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Chrome's Dimensional Theory

The 0th dimension is a point

The 1st dimension is a line

The 2nd dimension is a square

The 3rd dimension is a cube

The 4th dimension is time

The 5th dimension are future possibilities on multiple timelines. (in real world terms, when you strategize you are thinking 5th dimensionally)

The 6th dimension is everything that could have happened since the Big Bang

The 7th dimension are alternate universes with different initial conditions from our Big Bang, resulting in different laws of physics.

The 8th dimension is energy (can exist where matter cannot but is still physical)

The 9th dimension is information (not physical, can exist where matter/energy cannot)

The 10th dimension is consciousness

The 11th dimension is emotion

By this model the 12th dimension is God. But atheists would say, STHU 12th.

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There is an interesting

There is an interesting debate about consciousness that I will keep as simple as I can, and the latter explanation makes more sense to me. Modern theoretical physicists would tell us that consciousness is a byproduct or a "state of matter", and end result of the infinite complexity and behavior of matter interacting with other matter bringing to "life" what is characterized by some scientists as an "illusion" or a grand hallucination((that is not to put derogatory connotations on their explanations, but rather words that have been used and for their purposes, makes sense from their understanding)). But there is an older perspective that exists and through discoveries in quantum science gains more credibility, which commits to the idea that in reality consciousness is another layer of dimension extending through space and time. It is its own dimension of reality which gives reason for matter to be intimately related to all other matter from anywhere in the universe, based on principles of quantum entanglement ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantum_entanglement ) Making all other dimensions possible. Thus consciousness would be truly the 1st or most basic of the dimensions.

Quantumn entanglement would demonstrate the most primitive or basic representation of consciousness phenomena.

I hope that makes sense to everyone



notice that it does get less "material" as u go up in dimensions to 8 9 10 11...

but more advanced. So yes i consider emotion and consciousness "supreme" to the secular universe and therefore the most basic. So your link has good info as well IMHO.

maya is the illusion of which you speak...


whether through spirit or science, the same world of illusion is revealed


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I would have to agree with

I would have to agree with this. But I am no cube.


all of space is represented by a giant cube for this model and u a smaller one more or less. at least your physical body.

Jee raised a good point. The math relationship stops after 3 so they are placeholders. observe:

1 meter to 1st power - 1st dimension
1 meter to 2nd power - 2nd dimension
1 meter to 3rd power - 3rd dimension


1 meter to 4th power --- is NOT time. We dont know how long the 1 m ^3 cube will exist.

Jee suggests using higher than 3 but less than 4 for the rest. Its arbitrary.

Three's company. Jee's a

Three's company. Jee's a crowd.

Was wondering if you noticed that...

"you" are all 11 secular dimensions?

0th - Where's Bill? In New York. Even a big city like that is represented on most maps by a dot.

1st - How tall is Bill? About 6 feet.

2nd - How big is Bill's apartment? 600 square feet.

3rd - What does Bill weigh? About 70 kilograms. (Bill is mostly water and 1 cm^3 of water has 1 gram of mass)

4th - How old is Bill? About 28 years old.

5th - Where will Bill be in 10 years? I dunno - ask Bill

6th - What was Bill like when he was a kid, what drove his decisions then?

7th - Bill is Bill as we know him, as he manifested in one of the possible universes, here and now

8th - What if I told you... Bill's body produces more bio-electricity than a 120-volt battery and over 25,000 B.T.U.'s of body heat.

9th - http://www.dailypaul.com/314054/deterministic-poetry-you-hav...

10th - Bill is aware of you

11th - Bill loves you

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How did you come upon this knowledge?

Just curious.

He's the man.


i took relativity physics etc while earning an Electrical Engineering degree. A lot is my own extrapolations etc.