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Cui bono ... Ukrainian False Flag

Cui bono ... Ukrainian False Flag

It is clear that Obama has a Stay the course philosophy in The Neo-con bankster plans on Western Empire Building, domination and Debt slave pillaging.

Make no mistake ... TED CRUZ ... was speaking to the powers that be THAT HE WILL STAY THE COURSE ... When he said "I do not agree with Rand on Foreign Policy" He is not stupid he knows who is behind the shootings.

If and only a Rand Presidency can change this ONE THING ... it would be worth it.

From Zero Hedge.

"Everyone Agrees that Ukraine Sniper Attacks Were a False Flag … They Only Argue About WHO's Behind Them."

We pointed out Wednesday that the Estonian foreign minister claims that the new Ukrainian coalition deployed snipers to discredit the former government of Ukraine.

We documented Thursday that snipers are a common form of false flag terrorism.

Interestingly, while the new Ukranian coalition denies that it deployed snipers, it is now accusing someone else – Russia – of deploying the snipers as a false flag event to create chaos.

AP reports today:

One of the biggest mysteries hanging over the protest mayhem that drove Ukraine’s president from power: Who was behind the snipers who sowed death and terror in Kiev?

That riddle has become the latest flashpoint of feuding over Ukraine — with the nation’s fledgling government and the Kremlin giving starkly different interpretations of events that could either undermine or bolster the legitimacy of the new rulers.

Ukrainian authorities are investigating the Feb. 18-20 bloodbath, and they have shifted their focus from ousted President Viktor Yanukovych’s government to Vladimir Putin’s Russia — pursuing the theory that the Kremlin was intent on sowing mayhem as a pretext for military incursion. Russia suggests that the snipers were organized by opposition leaders trying to whip up local and international outrage against the government.

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I can't get the Zerohedge link to work.

You would need to copy and paste it.

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