Right

You're absolutely right but from what I have seen Dr. Paul's campaign refuses to listen to us on these issues.

They think they know best, and they might. I disagree with their strategy though, as it's obviously not yet picking up.

That's not to say I am not extremely thankful for Dr. Paul's efforts, it's just to say he isn't the greatest politician, which is why we all love him so much I guess.

Illegal Immigration

I would add illegal immigration to this list because how can the other candidates talk seriously about national security and their position on Iraq/Iran when they are so weak on border security and illegal immigration. Oh and I would add his consistency, seeing how the others are all born-again conservatives.

This is a very opportunistic time

All the TV talking heads (Rush, Beck, Sean, etc.) while being very quiet on Ron Paul, also are fairly negative on McCain.....because he's too liberal. And Huckabee, well, he's a new class of spinners. Of course, these guys all claim to be "real conservatives" and at the same time ignore Ron Paul........but it's getting down to decision time for these TV heads, and Ron Paul is the only one with an iron clad conservative voice. It's getting harder and harder for them to discredit Ron Paul, especially as he stands firm in the race. They're also starting to notice his savvy in knowing campaign strategy. I feel like they'll be forced to push Mitt now..........but when Mitt runs out of steam, they can support McCain (puke) or a real conservative, or a Democrat. That's when I'll enjoy listening to their shows again. What say they now?

alan laney