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The truth about homeopathy!

I was once a believer.

This is not a defense of the ultra corrupt "big pharma" or an attack on alternative medicine. This is merely an attempt to unveil the truth about ONE brand of quack science.

Its true, I am not making it up. I was once a believer in homeopathic remedies. Then I was told I had never done any research. After I got really defensive, and claimed that the other person was wrong and that he didn't know what he was talking about(he was right, I had no idea what homeopathy was), I went and looked it up.

I am a huge advocate of alternative medicine, herbal remedies and using nutrition for healthcare instead of pharmaceutical treatments, however; that being said, homeopathy is pseudoscience.


There is plenty more you can find for yourself on the subject, but this video is adequate for a start.

I want to reiterate, I am a passionate believer in herbalism, holistic medicine, the power of prayer, meditation, and diet and the way they affect health.

Homeopathy is a scam:

They have a sleeping pill where the active ingredient is caffeine diluted to the point where it is literally(and scientifically proven to be) undetectable.

Apparently the vibrations of the caffeine molecules stay in the solution(which is just water) and that's how the medicine treats the symptoms. Its called water memory.

Nothing in physics or chemistry substantiates any of this theory, that was produced in 1796, an era where science and medicine hardly intersected.

Don't look at the web. Study physics, chemistry, and then read Samuel Hahnemann's own works and come to your own conclusions.

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I am convinced that medicine is an ART, not a science.

It's only as good as the practitioner. And from what I've seen coming out of American medical schools over the past 20 years, I'd choose an alternative/herbal practitioner over any md any day of the week for prescribing treatments for ailments.

My knowledge of medicine is quite limited. But, when I seem know better than a licensed doctor does, it's very, very scary to me.

That said, there are times when one does need an md but, not very often and not one who has "practiced" less than 20+ years.

Holistic medicine is a different story. I wouldn't rule it out completely but, it is only as good as the practitioner. From what I've seen of it, the ones who know what they're doing are very few and far between.

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Our current medical system has been completely currupted

The state has completely corrupted our current medical system. Pharmacology is extremely beneficial, as is nutritional science, etc...

Problem is the complete lack of free market, not the science itself.

Holistic medicine, meditation, prayer, nutrition, herbalism, all very effective ways of dealing with health issues or just creating a healthy lifestyle.

Homeopathy is pure hokum. Plain and simple. It does not stand up to any scrutiny whatsoever, and the theory is completely irrational at the onset.



I knew that was you. :)

You better calm down or you're gonna roast your nuts away.

It depends on what you ingest.

For example Red Rice Yeast is often used as a cholesterol lowering supplement. It's effect is very similar to Lipitor BUT so is its side effects (primarily muscle weakness which can lead to Rhabdomyolisis, kidney problems, etc.).

It is so effective that it is no longer sold in the US via FDA mandate. The supposed reason is because of the side effects (which are identical to statins such as Lipitor - which is lauded by the industry - considered safe by the FDA). Big-Pharma just does not want any competition.

Many of the medicines sold today are plant and animal derivatives, etc. You need to be careful because the side effects are often similar to prescription meds. My whole family has benefitted from natural remedies and natural practices (like simply getting 20 minutes of sunshine to stimulate D-3 metabolism).

Use your head...that's all.

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This is correct.

Many people confuse homeopathy with herbalism or natural remedies.

Homeopathy is very different.