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A recent American act of civil disobedience and a timeless picture.


"Nature photographer debyd captured images of protester Comfrey Jacobs in Yellowstone National Park on March 6. She says Jacobs was protesting the slaughter of bison migrating from the park. Park authorities found him chained to a cement-filled barrel that morning, blocking a roadway leading to a bison capture facility, according to reports.

The area in which Jacobs shackled himself was closed off for weeks while bison capturing was underway. The bison capture and slaughter operation is part of the park's effort to reduce the animal's population in Yellowstone. Local reports say Jacobs has worked in the past with the Buffalo Field Campaign, a nonprofit group focused on protecting park bison. Jacobs was arrested by park rangers"

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Thank you.

That is a protest. Alone in Yellowstone, in the winter, fighting for what he believes in, what is mostly a good cause. Wow.


He is a good friend of me and my girlfriend.

We have a local effort during the winter called "No Deaths for Winter".. The person in this picture, we call him Comfrey Root, does night patrols during the winter in CO to try and find at risk homeless persons and provide hot food, coffee, blankets, socks, etc... 5 years ago there were over 20 winter homeless deaths, now there is virtually 0.

Here is a pic he just posted


The pic link didn't work

But he's a cool guy.

The Buffalo Commons

proposal to return large sections of the Great Plains to native grassland
and re-introduce buffalo: