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Russia ‘Welcomes’ US Destroyer Truxtun, Moves Bastion Anti-Ship Missiles to Crimea

The Bastion anti-ship missile system was deployed last night (8-9 March) to Sevastopol from the Russian town of Anapa, Krasnodar, about 250 miles to the East. Bystanders recorded the movement of Bastion anti-ship launcher complex on the streets Crimea. The K-300P Bastion-P employs (SS-N-26) hypersonic anti-ship missiles having an effective range of 300 km.
►Mobile Launcher pics start @ 1:26 and does look like the above Crimean street pic


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Ukraine Colonel In Charge Of Crimea Unit Defects

Via Bloomberg,

Ukrainian Lt. Colonel Volodymyr Sadovnyk, who was missing earlier today, comes back to his motorized battalion in Crimea’s town of Bakhchisaray to announce he’s defected, Ukrainian Defense Ministry spokesman for Crimea Vladislav Seleznev says.
cross-posted Comment:
"I said about 100 times that the Ukrainian army will join the Russians against the US puppet regime in Kiev.

The only reason it's not happening fast is those soldiers in Crimea have families in the mainland that fear repression from Kiev. So the game is to FEIGN resistance until safety assurances are met for themselves and their families.
►The above defection was just today... do you think the US is 'getting' it yet????????????
Head of Ukraine's navy defects to pro-Russian Crimea
Ukrainian Warship Defects To Russia

Majority Ukraine Crimea Military Defects To Russian Side

Listened to a military

Listened to a military weapons/tactics expert on Scott Horton's show a few weeks ago where he basically said these surface to ship missiles are almost completely unstoppable and have almost made most naval vessels obsolete save for submarines.

America hasn't faced a country that could actually fight back since Korea.

The difference between Iraq and Russia..

No need to make up stories of WMD's.

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