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What if the Chinese military shot down that Plane?

Ok, this is pure speculation on my part and being married to a Chinese woman and after 20 years of traveling to China (maybe 30 times). I looked at the route that plane should have taken and it takes them over Vietnam and then into the South China Sea. It probably would have flown directly over or beside the Southern resort area in Sanya China which is also the base of the Chinese navy and where they keep their new aircraft carrier. I was in Sanya about 3 years ago and stood on the white sand beaches and could see that aircraft carrier in port when they were still getting it finished.

Airliners have been mistakenly shot down twice before. The Russians shot down a Korean airliner and the US shot down an Iranian airliner. Since this plane was possibly headed towards the military area on Sanya and with the heightened posture the Chinese military is taking in that area I can see a situation where things would get out of hand and someone push the wrong button and "BOOM". One thing for sure, IF that's what happened, the Chinese will never allow it to come to light. With the strict controls on the internet and the military there's not a chance in h e double l that this would be exposed.

The other reason I see this as a possibility is that the Chinese just don't have the concern for "quality" that we have and we don't even hold a candle to others like the Germans (it's just a fact - sorry if that offends someone). When in China I simply don't expect quality construction, manufacturing, or attention to detail. MAYBE in time the Chinese in general will bring their standards up, but today it's not that way. I can project that this is true for their military as well. Most of them are simple country boys who have no future so they go into the military. They might work hard and get promoted to a "weapons specialist" who is sitting at the button to launch anti-aircraft missiles and under pressure made the wrong decision. Perhaps the commander also screwed up.

Again - TOTAL speculation...

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After reading the newest info

After reading the newest info about this incident I have to say that I now think this plane was stolen by the flight crew and is now at some unknown airfield and the passengers are probably dead by now. I think it is a plot by a terrorist group to use the plane for some as yet to be known attack using a plane full of explosives. I'm sure they will repaint the plane to look like some other airline and then sneak into airspace of some "enemy" country and crash the plane into a government building...

Beware the cult of "government"...

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Could these hi-tech

Could these hi-tech passengers have been hijacked for their information by a powerful government? China might want to have these guys. They could easily have intercepted that plane, jammed all communications and forced the pilot to land at a Chinese airfield. Liuzhou China comes to mind. We flew a Chinese flight from Sanya to Wuhan several years back and we had to make a stop there. It is a small airport with a tiny terminal and only one runway. There are migs parked at the southern end as this airport is primarily military with allowance for commercial air travel. When we landed there we were the only plane at the terminal which had no gates and we had to walk down the portable stairs to deplane to go into the terminal. We could either stay on the plane for the stop or leave to stop at the terminal for restroom and snacks. We chose to deplane and it was an interesting experience as there was not much there. A single guard stood at the entrance to the "terminal" and there was nothing much inside other than some seating and restrooms.

Anyway, if the plane was intercepted and diverted to somewhere like this, there's no way we could ever detect it unless we just got lucky with satellite imagery (unlikely).

Beware the cult of "government"...

this makes more sense than

anything else we've heard.

And yes, there are some interesting passengers.
folks from freescal semi-conductor? CEO from Texas. hmmmmm

Jackson County Georgia

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On April 6, 2001

the following was reported. Police report theft of American Airlines uniforms, key card, in room safe and passports in Rome Italy.


Chinese construction is awful

Chinese construction is awful and chinese pilots are terrible. That being said, this is still a head scratcher.

My immediate, initial thought was similar...

I thought; 'This is a false-flag/psy-op to be blamed on China to drag them into this "WW3"/"Cold-War 2" situation'...

Who knows what to think at this point. Foxnews yesterday was pushing that it was Islamic terrorism, of course. Yet they absolutely zero evidence whatsoever.
When Megyn Kelley first broke the story a few days ago, she literally said that even though they have zero information, that Fox would reveal everything to us over the next few days and weeks. Well how do they know that...? Unless they already know that... Ya know?

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

This whole thing smelled fishy to me...

... You're telling me a major liner can just DISAPPEAR without a trace??
Give me a break! .......Something ain't right.

"If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy." -- James Madison

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There is some speculation now

There is some speculation now that a N. Korean missile could have downed the plane but then that suggestion comes from China. Of course I don't think that China would purposely down a plane loaded with Chinese (but then it is possible). I had suggested that it was a mistaken shoot down just like the ones the Russians did and the US did.

Beware the cult of "government"...

My "Guess" Would Be:

A sea surface to air missile that could be fired from a sub or surface ship, but NOT Chinese because most of the passengers were Chinese.... A Guess only.


Anyone who's been to China 30

Anyone who's been to China 30 times in 20 years and openly admits speculation is showing both experience and thoughtful humility. That's a post I want to read closely, thanks.

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What does the pilot of a huge jet

experience while being shot down? I'm wondering what the chances of not being able to get off a distress call of any sort is. It's just so huge, what can knock it out of the sky without a peep?

I'm thinking there was some huge pilot error, maybe low clouds, and somehow the pilot dipped into the ocean before even knowing what he was doing...but then he'd STILL be able to get some kind of call out...gah! There had to be some kind of interference in communication or failure of the ability to send any.

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Radar tracks altitude

Too many unknowns to speculate. Could be anything.

Undo what Wilson did

Anything is possible, but

Let's just hope this tragedy is not a false flag event or that it is not blamed on China, Russia, Iran, Syria or N. Korea to get us into that big war over which our government, it's cronies, central bank, John McCain and the military-industrial complex have been lusting for so long.

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have been a suicide bomber

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I have no personal beef with

I have no personal beef with China, in fact, there are many things I like about China. They have a low tax rate that encourages business, they haven't yet started to regulate the average man to death and most of the police don't carry guns so the incidents of police shooting people is pretty low. Still, this is one possibility for the disappearance of this plane that I have not heard discussed. In fact, the plane could have been mistakenly shot down by other military powers in that area as well as the Chinese.

Beware the cult of "government"...

Don't know

But it had to be something sudden and catastrophic
to just take out transponders and communications
both human and artificial intelligence.
Those Boeing 777-200 computers talk like a NJ chick after a couple of drinks - incessant.

777's don't 'disappear slowly'.