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Time OpEd: Sen. Rand Paul: U.S. Must Take Strong Action Against Putin’s Aggression

By Rand Paul | Time Magazine | March 9, 2014

Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is a gross violation of that nation’s sovereignty and an affront to the international community. His continuing occupation of Ukraine is completely unacceptable and Russia’s President should be isolated for his actions.

It is America’s duty to condemn these actions in no uncertain terms. It is our role as a global leader to be the strongest nation in opposing Russia’s latest aggression.

Putin must be punished for violating the Budapest Memorandum, and Russia must learn that the U.S. will isolate it if it insists on acting like a rogue nation.

More: http://time.com/17648/sen-rand-paul-u-s-must-take-strong-act...

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As soon as we pull out all of our troops, Mr. Rand,

I'm sure Putin will take his... wait, do they have troops in Ukraine?

When did common sense become a super power? –Patrick F. Holman

he's on team MIC

and the wall street gang.

We are broke and we have our nose stuck in someone else's
affairs. "Those who live in glass houses"


And again, why should I vote for Rand instead of Ted?

I'm not sure what's in the water in our national capitol.

Rand's best idea was to make Europe pay for its own defense for a change.

I'm not sure which idea was his worst. However, this newfound desire Rand Paul shares with Obama to make our oil companies more profitable will be paid for with US jobs and higher energy bills. US manufacturing presently has an energy cost advantage because gas is so much cheaper here than in Europe and Japan. Additional foreign demand for US gas will raise domestic prices. Putin's move will become very profitable for US energy companies. I hope US taxpayers won't have to subsidize any of this. Home heating bills will also climb.


I want my money back!

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul


how could anyone get excited about this guy.

that whole article is selfcontradictory nonsense. get tough with putin, I wouldnt stand for his "invasion", but no troops, no war ok, just more missile bases in Europe.

yeah, that will fix everything.

Now Rand,,, listen

to your dad,,,,


What's Up With This Guy?

At the end of the Cold War, a binding 'General Agreement on Cooperation' was negotiated between America and what is now the Russian government which would facilitate terminating the Iron Curtain. This binding General Agreement, authorized by President Ronald Reagan specified that each party would refrain from interfering in the borders or bordering nations of each other.
Americas recent covert interference (McCain/Kerry/Nuland) in the Internal Affairs of the Ukraine are a direct infringement of this standing General Agreement on Cooperation.
The last I heard, there were no Russian delegations meddling in the political affairs of either Mexico or Canada.

Rand is not a purist like Ron

Rand is not a purist like Ron Paul. He will always tout neo-conish views to appease a huge chunk of the Republican constituency -- he's a politician, in other words, and a good one at that. But he is trying to spread libertarianism by building coalitions and that is something Ron Paul has definitely talked about for a while. I am uneasy with Rand, but face it, unless Ron or the Judge run for president he is by far the best pick of the lot...and the establishment WILL fight tooth and nail to keep him from winning.

Rand far from a purist.

It's becoming more obvious that were Rand born 150 years ago, and wished to appease the voting sector, he'd just as readily disregard Indian treaties and lead the charge to burn their villages.
With that in mind it appears we'll have to once again hold our nose to vote the next election, Rand or no.


Putin's argument that the overthrow in Kiev was unconstitutional and that they still view Yanukovych as the legitimate President, who was requesting aid from Russia? I don't trust any of the would-be 'Empires' surrounding this conflict, but I can see how it could be argued that this was beyond the context of Budapest.

On the matter of Rand's article, I disagree with the idea of resolving geopolitical conflicts by isolating nations we don't approve of -- that usually just helps whatever dictator appear to his people as a David to a Goliath -- like with Castro. I'm more in agreement with Ron Paul's non-isolationist, non-interventionist approach.

Isn't it a gross

violation of the U.S. to have spent 5 billion FRN's to back the rebel groups to stage a coup against the democratically elected gvt.?

Just asking.

Here's an interesting poll

over at HotAir. Maybe Rand should have read this before getting tough on Russia...It's a Pew poll focused on the under 35 crowd, who oppose sanctions, but this is interesting in terms of the total population:

"By the way, sanctions on Russia are the only punitive measure that drew overall majority support in today’s CNN poll. Sending economic aid to Ukraine topped out at 46 percent and canceling the G-8 summit topped out at 40 percent. Sending troops to Ukraine landed with a thud at just 12 percent."

On another topic, this is interesting:

"They’re (under 35) the most liberal of the four age demographics, especially on social issues. Gay marriage, marijuana legalization, a path to citizenship for illegals — you name it, millennials are softer than any of their elders. The only two (very notable) exceptions are on abortion and gun control, where they’re in line with the rest of the pack. All of which could mean that millennials are mostly libertarian, not liberal, which in turn would help explain why they’re cool to sanctions."



so, "libertarians" are "cool" with sanctions? haha.
, funny.

I'd rather have a bottle in front o' me than a frontal lobotomy

I thought it said the opposite..


Please read the article. It

Please read the article. It is really important to understand what he is saying.

Cut the Baloney on Ukraine

Russians, Americans, Europeans, and Ukrainians plunge on toward the all-time foreign policy record for venality, lying, hypocrisy and self-destructive maneuvers. They show no shame and scant regard for consequences. At this moment, Russia is the most to blame for having transformed a very bad situation into a crisis. Top U.S. officials contribute with their daily evocation of saintly principles that the United States itself has often defied. Experts and politicians goad the White House on with demands for tough actions against Russia that they surely know will fail. Europeans continue their feckless ways. And most Ukrainian leaders of all stripes and ethnicities remain monumentally corrupt and rhetorically dishonest.

This pile of garbage and ineptitude is heading in one direction—toward a long-term crisis very costly to all. There will be little or no diplomatic cooperation anywhere in the world. The economies of all will suffer. No, there won’t be a war between the West and Russia, but the resulting new peace will be ugly. Everyday this future looks more inevitable.

There’s one chance to turn things around, but it’s a long shot. All leaders involved have to tone down their “explanations” and self-justifications. They have to stop threats and sanctions for the time being. Everyone knows these actions won’t go away and that diplomatic failure would soon call them forth again. And just for the moment, everyone’s objective should be to help President Vladimir Putin climb down from his perilous perch. If there’s to be an agreement, everyone knows what it must be: Russia proclaims and Ukraine accepts greater autonomy for Crimea within a still united Ukraine.


allegory - ˈalɪg(ə)ri/ - noun - 1. a story, poem, or picture which can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one.

One question...and don't down

One question...and don't down vote me for not knowing but how does Russia's invasion of the Ukraine affect us? Do we have some kind of interest there? Is this a matter of national security? Be honest. I realize we don't want to meddle in other affairs and Rand has said in the past that in the case of national security that he is strong on defense to which I would agree with and I don't see him going against his views on this one as he has in stood strong on it in the past. But I'm not getting the whole picture here. What is our interest in the Ukraine?

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conciser most of it blow-back

Well, it affects the US gov in many ways – but you could conciser most of it blow-back. First, Russia's has bases there, so the term invasion is misleading while technically accurate. And Russia's presence in Ukraine interrupts the billions the US spent destabilizing the region. Russia has a near monopoly on energy in the region supplying natural gas to Europe. It flows through the Ukraine.

But there is a kicker; portions of the Ukraine (and surrounding area) are ripe for hydraulic fracking. If the US develops this resource, it breaks Russia's monopoly on energy – however temporary or destructive the fracking plan may be. The key point here is this – to a degree, the Ukraine is Russia. So this is a flash point if one ever existed. Just my current incomplete perspective – hope it helps you keep looking for answers.

Macro Analytics

Kunstler; March 3; short article

Patrick J. Buchanan; March 4; medium length essay

Renée Parsons Club Orlov; March 5; in depth crono

Ron Paul; March 6



Thanks! This is helpful.

Thanks! This is helpful. Another price to the never ending puzzle.


We have interests because of products and interests we have in Europe which gets it's oil from there.. Putin takes that, and Europe will have to get it's oil from Russia.. and why Russia has the port in Syria amd why we see a civil war.. where Assad has sold out his people for Russia to have that port.. ot's all these convelouted trade agreements with global corporations, resources and who is going to supply the demand. Putin's move says, fuck the usa.. we can supply europe. At the rate putun is going it will cost a lot to live in the usa because we'll be the ones getting sanctions.. so either we make a stand for our interests, or we pay whatever putin wants and let him control our interests.

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Putin Speech

Notice that Putin repeatedly asks why the West created the crisis in Ukraine. He makes the important point that in post-Soviet countries, legality and democracy are fragile. Democracy and legality are not furthered by overthrowing democracy before it has taken roots and placing in office an unelected government by force and illegality. It is impossible to argue with this point. Why, indeed, did the West murder democracy and constitutional order in Ukraine?


"It’s not pessimistic, brother, because this is the blues. We are blues people. The blues aren’t pessimistic. We’re prisoners of hope but we tell the truth and the truth is dark. That’s different." ~CW

Indeed there are 2 sides to the story

My wife is Russian, her mother is Ukrainian, her Uncle lives in Crimea. So could it safely be said that I have information that the US media is not protraying? She picks out Russian news articles for me to read, and I honestly find more truth about the situation in Russian news then the US media news.

First of all, the whole thing was a paid for setup to have the protestors do what they did. Most Russians already knew this, now at this point the Ukrainians are realizing they were set up by the "Protestors". Crimea is mostly made up of Russians and the Russians have contracts with the Ukraine for everything they do in Crimea and the Ukraine. Russia is the major source of commerce and trade in the Ukraine. The Ukraine owes Russia 2 billion dollars at the moment. So what is the IMF and all the other banksters up to?

Interestingly, Putin has been putting out the truth of the situation in speeches and news outlets. But you sure won't see it anywhere in the US unless you search for it. My wife who is a Naturalized US citizen of 15 years often cannot believe the lies and misinformation the US government and media is putting out about Russia. Her mother is glad Russia stepped into the situation as most Ukrainians do not what to be controlled by the IMF, the US backed protestors, or anyone else that was paid to start up all this trouble.

And here's another side...

...I'd bet that this was a plan carried out with Russia and the US in collusion.
Sebastapol on the Black Sea IS a RUSSIAN Naval Base location, agreed to by the Ukraine and Russia...just like Guantanamo Bay and its proximity to Cuba.
Obama is as guilty of violating the non-agression treaty concerning Ukraine and Crimea as anyone..even more so.
WE sent in the "agitators"....WE financed them...supplied "support" via John McCain...violating that pact.
Victoria Nuland was running this show behind the scenes, a Bolshevik in the Obama administration if there ever was one...background:
"survivors include two children from his first marriage, Victoria Jane Nuland, the assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian affairs...."
Family name was once Noodleman (Yiddish origin) changed to Nuland.
This ongoing "dog & pony show" has many players, it's politicking at its worst...and Rand, who NEVER suggested military "intervention" is just going along for the ride....smart move.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

Is this some kind of joke?

The United States of America should condemn Russia for its intervention? Really? WE should CONDEMN them? Nevermind our restless, tireless meddeling in the affairs of other nations/countries, condemn those who act as we...they are the true aggressors? LIES!

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness

If there is ONE defining

If there is ONE defining feature of a neocon, it is agitating for a confrontation with Russia. Is Rand a neocon?

Ventura 2012

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Robert Gates seems to have a sober view...

He basically says there is nothing we can do to stop Putin's advances into Ukraine.
"Our short term tactical options are limited, and we should focus on long term strategies which limit Russia's expansion into eastern Europe." (paraphrase)
He also emphasizes that Europe needs to fast track other sources of energy.
In this sense I agree with Rand. We do have an obligation to Ukraine, and it does serve our best interests to let Putin know there will be long term consequences to his expansionist plans. Whatever Putin is, he is practical. he can be dealt with without worry of war. We just need someone in the White House who has a clue.
This interview of Gates is worth the watch:

Undo what Wilson did

Did you have to bring up Robert Gates?

Knowing that I agree with his assessment (and that Rand agrees) bothers me no end. And makes me wonder if I am wrong.

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Trust me, I hesitated a few times before hitting the "save"

button. I can't find much to argue with though. He takes an adult big picture view, and sees it as a diplomatic, not military solution. He also makes it clear the sanctions etc. being used now will have little effect. I thought it at least important to consider.

Undo what Wilson did

It looks to me that Russia clearly violated their agreement

Gates is correct what can we DO about it? Not a whole lot as I see it.