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Chris Matthews: Rand Paul Will Be Republican Presidential Nominee in 2016

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Hopefully, Matthews won't be doing this for a living much longer

His ratings needed a temporary dead-cat boost.

Chris Matthews Spin

First off, I don't think he even mentioned Ron.

Second, he kept calling Rand part of the "extreme right" of the party

Third, he kept saying how when either party ran someone from the extreme right or left, the party got trounced in that election.

Well...that was the deal

Well...that was the deal wasn't it?

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Chris Matthews started doing this many months ago. It was the

same rhetoric, just a thinly veiled way of trying to position Rand as "hard-right extremist". It's almost laughable.


The chimps throwing darts

The chimps throwing darts have a better track record.


Tweety Bird

is an efin' moron.

Leges sine moribus vanae

Jeb Bush Will Win The GOP Nomination if He Runs

1) Rand Paul will not be able to raise the millions of dollars to compete against Jeb Bush.

2) The mainstream media will demonize Rand by attacking his foreign policy.

3) Rand Paul will be attacked for being too extreme.

4) The GOP is still controlled by those favorable to the old line republican candidates like Jeb Bush

5) Rand Paul may have much difficulty in getting on the New York State ballot in the same way Pat Buchanan did

6) Jeb Bush will carry Florida because he was a very popular Florida governor a few years ago. (This Is HUGE)

* Note: I hate the Bush family and will support Rand Paul if he runs for the GOP nomination. I'm just looking at the reality of GOP politics as it is and has been for many, many years..Money talks and the Bush machine can raise many more millions than a primarily grass roots candidate..

You're forgetting one thing...

…and that is Jeb probably doesn't finish top three in each of Iowa, NH and SC, and in such case would not even make it to Florida (see Guiliani in '08).

He will win but they'll rig

He will win but they'll rig it either way. They might let him win the primaries but he won't win against the democrat.

Stop being so negative

We do what we can on all fronts. Now get to work and stop being a pessimist. If it's so rigged, we will find the algorithms.

I am! I will be receiving the

I am! I will be receiving the endorsement of our district chairman to be on the board. I was a delegate for last election. I plan to do it again next election though I took a break for midterms because I have a lot of other projects I'm working on. Trust me...I'm working! I'm just saying...the system is rigged. But eventually we will flood the system and it won't be so easy for them to rig anymore. I hope. What else are we going to do?

He must be right

He does it for a living!

Poor Chris Matthews he doesn't understand. or just maybe

He does and is desperately hanging on to the old left right paradigm. Supporting constitutional civil rights is now "extreme" right wing?

mathews is a political hack

but I hope he's right on this issue

Government is supposed to protect our freedom, our property, our privacy, not invade it. Ron Paul 2007

Correct me if I am wrong but

Correct me if I am wrong but didn't Chris Matthews call Romney for 2012 also with the same line "I do this for a living", which subsequently failed miserably?

But Romney -did- win the

But Romney -did- win the nomination, so he was right.

I remember it as him saying

I remember it as him saying romney would win the presidential election but I dunno... It's all a haze

"Hard Right?" I think that is

"Hard Right?"

I think that is beyond a stretch, it's a desperate attempt to paint Rand Paul into a political corner, but nobody watches MSNBC anyways, so who cares.

Chris Matthews is a dinosaur. MSNBC will be extinct in less than 10 years.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

I love how "journalists" can't decide

whether Rand is left or hard right of Obama.

They use the words interchangeably in failed attempts to frame the discussion into a sound bite.

Rands CPAC speech was full on Libertarian

Rands CPAC speech was full on Libertarian

So where is the hard right that doosher Chris Matthews is talking about?

Rand Paul is hard right, and so am I?

It is obvious that libertarians are not far right. So a neocon is a moderate?

A libertarian is half a democrat with the social issues.